"Grimm: Bears Will Be Bears (#1.2)"
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Synopsis for
"Grimm" Bears Will Be Bears (2011)

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She looked in the window,

and then peeped through the


seeing nobody in the house,

she lifted the latch.

The camera pans through darkened woods, coming to rest on an extensive, palatial, wooded house all in darkness. Two figures, breathing heavily, dash across the lawn in front of the building toward the front door. The glass of the door window is smashed by an elbow allowing a hand to gain entry to unlock it. A dark haired man and a blonde woman enter with flashlights in hand. Checking the area the couple turn to their right down a passageway. The camera comes to rest on a the wooden carved animal head of the banister.

The couple, Gilda Darner (Amy Gumenick) and Rocky Babb (Alexander Mendeluk) enter an expensive and beautiful kitchen. Gilda exclaims in awe and asks "why weren't we born rich?" as she opens the door to the refrigerator and views the shelves stocked with various luxury foods."Because our parents didn't have any money." replies Rocky as he selects an expensive bottle of wine from the well stocked shelves.

Gilda and Rocky, now dressed in the house owners clothes, drink wine and joke about going on their yacht, while standing in the main lounge with a roaring fire behind them. Finally they throw their empty wine glasses into the fire. Gilda runs up the stairs laughing as Rocky follows. They emerge into a bedroom the walls and shelves decorated with frightening looking masks and primitive pottery. The couple fall onto the single bed entwined. Gilda gets up and leaves. Rocky again follows Gilda to an expensive and tastefully decorated bedroom where he falls backwards onto the bed calling out to Gilda. Gilda appears, dressed in a rich luxurious fur coat and hat. She opens the coat to reveal she has only pink underwear on beneath, before diving on top of Rocky.

The, now lit, house is shown, a carved bestial totem pole is picked out in the headlights of a vehicle. An SUV with multiple spot lights and a dead deer tied to its hood makes its way up the drive to stop before the house.

Gilda sits up in bed on hearing the vehicle arrive. Rocky cuddles her, sure she has made a mistake. Gilda insists he check from the window. Looking down from the window he spots the SUV, and they rush to get dressed and leave the house before they are discovered. Gilda indicates they should go out the window rather than use the staircase and proceeds onto a small balcony, over the rail to land in a heap on the ground. As Gilda tells Rocky to "hurry up", he is suddenly pulled backwards into the room while Gilda looks on. Sounds of fighting and cries of pain are heard as shadows of a fight are seen on the bedroom ceiling. The sounds of fighting and pain follow Gilda as she runs across the lawn to the pickup they arrived in. Growling animal sounds are heard and an indistinct figure chases after her. Gilda gets in the vehicle, guns the engine and races down the road away from the house.

A Doctor (Eric Schniewind), holding medical paperwork, enters a room where Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) sits on the end of an examination bed. He proceeds to tell Nick that his results show he has an enzyme in his blood stream normally associated with spider bites and that luckily he did not get a higher dose as it would have paralyzed his lungs and that should he feel unwell he should return to the hospital.

Walking down the hospital corridor Nick tells Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) that a few toxins were found in his blood and that he will be okay. They proceed to Marie Kesslers (Kate Burton) room and are informed by Dr Rose (Ayanna Berkshire) that they need to stabilize Marie as they can't afford for her to fall back into a coma and that Nick should visit again in the morning. Marie looks at Nick from her bed, her eyes closing. Capt. Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) joins Nick as he looks into Maries room and confirms the details of the attack on Marie and Nick. Hank confirms that he has the security tapes, which are on the way to the precinct, in hopes of identifying their assailant. Cpt. Renard and Hank walk away leaving Nick to follow.

