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Character error 

Holly admonishes Greg for never calling her, but she already knew she wasn't able to give him the last part of her number.
Coach Malone doesn't know who Greg is when he (Greg) accidentally calls him (Coach Malone).


At Heather Hills' Sweet 16 party, during LD's performance, Heather Hills swings at Rodrick with his mic stand, missing him, but in turn knocks her chocolate fountain over & away from her. In the next shot, she's seen standing next to her friend on the opposite side of the fountain, without the mic stand, & the chocolate fountain has been splattered onto her somehow.
When Susan is telling Frank about Manny's lost Tingy, Frank replies with "I'm sure it'll turn up" while facing forward talking to Susan. In the next shot Susan is behind him finding the Tingy.
When Greg and Rowley ride the "Cranium Shaker" the wait time is only 5 minutes. As soon as they finish the ride, however the wait time is shown as 1 hour and 30 minutes.
When Rodrick hands Greg the remote control for the pyrotechnics at Heather Hills' birthday party, he is wearing a sleeveless shirt. In the next shot, he is wearing an over-shirt which he takes off to reveal the sleeveless shirt.
The hand on the spinner constantly changes places throughout the scene in which Greg and Rowley's family play a board game.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Rodrick is singing a song for Heather's Sweet 16, and Rodrick hits the ice sculpture, a lighting crew is seen on top of a table in the background.

Factual errors 

The characters played by Joshua J. Ballard and Matt Mazur are swapped in the end credits. In fact Ballard was Spag Union Tracking Device Boy and Mazur was Spag Union Math Boy.
When Frank checks the time and realizes that he is late for work, he looked at the hand that did not have the watch on it.

Revealing mistakes 

Although the movie is set during the summer holidays, fall foliage is clearly visible throughout the film.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


At the end, at Heather Hills' "Sweet 16," Rodrick sings. After Rodrick sings his song, Heather gets angry and swings one of the microphone stands towards Rodrick, who ducks so Heather hits the chocolate fountain. In the next shot, Heather is hit by the chocolate fountain and the microphone stand disappears.

Plot holes 

Towards the end of the movie, Frank Heffley finds out that Greg was lying about his job, because the clerk said, "We don't hire minors." However, Holly Hills was hired as a tennis instructor (which is how Greg got his cover story in the first place) and the not-yet-16 Heather Hills was hired as a lifeguard.

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