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No surprises.

Author: LegionAvalon from United Kingdom
21 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is a marginally original idea here in the surrounding premise but that's it.

Okay, there are two female leads which is the oncoming fashion, but the rest of the film is so derivative of horror from decades ago that it might just have come packaged from a factory. At least they didn't have the girls running around scantily clad in the rain. Small mercies.

I liked the soundtrack but even that reminded me of Cronenberg.

The acting is fine, Greene and Bennett acquit themselves well. Plot-wise I thought the boyfriend might have been more prepared when he was attacked, a few other loose details bothered me, but my overall feeling was just plain boredom.

No surprises.

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Predictable and cliché-filled movie...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
21 August 2014

"Kristy" is a fairly average thriller/horror movie in the survival horror genre - if there is such a genre - and it doesn't really offer anything new to the genre.

The story is about a college girl who spends thanksgiving all alone at a campus, when she bumps into a very odd and disturbing girl at a gas station. Finding out that she is being followed back to the campus, Kristy soon finds herself in a race for survival.

What made the movie watchable was the acting performances put on by Haley Bennett (playing Justine) and the one playing the girl in the hoodie (I assume that was Ashley Greene).

There wasn't any scary moments throughout the movie, so there were no shocks, surprises or anything even remotely thrilling. But there was a nice pace to the movie and a great continuous flow. However, the movie suffered from a very predictable plot that was filled with just about every cliché available for the genre.

The ending, however, was just a downright slap in the face, after having sat through the entire movie. That ending was really awful, and not to mention stereotypical.

The overall enjoyment of the movie was a mediocre result. And "Kristy" is the type of movie that you watch only once, because it doesn't have enough material or leverage to support multiple viewings.

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Competent slow burn thriller even suitable for sensitive adult viewers

Author: Armand Jean du Plessis from International
20 November 2014

Plot: An intelligent college woman find herself alone at her campus over a holiday and chance encounter with strangers leads her to overcome almost insurmountable odds to survive a murderous cult in this survival horror movie.

Technical analysis: This movie has pleasant understated acting. Good atmospheric soundtrack that don't try to make up for a lack of suspense as you find in so many other scary movies. Although bordering on the realm of horror i would classify this more as a survival thriller. Thus you wont find any gore splatter or high body counts here which is refreshing for a thriller/horror that remains suspenseful throughout.

There is a Macguyverish element where the lead must outwit her pursuers and this is captivating in itself. All in all worthy immersion and even suitable for those that otherwisely shun horror movies.

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Underwhelming but fine-ish

Author: Nicole of from United States
23 September 2014

Limited release horror flick Kristy follows the methodical standard as a group stalks a college student on campus.

Staying at a deserted university during Thanksgiving break, Justine has the run of the abandoned campus with just security guard Wayne to keep her company. When she goes on a munchie run off-campus she becomes the target of malicious intention by a quartet of hooded teens.

Kristy is missing a lot of content that would elevate this average film to a good horror film. There is minimal character development between the predators and their selective prey. There are no relationships within the cult-like group of blood obsessed culprits. The plot is flimsy and left vastly unexplained with a seriously anticlimactic ending. The blood is kept to a minimum considering it is closest to a slasher film.

Sounds like a lot to be 'wrong' with a film. Though formulaic, Kristy does get the chase-like pursuit right and paces it accordingly. Ashley Greene does a creditable job as the only unmasked hunter so producers can capitalize on her celebrity. Haley Bennett is a superb protagonist 'victim'. She reacts, acts and seems a capable adversary to the well orchestrated killers.

Unfortunately Kristy is just fine but underwhelming.

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You go girl!

Author: Flow from Romania
16 October 2014

People are harsh on this one because the film got them wanting more, some surprises, some better scenes, better kills and so on. Problem here lays in the fact that first of all, Kristy managed to get you wanting more and this is not something you just skip on.