A video tape of hospital corridors and rooms is being played, split screen. Nick is seen entering his Aunt Maries room. Cpt. Renard viewing the tapes asks details of the last time Nick saw his Aunt. Nick says a couple of years and doesn't know what she has been up to. Cutting back to the video we see a young blonde woman (Claire Coffee) in a doctors white coat entering Maries room. Nick stands and confirms that she is the assailant. The woman is seen from the back so recognition is impossible and Renard leaves. Hank queries what Marie could have done to piss of so many people. They are interrupted by an officer (Rich Cashin) informing them that he has stopped a DUI on the highway who has a weird story about her boyfriend being attacked. Her name is Gilda Darner. Nick and Hank scoot their seats backward so they can see the woman seated at a desk in the main squad room. Nick gives a description of what he sees to Hank "Grown up way too fast, single parent if she has any, takes way too many chances and looks for excitement in all the wrong places.". Hank and Nick then rise and approach Gilda.

Daylight, Nick and Hank, with Gilda in the back of the car draw up to the previously seen house, Gilda confirming it is the correct one. A squad car is parked, the two officers standing on the porch. The pair are met by Sgt Wu (Reggie Lee) who advances from the porch asking what they are doing there as he had not called it in yet. He gives details of a breaking and entering, reported by the house owners Mr and Mrs Rabe who had returned from Seattle 2 hours previously. The fridge was raided, wine drunk, clothes worn and a couple of beds tested. There are no signs of violence; no blood and no body parts. Hank, Nick and Wu walk around the house to the door with the broken window while telling Wu they are trying to confirm how much of Gildas story is true. They agree she is "copping to the B&E" so some of the story is.

Upstairs Diane Rabe {Jodie Harwood) and her husband Frank Rabe (Currie Graham) confirm someone having slept in their bed, that they have an alarm system but have been lax in using it due to the house being somewhat remote and never having had a problem before. Looking out the window Nick notices some scratch marks on the inner window frame when Wu tells him he should see the living room.

Nick examines a coffee table in the lounge; scattered food and empty bottles litter its surface. Frank confirms that they haven't had a chance to check for any thefts, although nothing obvious has been taken. Hank comments on and shows knowledge of the couples collection of rare and expensive aboriginal art, including glass covered weapons. He points out one item he has never encountered before, a paw shaped weapon with bone claws, leather wrapped grip and carved bear shape at the end, which Diane explains as "Germanic, very rare, dating from circa 900 AD". She further explains that they are "members of organizations which protect native lands from development. There is a lot of rich cultural heritage disappearing and we are trying to protect what's left both locally and globally." She is interrupted by Frank who believes that they are getting sidetracked. Diane agrees but says the you have to respect your ancestors, to which Hank agrees. Nick during this time has been looking around the other various tribal masks and statues on display in the room finally taking a closer, extended, look at the clawed club, during which he confirms who else had access to the house while they were away; cleaning crew, son Barry who was staying with friends and some neighbours who check on their house when they are away.

Leaving the house Hank tells Nick his second wife was an anthropologist. Gilda watches from the back of the car as they approach. They agree two people were in the house but there is no sign of Gildas boyfriend, who Hank believes is probably at home sleeping it off.

A darkened cave. A fire burning, the light flickers off the walls. Rocky is shown tied up with a blindfold on at the back of the cave. Growling animal sounds can be heard. A heavily furred creature approaches Rocky, scratches his cheek with its claws then sniffs his face. The screen darkens and scream is heard.

Back at the station and Nick and Hank question Gilda about the events of the night before, going over her statement of events. Gilda cries as she admits it is her fault, that she left him (Rocky) there and that she should have gone back for him. She begs Nick to do something. Sgt Wu taps on the glass of the interview room beckoning Hank who then leaves. Nick offers Gilda a handkerchief and takes the opportunity, during Hanks absence, to ask Gilda about the animal chasing her the previous night. She has no idea, she was scared and just wanted to escape so took no time to look around at her pursuer. Nick looks on as she continues to cry, and tells him she knows something terrible happened to Rocky.

