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Bungling hit men meet their match
dublinkiev-213-50026415 November 2011
It's a rare film-maker who can do as much as Camhi does in a half-hour--and make it all work.

It's not only that there are a lot of (excellent) reversals in a mere thirty minutes of narrative, it's also that you don't see them coming, and that their sheer number never taxes nor confuses the viewer.

In addition, Camhi manages to create breathing room for some beautifully shot and edited dance sequences and two half-comic, half-romantic and wholly sexy interludes.

If all that weren't enough, he manages to choreograph some highly entertaining action sequences AND invite us into a couple of very witty dialogue-driven scenes that made me think that if Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino had a love child, it would be Mr. Camhi.

He's a generous story-teller, giving us a lot of things to take delight in.
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Hit-men tangle with a tango dancer
WoodrowTruesmith20 June 2012
Blake Edwardsian (is that a word?) tomfoolery about bungling hit-men, a sultry tango dancer, and criss-crossing murder plots.

The goofy Kearin and the exasperated Von Buskirk, a kind of lethal Stan and Ollie, are on a collision course with gorgeous gangster's moll McClain, who proves to be quite different from what they bargained for.

Love enters the picture, and the bodies start falling.

Sumptuously shot...the color scheme alone is a pleasure to view.

Mucho hilarity, with an added plus: The droll animated credit sequence, the kind you used to see on movies...but on a short film, a real, rare luxury.

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Remember the name: Glenn Camhi
Jiffy Popstar16 January 2014
Writer/director Glenn Camhi has crafted a perfect and original concoction that has won many major Best Short Film awards and was honored in numerous festivals. Like the best short films, this one will leave you craving a longer version. About thirty minutes in length, it's funny, dangerous and filled with delicious performances. "The Bunglers" is a testament to the power of a strong idea captured by someone who had a clear vision of how to make it all come alive and abetted by a top-flight crew. The DVD even has some bloopers and extras that reveal their behind- the-scenes secrets. See "The Bunglers" now and keep your eye on Glenn Camhi. I can't wait to see what this talented man will do next.
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Complex like a fine wine
Joseph Pensiero31 January 2014
How Camhi can get you to care about a hit man turned hero in less then 30 minutes is nothing short of amazing. Developing characters that are complex yet comical in such a short amount of time is an art, and Camhi has the paint brush well sharpened. You actually feel for the villain turned hero and are surprised by every twist. I'd like to see what this talented Director can do with a full 2 hour film. I'm sure it wold be nothing less than incredible. I enjoyed the bloopers and rap song after the movie just as much as the movie. I actually LOL'd and that says a lot. Well done! My wife and I could not get the song out of our heads. It just goes to show how talented the crew actually is. We're looking forward to the next movie.
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