Yes, it is better than far many such productions and indeed also quite predictable so here you'll have to choose: either go for a decent horror and not expect too much out of it or watch it with the purpose of raging on every aspect that you dislike. It's not a good idea to go too hard on it because others will avoid it, and let's be honest here, it deserves a view or two. It is a well done movie, good acting, good surroundings, "decent" is the word to best describe it.

I wouldn't go all hating on it, let others make their own opinion, for me, was a good change of pace, finally got to see something better baked, not entirely, but not raw at all. I say you go for it!


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Author: sverhoeven from Germany
8 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What i find fascinating is that horror fans here are so critical about things they can predict, clichés, etc.

Horror are movies are always full of clichés.

Every haunted house movie, even "the conjuring" or " Insidious" full of clichés. This is how horror works, folks.

You really want surprises? Well, the basic set up here, thanksgiving, a girl alone on a campus - the strangers calling her Kristy, just a couple of examples - all of that was never done before. But If you really want to be that critical and yearning for something completely fresh, no movie ever can satisfy you. cause in some way, shape, form or another - it's all been done.

I thought the set up in this film was great. And if it reminds you of the strangers, so what? The strangers reminded me of three other films that remind other people of ten more. THAT is the horror genre.

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Kristy Kirsty.

Author: morrison-dylan-fan from United Kingdom
16 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Talking to a family friend about films that he had recently enjoyed viewing,I got told about a great sounding Horror movie that he had recently discovered,which led to me soon getting ready to meet Kristy for the first time.

The plot:

Unable to afford the cost of a plane ticket to go and visit her family on Thanksgiving, Justine decides that she will spend the holiday season at the college campus.With there only being her and 2 security guards on the campus, Justine decides to go to the petrol station,and pick up some small holiday gifts for the guards.

Entering the station, Justine notices a strange woman hanging round inside the station,with a hoodie covering her face.Getting to the till,the strange women walks up to Justine,and tells her that she has had her eyes on "Kristy" for some time.Waiting until the hooded women has left in her car,Justine gets out of the station,and starts driving back to the college.Getting near the college,Justine's car is suddenly slammed by the hooded women's car.Terrified out of her wits,Justine rushes back to the college campus,where she soon discovers that the hooded women has plans of making Justine/Kristy her Thanksgiving turkey.

View on the film:

Taking place almost entirely on the college campus,director Oliver Blackburn & cinematographer Crille Forsberg superbly turn the campus into a deadly maze,with Blackburn and Forsberg expertly using shallow lights and water to build an increasingly creepy feeling of the campus being over-run by darkness.Backed by an icy electronic score from François-Eudes Chanfrault,Blackburn keeps the viewer closely tied to Justine,by displaying a stylish eye for floating camera shots,which allow the viewer to see every sharp short-cut that Justine makes in her attempt to survive.

Whilst the screenplay by Anthony Jaswinski sadly fails to fully explain the motive behind the hooded women's (who is joined by a fellow gang of masked nutters) desire to kill Justine (and also constantly calling her Kristy)Jaswinski keeps the Slasher Horror chills running high,thanks to Jaswinski slowly showing Justine's isolation to be a weakness which the psychos pick up on,as they block every escape route possible,as they start to hunt down Kristy.

Entering the movie looking straight at the ground,Ashley Greene gives a wonderfully harsh performance as the lead nutter,with Greene casting a wide smirk across her face,as she sets her sights on getting her prey.Taking on the gang of hooded strangers,the pretty Haley Bennett gives a great performance,which shows Justine gradually grow in confidence in taking on the gang,as Justine sets out to show the psychos that she is not a Kristy.

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On the Hunt for Pretty Girls

Author: 3xHCCH from Quezon City, Philippines
26 October 2014

I was not exactly expecting much with a title as nondescript as "Kristy". There were also no big name actors to speak of it seems. The news that there were alternative titles like "Random" and "Satanic" was not too encouraging as well. I was just in the mood for a horror film one lazy afternoon so I went and watched this. Turns out it was not exactly horror, but it was not bad at all.

