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It's better than one might think
Breitschleif19 July 2013
When I saw the rather high ratings on this anime here on IMDb and some anime related forums I decided to give this series a try even though the story line sounds admittedly rather shallow and uninspiring.

Now that I have finished watching the series I was surprised to experience that the plot and characters are indeed a lot deeper and more interesting than I would have expected them to be. It's hard to talk about the series without spoiling a lot so all I will say is: "Shiki" is a well written, creepy and exciting story without any unnecessary fan service or romance (which I really appreciate nowadays...) and worth the watch if you aren't just looking for a "quick anime fix" but want to be told a gripping tale about which actions are or aren't morally acceptable when threatened by impending death and misery.

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Not a simple good v/s evil story
Max Prodanov29 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Shiki is a story that gathers pace and becomes more and more interesting as it goes on. I haven't read the novel, but having seen the anime, this wasn't immediately obvious after the first couple of episodes. It's a relatively simple premise at first - vampires trying to take over a small village, protagonists teaming up to stop them. Some of the characters are shallow and stereotypical at first and their behavior is often counter-intuitive. But as the plot and characters start to develop, as the story unfolds, everything changes very quickly for the better. In the end, it's a profound and deeply engaging experience.

To backtrack a little, I was expecting something like "Higurashi no naku koro ni" (When Cicadas Cry), and although Shiki isn't as complex, it keeps your mind moving, and, very importantly, it doesn't become preachy or easily predictable. Without spoiling the story too much, there's a very satisfying moment near the end, which is followed by a graphic turnaround (the hunt in the sewers) that makes you rethink your position completely. Personally, I love this game with the reader/viewer's moral compass - to make them choose a team, to make them cheer, and then to show another side of the story that totally changes their perspective. I don't doubt this was well done in the novel, and I love how it was done in the anime. I would recommend Shiki because it's a surprisingly deep story.
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A well thought anime that grows on you
tusharlalmohan13 September 2014
At first I read about Shiki on various rating sites as I was looking for an anime on horror and dark themes. Little did I realize that I was going to stumble upon a vampire story. If I would had known it was a vampire story I am sure my interest would have faded out, and I am glad I didn't. The story starts slowly, but doesn't bore the heck out of people with unwanted episodes. It is direct and it grows on you. The music is also really well matched, as it suits the darkness that is there in the anime. The series makes you wonder whether the plight to survive can make us all into monsters, or is it just that there is a monster waiting to come out in each and every one of us? Happy watching! ;)
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Everything I want in a vampire series.
xodanielcasterox27 September 2014
Out of all the vampire movies/TV shows I've seen in my years, this is the show that really made me ponder. Yes, they kill people. To live. That's it. There may be some who enjoy the hunt and eventually they do but to live is is their priority. And they made the point that it's no different than humans killing animals for food, and I can't argue with that. So what is evil? Wanting to live? In a way, when you think about it, we are vampires too. No food is ever given without taking a life. Animals, plants, and even our own people. Look at the Donner Pary, for example. This kind of reminds me of 'Salem's Lot and Interview with the Vampire; Vampires come to a quiet little village and some vampires don't always agree with the method or the sacrifice they have to make to survive, but they eventually become what they are. So after watching the whole series, who are we suppose to root for and who to blame, the humans or the vamps.

There are some scary scenes but mostly just visually. The voice acting is decent. There's some sad moments that actually surprised me; I didn't think those situations would hurt my heart. The music is haunting, beautiful and unforgettable. Shiki is one of my favorite anime and the perfect way to address the harsh realities of vampires and also relating to them. I hope it will have an impact on you because it did to me. Bigtime.
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Nothing is pure, not even evil
SrdjanFesovic3 March 2014
Shiki is a piece that treats Vampire Culture differently than you would expect in western cinematography, providing a deeper insight to personality afflicted by eternal living, and slowly pulling you inside a questioning of human soul and nature. Can you be corrupted life form that has usual wish to pursue happiness? Can you be "normal" life form, but still be cruel and evil, selfish and a beast? This is not just an anime about vampires, this is a piece that slams big questions about life in your face without hesitation. Are you a traitor if you cherish and accept every person as they are cut out to be, and why do we have to choose sides from the start of mankind's existence, determined to root-out everything we assume to be different from ourselves? Is it just the fear of death that turns us into animals, or it's life as we imagine it just a mask behind which a beast slumber...