On the station stairs Nick joins Hank and Wu. Rocky is not at home and his father, a truck driver, hasn't seen him since he arrived home two days ago. Rocky no longer has a cell phone, as they were cutting back on expenses. The father says that find his pickup and that is where the son will be. Nick confirms the vehicle has been impounded as Gilda was driving it when she was arrested. Wu leaves after telling them that is all the information he has on Rocky. Hank theorizes that possibly the party got out of hand...Rocky got hurt...he fell down the stairs or Gilda pushed him...he broke his neck...Gilda got scared...pushed his body in a river or the woods and now she is trying to make out she is innocent. Nick doesn't agree with Hanks scenario and believes Gilda is not trying to cover up but is pushing them to find him. Nick believes they should take another look at the house they broke into. Nicks phone rings and it is Marie who tells Nick that she needs to see him now.

Dr Rose tells Nick that Marie is very weak and that she may not have much time left. Two police officers guard Maries room as Nick enters, sits and takes her hand. He says how afraid he was that he had nearly lost her as she is the only family he has left, to which Marie replies Not yet. She tries to reassure Nick that he will be alright despite the confusion he feels with everything that is happening to him and the things he sees. She tells him to be strong and not doubt himself. That he has a responsibility that he cannot ignore to "hunt down the bad ones" as his ancestors did before him. She tells him the Reapers followed her here and that there could be more, their numbers are unknown. The Reapers are a secret organization dedicated to killing the Grimms. Nick now knows that he is not the only Grimm in the world however Marie does not have contact with them. Marie warns that there are more creatures in the books than she has ever seen and that he must keep the trailer a secret as they don't know about it. Dr Rose rushes in and asks Nick to leave as Marie show signs of agonizing pain.

In the hospital car park Hank asks after Marie to be told that "Shes dying of cancer and had two attempts made on her life, apart from that she is doing alright." They get in the car and Hank comments that she is a tough old lady. Nick then enquires about the Rabe residence. Hank informs him that their house sits on 200 acres and backs up onto a national forest which is 500 miles of trees behind them and lots of places for Rocky to get lost. Hank starts the car.

The car Nick and Hank are travelling in drives a meandering, forested, road. Suddenly three off-road motorcycles crash out of the woods onto the road in front of them. Hank punches the breaks then eases on down the road as the motorcyclists perform wheelies in front of them. Eventually everyone parks outside the Rabe residence. Nick and Hank approach the tree youths on the bikes, criticizing their driving and pointing out that they could have caused an accident. The youths turns out to be Barry Rabe (Parker Bagley), Jason Colbert (Robbie Clark) and T.B. Colbert (Ethan Atkinson). Hank shows the boys pictures of Gilda and Rocky but they deny ever having seen them, even in school. Diane Rabe then calls the boys in for Dinner and tells them to go and wash up. Diane then asks Hank and Nick if they have found out who broke into her house. Nick confirms that they have and Diane calls Frank out. Hank passes Diane the photos, as Frank arrives, and they both look at the images but deny ever having seen Gilda or Rocky. Nick then enquires of Barry if he happened to come home last night, to which Diane replies that he was staying over at Jason and TBs house. Hank tells her they have to ask just in case he saw the boy (Rocky) leave. Barry tells them that he didn't get back until this morning after his parents arrived back. Suddenly his face morphs into a thickly haired creature similar to a bear, then quickly changes back to human. Nick gulps on viewing the change. Frank Rabe notices Nicks sudden apprehension. Hank asks where the Colberts live and is swiftly interrupted by Frank asking why they need to know, and the reason for their questions. Nick tells him that they are trying to figure out where everyone was the previous night. Hank telling them that they know the two in the pictures broke into the house but that no-one had seen Rocky since. Nick gives them an account of Rockys last minutes and Diane interjects that rather than believe Gildas story Nick and Hank should remember that she and her family are the victims. Diane then ushers the boys into the house. Frank tells Nick and hank that if they want to speak to him they can call him at his law firm, before he turns and enters the house. Hank comments that they really hit a nerve with their questioning. Frank is seen peering out at them as they stand by their car. Nick tells Hank they should run down some phone records so that they can pin down where everyone was the previous night. Hank gets in the car while Nick stares at the bestial totem pole.