The first frame of the opening credits was the first surprise. It showed the TWC logo. So the Weinstein Company was actually involved with this film! That was a surprise because the publicity was so low key, almost non-existent. It did give me some positive feedback about the film I was about to watch though, as TWC is known for its Oscar quality films.

The film opens with the scene of a girl being killed by a couple of men wearing hoodies and left in a grassy field. She had a big slash across her neck and a letter K carved on her right cheek. Photos and video of this crime was uploaded onto the Internet, announcing that it was the time to kill Kristy. To kill Kristy is to kill God supposedly. "Kristy" it appears is any girl they think is "pretty, pure and blessed", and therefore should be hunted down and killed.

One Thanksgiving, Justine was the only girl left in their college campus as everyone else went home. When she went to the gas station to buy some supplies, she encounters a strange girl in a pink hoodie with piercings on her lip. When she got back to her college though, she became the target of Pink Hoodie and her group of her hoodie-wearing hoodlums all wanting to see her dead.

Haley Bennett should be a bigger star some day. She looks great and she did very well in the lead role of Justine. She was able to portray the fear and determination of her smart, never-say-die character. This was no timid damsel-in-distress here. This girl was determined to survive. However, as Justine was alone and outnumbered, will she survive or not?

I was surprised to see that Ashley Greene (better known as vampy vampire Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" films) as the main antagonist, with internet username DrkViolet801. Her face was barely seen at all, hidden by her pink hoodie. They could have used another no-name actress and we would not have known the difference.

This film is not exactly horror though. If you like gore, there was not too much of that as well. I would call it a suspense-thriller, and a good one at that. I felt the use of music, along with the whistling and the whispering, was very effective in creating the thickly tense atmosphere necessary for this film to succeed.

With a lot of suspension of disbelief, I actually liked this film as it is. This is not any deep film to analyze or think too much about. Just sit back and enjoy your racing pulse as you watch it. By the way, there is an extra scene after all the closing credits roll up, if you still care to wait up and watch it. 6/10.

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The Strangers but on a campus.

Author: Snaggletooth . from United Kingdom
25 August 2014

Sometimes I wish I hadnt seen as many horror films as I have, but then it makes me wonder just how many horror films some directors have seen. Why? Because watching this film I sat thinking hasn't this director heard of The Strangers? Them? The first Purge movie etc? Kristy is pretty much a home invasion flick by numbers only set on a campus where everyone has gone home for Thanksgiving. Again we have the idiotic masked and hooded gang turning up and going through the (usual) peeping through windows, scraping knives along the walls, and (oh look) killing a security man that appears, and (of course) cutting the phone lines (yawn). I mean really? If you are reading this Mr Director, just how many horror films have you seen? Is it three? Maybe five? Be honest, you really don't know much about horror do you? Because if you did, you wouldn't have made a film thats been done twenty times already. Do you realise that your target audience for stuff like this are a little bit more savvy these days? I mean fair enough, you might find a few noobs who think your movie is fresh and mildly exciting, but if you really want to sell a pile of DVDs of your creation, (making back some of your productions outlay) you really need to respect your genres fan base. So you must try harder next time mate. Because you'll be getting nowhere with stuff like Krusty..... Sorry Kristy. :-D

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Not that horror

Author: Alfattat Almajhoola from Sharjah, UAE
24 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The fist half of the movie was nonsense, while the second half didn't even include any horror séance at all.

Compared to any horror movies, this didn't even consist with any dialog, privilege of being a scary movie & also it didn't make much sense being in a hunt game. If it is a wild hunt then how about something like "The purge", enough violence, a dialog, something to show the viewers "yeah it is a hunt for the survival of the fittest" in order to escape from the death game.

Also this is the first movie to have an hour to finish. CONGRATS.. that movie really ROCKED (n)

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