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As a movie, it lacks the unlimited manpower to equal Hacksaw Ridge, but as a dramatic postscript to the factors that led to Japanese surrender, its power and importance are undeniable.
Director Mario Van Peebles brings real tension and excitement to the scenes where these men are surrounded by predators, but the tone of the film is awkwardly split between the grit of modern cinema and the boisterous adventure of old Hollywood.
A melodramatic, overreaching and sometimes just inaccurate script by Nic Cage's go-to screenwriters undermines director Mario Van Peebles' World War II epic.
The movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is not exactly unwatchable, but it's also completely not worthy of watching.
"USS Indianapolis” is a World War II “epic” that's overscaled yet underimagined. It's a tale of survival that never provides the audience with a basic entry point into how and why we should care.
The New York Times
The film, directed by Mario Van Peebles, brays the story in broad strokes and clichés as if the horror of it didn't speak for itself, which it most certainly does.
As banal as its title, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage lacks even the impact of the monologue about the subject delivered by Robert Shaw in Jaws.
The sets are either claustrophobically limited or anonymously empty; the period detail is nonexistent; and the special effects are on par with a Syfy original.

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