A blonde woman approaches an SUV which is parked below a freeway. Standing by the driver window Cpt. Renard tells her that Marie has awakened from her coma, and that she now has police guards. The woman (Claire Coffee) asks Renard what he wants her to do about the situation. Renard says that "We cant allow her (Marie) to tell him(Nick) anything more, we need him with us.". Renard instructs the woman not to take care of it personally but to find the right people (human) to do the job of getting rid of Marie, as they can't take the chance of the excitement blowing the attackers cover should they change in front of Marie. Suddenly a young thug (Jake Street) bangs a metal bar on a trash can and asks the woman and Renard if they know that this is a bad neighbourhood asking how much they will pay not to get hurt. The woman turns to him with a smile and tells Renard she will take care of this situation, as she proceeds toward the thug. The womans face changes into that of a Hag and screams are heard from the thug after she has walked off screen and Renard looks on.

At home Nick is looking at Animal Totem Poles and figures on his computer screen as Juliette calls his name. She has brought home Chinese food and voodoo doughnuts. She admonishes him when he tries to take one as they are for dessert. Looking at the computer screen Juliette asks if they are buying a totem pole. Nick tells her he was just curious having seen one outside the house of a case he is working on. Juliette proceeds to read from the screen, as Nick brushes hair from her face "Some kind of clan of the bear. The bear is the messenger to the supernatural world, his position of dominance in the totemic hierarchy is the result of a common ancestorial belief in the sanctity of their territory." Juliette discusses her visit to the hospital to see Marie, the police guards and that she can't even die in peace. She asks how Nick is doing but isn't convinced by his happy manner.

Barry, Jason and TB enter the clearing of a densely wooded area. TB and Jason carry flaming wood torches; a clothed body appears to be slung over Barrys shoulder. Barry throws the body forward and it is seen to be a clothed mock-up now impaled on sharp wooden stakes within a dug out pit.

Nick is seen sitting at the trailer table, sketching the figure at the top of the Rabes totem pole. The door to the trailer opens and Marie enters, still wearing her hospital gown as Nicks look on in disbelief. She moves to the table and gazes down at the sketch and comments A bit more red. She moves to a cupboard containing various antiquated weaponry; swords, axes, daggers etc. and takes out dagger. Moving to the table she says "When the sun goes down." then stabs Nick through the left had pinning him to the table.

Nick sits up in bed with a gasp, having awoken from the dream. Juliette asks if he is okay. He responds by telling her it was just a bad dream and then continues with the details. Looking at his hand there is no sign of injury. Juliette says even she couldn't interpret that dream. She is leaving early for work as she has a Bulldog to operate on at 7 am.

Nick enters the trailer then turns to look around and examine some of the strange items on display. He opens the weapon cupboard and removes a paw shaped weapon similar to the one he had seen at the Rabe residence. He hears Maries words "You have to hunt down the bad ones." then has a flash of Barrys morphing face.

Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is seen using an exercise machine. He hears a knock at his door and turns to look at a clock; 6.28 am. He resumes his exercise but the door is knocked again and he gets up to answer it with a sigh. Nick is standing on the doorstep. He tells Monroe they have to talk to which Monroe replies "Not at 6.30 in the morning we don't." and then tries to close the door. Nick forces his way in a brown bag held in his arms. Monroe makes some sarcastic remarks about coffee, bagels etc. Nick thanks him for his help on his previous case which involved a Blutbad, and hands him the bag asking if he has ever seen the item it contains, the paw weapon. He tells Nick that he hasn't seen one up close as Jgerbars use them for disembowelling. Nick asks Monroe if he has any information on Jgerbars. Monroe does not take kindly to Nick comparing Blutbaden, of which he is one, with Jgerbars. Nick explains that the weapon belongs to Marie at which point Monroe tells Nick he has had nothing but nightmares for the last two nights thinking Marie was coming to cut off his head. Nick tells him Marie is still in the hospital. Monroe then goes on to tell Nick about the weapon; it is used in the roh-hatz which is a form of bar mitzvah for Jgerbar involving a lot of pounding of chests and wailing which is supposed to connect with the primitive beast in everyone including humans. Monroe mentions a chase which involves camping out etc. at which point Nick leaves in a hurry.

