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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 2011

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: 9/11

15 September 2011

Season 1, Episode 3: Medical Miracles

September 2011
In a Florida emergency room, Jeff Markin is declared dead 40 minutes after suffering a massive heart attack. But as Jeff's spirit floats in limbo, he sees an angel who tells him everything will be okay.

Ron Christensen ... Pastor Allen
Kayla L. Chaikin ... Brittany

Michael Coady ... Dr. Crandall
Charlie Rainer Gaston ... E.R. Nurse (2011)

Season 1, Episode 104: A Tractor, a Road Trip and a Banquet

26 September 2011
Good ol' boy Ethan Newby is alone in his backyard, working on his tractor when suddenly the machine flips, crushing his chest and pinning him to the ground. Gasping for breath, Ethan prays a silent prayer.
Shannon Anderson ... Rachel 2011
Reed Anthony ... EMT Dwayne

Angela Capri ... Cathy

Mickey Casab ... E.M.T.

Kyle Devorroh ... Rachel (Friend)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ... Herself
Alex Hedstrom ... EMT #2

Roshanda Hill ... Nurse

Lindsey Warm ... Nicole 2011

Unknown Season

9/11 Angel

15 September 2011
"Angels Among Us" commemorates the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 with a very special episode.

Kevin Ging ... Fireman

Linda Kang ... Wendy

Kate Leahey ... Mary DiFrancesco

Jon Marco ... Manny

Cristina Mendoza Lopez ... Rosa

Justin Taite ... Tim Brown
Jason E. Thomas ... Firefighter, Angel

Angel in a Storm

29 September 2011

Angel in the Pentagon

15 September 2011

Roshanda Hill ... Nurse

Angelic Grandma

6 October 2011

Faith Healer

29 September 2011

Janet Tracy Keijser ... Lori Van Natta

Jennefer Ludwigsen ... Jillian

ICU Angels

6 October 2011

More Powerful Than a Locomotive

29 September 2011

Gabriel B. Alexander ... Emergency Room Doctor

Soldier Saved by Granddad's Spirit

22 September 2011

Clark Perry ... Ethan Anderson

Rich Paul ... Sgt. Pinner

Dee Shiver ... Specialist Kelly

The Angel at Ground Zero

15 September 2011

Tornado Angel

22 September 2011

Reed Anthony ... EMT Dwayne

Alexandra Bayless ... Babysitter (as Ali Bayless)
Robert Ebinger ... Angel Dad

Kathryn D Miller ... Michele Campbell
Pamela Munro ... Lori / grandmother

Tractor Angel

6 October 2011

Nathan Wilson ... Ethan Newby

Andreas Lyon ... Dr. Smith

Two Angels, Two Miracles

22 September 2011
Mechanic Bruce Van Natta is just seconds from heading home when the 12,000-pound logging truck he's working under crashes down on top of him. With massive internal injuries, he can feel his life slipping away until two identical angels appear above him, setting off an unbelievable series of events.
Calvin C. Winbush ... Micah (Truck Driver)

Jimbo Barnett ... Doctor

Liesel Kopp ... Shannon
Jason E. Thomas ... Firefighter, Angel

Episode dated 15 September 2011

15 September 2011

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