Shiki will not provide answers, but it may make you think a bit deeper about human nature.
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Slow starter, big finisher, dramatic throughout
Paul Psr Ryder29 September 2014
Dramatic throughout, unlike most anime this isn't based purely on teenagers at school being promiscuous, in fact there are no school scenes involved at all which makes for a decent story without wondering about if there were going to be style changes in the animation or overly exaggerated almost nudity.

There are some very good character build ups, which leads to tense moments in the series. This series got to me in a slow burning way, characters die who you don't expect too, things happen that way too, which is what should be expected of a good horror plot.

The story line is almost as expected towards the end of the series, however it gets a lot more graphic as the mysteries unfold. Nicely put together guys, I'd look forward to another possible season of this..
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Great anime, makes you think.
Kelechi Egbezor6 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the soundtrack for 'Shiki' is wonderful which really adds to the experience. Shiki started off a little bit slowly, but it's definitely worth the wait. During this time you'll get to know the characters and most likely take sides. However, it quickly changes paths. I have never been into vampires, werewolves or anything of that sort and if I had known beforehand that this would be a vampire anime, I probably wouldn't have given it the time of day. I'm happy that I didn't know and that I did watch it. (Possible spoilers) You start off siding with the humans (Of course) However, towards the end of the anime you'll definitely find yourself questioning who the true monsters are. You might find yourself thinking about things such as eating meat, and whether it's so different to the vampires/humans. I don't want to go into too much detail as it will spoil the anime for those who haven't watched it, but this anime is definitely worth a watch all the way through.
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excellent anime
troy voltun20 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I started this anime on april 2015 and finished on the same month so here is my review.

At first 2 episodes i was about to discard this anime but god i didn't because if i did i will be regret.

This is one if the excellent anime based on vampire .acting os superb in both eng sub as well as dub.

The strong point is music which is so damn good and story wise anime grabbed 10 out of 10.

The movies like let me in and let the right one in has same concept but the anime easily beat those movies.

Summary:- Small village surrounded by mountains is isolated with city and other towns suddenly mysterious death occurs .doctor unable to found the cure but soon realize its a bampire attack and dead one are rising back to life and the horror and gore started with the dark nightmare.
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Vampires done right
dandbone17 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Anime series are special in that however bad they are, there is a cult following. Shiki does have its own cult following, but, unlike most anime, deserves it. The obvious things: animation is great, vampires are done right, characters are well developed and the story is entertaining.

While I did not particularly like any of the characters, I appreciate that they are well done. Cartoon characters have a way of being too generic, their actions are determined by very few parameters (a wish, a feeling). This is not the case here. Both vampires and humans seem to have complex personalities and that's what makes the drama here more interesting.

One of the themes here is the possibility of peaceful coexistence of people and vampires. The questions about this are settled in the final episodes in a quite disturbing way.

Vampires are done right in the series. They can only walk at night, they can be killed with wooden stakes, they are burned by the sunlight and must sleep during the day. They also have the ability to hypnotize their victims and they look different. Their eyes look different, and that subtle difference is what I liked. Murdered people transform into vampires with a 30-50% probability which is quite unsettling from the mathematical standpoint, but that's just a technicality.

To me, the most interesting was the relationship between the priest and the vampire girl, Sunako.
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slow but good!
rexicola1 May 2014
At first i was just watching TV when i saw the first episode of this show i didn't know, i liked the design and it was an anime which you can describe as weird but that's precisely the kind of anime i love, so i gave it a chance. It's an anime with a very slow narration but the whole process is actually enjoyable ( weird to creepy to....) And the end is very good and philosophical: it is about foreign people, struggle to be accepted, human emotion. In the end you may be crying for the evil and hate the good ones. It's all about perspective. A good one which i will remember, it's good to have some novel i would have never read being available in a TV format.
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Don't believe the positive reviews! There's a reason why there's no season 2!
bijou3919 January 2014
I've watched the entire series and I can see why there's no season 2 and none is expected. I've read the following reviews and everyone is praising the anime for its animation and it being a well-written story.

Although I found the animation to be beautiful, I can't say the same for the storyline. Its mundane and filled with so many religious overtones that it takes away from the viewer enjoying what could have been a successful anime series. I don't want to give away too much but the ending was hard to stomach because of something that the local priest, Seishin Muroi said that the Shiki wasn't at fault and that God had abandoned them. This seems to be the centralize theme of the series which is trying so hard to stand out and not be your typical vampire anime.

Shiki is a success in Japan as a Manga and truthfully, should remain a Manga.
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