Sitting beside Maries bed Nick is seen sketching the head of a Jgerbar. Marie in the bed behind him wears an oxygen mask. Marie recognizes the drawing as a Jgerbar and asks if Nick has seen one. Nick confirms that he has met a family but that the boy, Barry, is the only one he saw transform. Marie asks the boys age and is told he is 18. Marie says that it could be a problem if they are traditional and asks if anyone died. Nick tells her there is no death but he has got a missing person. She tells him that the roh-hatz is a right of passage, from boy to man, and that it isn't pretty and occurs at sunset.

Nick enters the squad room where Hank informs him they have the phone records and have triangulated several of them including those of Barry Rabe which puts him at the family home at 11.30 pm on the night that Rocky went missing. Barry is therefore lying and dad as a lawyer is running interference. Cpt. Renard then approaches and tells Nick that he had to remove the police guarding Marie at the hospital as he couldn't prove the second attack so wasn't able to justify the expense to the chief etc.

Monroe is seen repairing a clock when his phone rings and he hesitantly answers it and asks Now what?.

At the hospital Monroe tells Nick that he must be out of his mind asking him to guard a Grimm given that he is a Blutbad. Nick tells him it is only for a short period until he can figure something else out. After a little arguing Monroe finally agrees to help although he is not a cop and he was stupid to ever speak to Nick. Nick tells Monroe that he trusts him. After leaving Monroe says quietly that "maybe he shouldn't."

Hank calls Nick to let him know that Gilda had made bail, went over to Rockys dads house, took a gun and told the father that she would get Rocky back or kill the people who took him.

Gilda drives up to the Rabe residence, gets out and threatens Diane with the gun asking where Rocky is. Diane says she knows nothing about Rocky and pleads with Gilda not to hurt her. Suddenly Barry in his Jgerbar form attacks and disables Gilda. Diane then says "Well done son. Hunting two is better than one, you make your ancestors proud." She then moves over and kicks Gilda in the head as she starts to regain consciousness while Instructing Barry to get rid of her pickup.

Frank arrives home and greets his wife who is pruning roses. She tells him that Barry is out with friends, riding their bikes. Nick and Hank arrive and inform Frank and Diane that Gilda is on her way to their house with a gun. Looking around Hank determines that she hasn't arrived yet and on the way to the car tells them he will block off the road in case she arrives. Nick then tells Diane and Frank that they need to talk now as he knows what they are and they know what he is. Frank says that he knows that Nick is a Grimm and a danger to his family, that wearing a badge won't protect him. Nick tells him that it isn't about his being a Grimm and then goes on to look at Diane and say he knows about the hunt, Frank wonders what he is talking about. And exclaims that no-one does the roh-hatz any more looking at Diane in with genuine disbelief. Looking at his wife Frank suddenly realizes that what Nick is saying is the truth. He asks Diane where the boys are, but she refuses to answer instead telling Frank to ask to see Nicks Warrant before walking off into the house. Frank exclaims that he had no idea. Nick invites Frank to help him find them before it is too late to which Frank agrees exclaiming that they will need to take his 4 wheeler. Both men head off as Diane watches from the doorway. In the vehicle Frank asks Nick not to hurt the boys should they find them. Nick tells him he won't if he doesn't have to.

Frank is seen blocking the road and requesting backup. He notices a grassed lane and walks down to investigate and finding Gildas hidden Vehicle. A call from Nick and he confirms that Gilda has already arrived. Nick tells him he is with Frank and they are going to get the boys.

Inside the cave Gilda is heard sobbing. Both she and Rocky are bound and blindfolded. The three bare chested and tattooed boys drag Rocky to his feet and tear off his t-shirt. Barry cuts his own arm and smears the blood on Rockys face. Rocky begs them to let Gilda go. The boys inform him that they will, and she will even be given a head start as will he.

