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The film's script is nearly dialogue-free and only 32 pages long.
For Redford (at age 77) the most grueling aspect of the shoot was not the stunts, most of which he insisted on performing himself, but the dismal daily routine of being perpetually waterlogged throughout the production.
When it was screened out-of-competition at the Cannes Film Festival (2013), the film received a reported 9-minute standing ovation.
This is the only movie in the 100-plus year history of international filmmaking that has only one actor and one writer/director but eleven executive producers as well as six other producers of varied titles.
The Chinese characters shown on the container (which is supposed to be the name of the shipping company) in the beginning actually mean "good fortune".
Filmed almost entirely without recorded live sound, local sounds of water and wind were sampled for reference at the end of each daily shoot.
Robert Redford is left-handed, but he is shown writing with his right hand.
The director adhered to what he termed his "bungee cord rule". A general shooting principle whereby the camera could not be above, below or farther from Redford than a cord could be stretched. Furthermore, in an effort to create a claustrophobic 'first mate intimacy' between audience and subject, DP Frank G. DeMarco filmed extensively within arm's reach of Redford using a 32mm lens on his Alexa camera.
The film was shot extensively at the same Baja Studios in Mexico where Titanic (1997) was originally 'launched'.
The reason why Robert Redford writes right handed is that he was taught this way in school. He is seen writing right handed in other movies such as The Electric Horseman.
J.C. Chandor first broached the subject matter of his script ideas with Robert Redford when his feature debut Margin Call (2011) premiered at the 2011 at Redford's Sundance Film Festival.
Robert Redford was very frustrated that the studio did not promote the film for awards, both for J.C. Chandor in writing and directing and himself for acting (a feeling echoed by numerous film critics who liked the film and were surprised it was given a small release with little publicity) and has cited this experience as a reason he has moved towards taking fewer acting jobs and preparing strongly for retirement from acting altogether.
The character played by Robert Redford not only is unnamed in the film, he is not given a name in the screenplay either and is simply referred to as "Our Man".
The watch he is wearing is Seiko SKX009 ISO certified diver.
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Three yachts were used and destroyed in this film.
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The yacht is 39 foot (11.8m) long.
The name of the sailboat is the Virginia Jean. Aside from passing glimpses of the name on the back, the name is spoken during the brief S.O.S. radio call.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Director/writer J.C. Chandor says that the intention of the final shot was that the audience would feel one of two things: either it's a real hand in the water or it's the hand of God. Chandor personally feels that the sailor died at the end of the film, since it's what the man would've wanted by that point of the story.

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