Monroe paces outside Maries room, finally entering. He speaks to her apparently unconscious face telling her that his family would never forgive him if they found out he was this close to her and didn't avenge his family, some of whom had been killed by Grimms for admittedly legitimate reasons. Marie opens her eyes and tells him to take his best shot at which time Monroes eyes turn to blood red as he stares at her. He then turns to the room entrance and sees a thuggish man (Keith Cox) approaching who suddenly veers away. Monroe follows him as Marie looks on.

Frank and Nick stop the vehicle in the woods having to take a foot trail. Frank admits he can't guarantee the boys will be where he thinks they are.

Monroe follows the thug through a doorway in a boiler room. The thug steps out from behind a pillar an attacks him. Standing up Monroe is grabbed from behind, his arms pinned to his sides. A second thug (J.J. Morris) starts to lay into him and Monroe falls to the floor with the thugs continue to kick him. Temper raised Monroe turns into his Blutbad form, grabs the larger thug and raises him above his head to impact large pipes attached to the ceiling. The smaller thug brings out a gun and Monroe grabs and slams him into a pillar before grabbing his right arm and tearing the limb off at the shoulder. Monroe then reverts to his human form. Looking down on the thugs he admits "That went a little too far." before turning and running from the scene.

Nick and Frank enter the now empty cave. Frank picks up Rockys t-shirt, sniffs it and turns into his Jgerbar form and telling Nick that it (roh-hatz) has already started. Nick who had drawn his weapon as Frank changed watches as Frank follows Rockys scent out of the cave. Nick gives chase.

Gilda and Rocky are seen running through the forest, a roaring Jgerbar a short distance behind them, followed by a second. They come to a sudden stop as another Jgerbar appears ahead of them. Nick crashes out of the undergrowth between them. Repelling the attack of 2 of the Jgerbars, before raising his weapon and shooting into the air. He levels his gun at the remaining Jgerbar who carries a paw weapon and tells him "This isn't going to get any better unless you stop." The final Jgerbar reverts to the form of Barry and is intercepted by his father, now in human form, who tells them the hunt is over and it all stops now. Barry suddenly moves forward shouting "No. Mom. Dont!" Nick turns in time to see a large brown bear charging at him from the opposite direction. The bear jumps over a log, lands and disappears. Sounds of animal pain are heard. Walking over to the pit the boys had earlier dug they see the bear turning into Dianes human form, her body speared by sharpened stake.

Diane is seen being stretchered to an ambulance. Barry in handcuffs apologizes to her and is told he did no wrong. Frank disagrees and tells her that their son did do wrong and now they are all going to pay for it. She replies by saying you have to respect your ancestors. "Not like this." says Frank. Barry is placed in the rear seat of a squad car beside Jason and TB as Frank explains to Nick that Diane just wanted the boys to know their heritage.

Nick receives a call from Monroe, who shows signs of the beating he has taken at the hands of the two thugs. He explains to Nick that he protected Marie but may have gone too far. He turns into the wall as a wheeled stretcher containing the thug whose limb he tore off goes by, a wheeled box containing the severed limb follows. He tells Nick he can't stay around the hospital given what he has done and that Nick needs to return quickly as he can't be sure he got all of them.

Nick makes his way to the hospital.

A priest (Matt Baker) walks down the corridor toward Maries room, a scalpel held in his hand. On entering he draws the curtains around her bed and then leans over her with the intention of cutting her throat. Maries eyes open and she grabs his arm and forces him backwards are she jumps out of bed and they both crash through the curtains and tussle in the corridor. Marie gains the upper hand turning the scalpel in the priests hand and forcing it into his chest. Nick arrives in time to catch Marie before she collapses. Marie tells Nick "Remember who you are and trust your instincts and nothing else." before she dies.

Nick drives from the house with the trailer attached as Juliette looks on from the window.

Kneeling by a grave, Nick lays a bunch of flowers. Juliette asks if he is okay and he replies "No, but it will be." they both walk away from the grave as they are spied upon by a creature hidden in the surrounding bushes, its shape indistinct.

A view is shown of the grave Marker:

Marie Kessler

1958 - 2011.
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