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They had me at hello.
Christine_Plymouth_Fury195822 December 2012
If you're a true horror movie fan, then you'll appreciate this comedy show which oozes references to numerous horror movies, and has some horror celebrity guests.

It's from Adam Green, director of Hatchet I and II; and Joe Lynch, director of Wrong Turn 2 -- they play themselves as struggling horror directors. The way they make fun of everything, including themselves, is hilarious and refreshing. It might seem like so much cliché to the untrained, non-horror fan, but it's actually done on purpose and is much more than that.

The supporting casts are gems in their own right and equally funny and outrageous. They make silly, the new sexy, so to speak.

All in all, it's great cheesy fun. Something I haven't seen in comedy shows for a long time. I look forward to many more episodes of this and would definitely recommend this to friends.
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Holliston Rocks!
ct_brandon9 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show is amazing! It's definitely one of my all-time favorites because it's made by horror fans....for horror fans. I love their "breaking the fourth wall" and all the horror movie references they attribute to it. Finally, a show that gets it. Adam Green and Joe Lynch are people that I could see hanging out with and that's what this show does. Let's you hang out with them. Dee Snider proves that his acting chops are as twisted as his singing chops and he's letting the world know he isn't going to take it anymore. Cori English is the next hot model in my opinion. Great actress. Not to mention all the cameos by horror legends is worth the look in itself. Holliston takes the sitcom formula and skunks it! Much like Adam did with Hatchet, They've reinvented the genre!
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Fantastic, unique, original, weird, and most of all FUNNY.
Amadala163 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When the show picks up Adam has been depressed and heartbroken over the breakup with Corri, his childhood sweetheart whom he dated for 7 years or so but then they broke up years ago. Now she is moving back to the town of Holliston and Adam thinks this is his chance to get back together with her. Adam is devastated to find out that Corri has a boyfriend named Kevin who is a doctor and very successful, unlike Adam who is totally broke and living in a run down apartment chasing his dream of making horror movies but making no actual progress with it. Kevin (played by Nick Ballard) is very, very funny and he plays the role like a total douche. Very vapid and sort of dumb, even though he is a doctor. Adam is convinced by Oderus (the imaginary friend who is a monster that lives in his closet) to hire a hooker and go on a double date with Corri and Kevin so that he can make Corri see that he has moved on and potentially make her want him back. Obviously the plan backfires and comedy ensues!

First of all, the show is very, very funny. I laughed out loud a ton. All of the characters are funny and extremely likable. Adam and Joe especially. They are both solid actors and I believed that they were friends since childhood (which apparently they have been in real life, too). There is a scene at the end where they have a heart to heart moment expressing how they feel about each other that is so funny that I missed a few of the lines. Laura looks like she's got great potential to be a favorite for me, though in this episode she didn't have too many scenes, save for a hilarious one where she shows Joe a painting she made of a dead clown baby. Corri is gorgeous and very sweet and her acting was top notch and very natural.

Yes, there are a lot of horror references (Adam explodes Joe's head all over the wall and breaks up with a girl for not having seen Gremlins and there were many more comments about horror including a hilarious Exorcist joke and a Poltergeist spoof) but honestly, it is way more of a standard comedy than a horror show. Dee Snyder plays Lance, a guy stuck in the 80's who sings for a Van Halen tribute band and is also Adam and Joe's boss where they work. He only had one scene in this episode but was truly hilarious. Oderus was also extremely funny and could be the Kramer of this show as it moves forward. My favorite-favorite though? Axl the cat!! They use a fake looking animatronic cat because Axl is supposed to have cat down-syndrome and I lost it every time they cut to it. But despite all of the weirdness and gory moments, it is still a standard sitcom and it felt very much like Mad About You, Dharma and Greg, Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Seinfeld. It even has a laugh track like real sitcoms do.

What I didn't like was that the episode felt rushed. I just didn't get enough time with some of the characters like Lance or Laura. Adam and Joe's apartment and Adam's room especially had so many cool things and they never focused on any of it, so again- hopefully they do in future episodes. There was so much to look at and I didn't feel like I got the chance.

But nitpicking aside, I will certainly watch more. I laughed more than I do at most sitcoms, but maybe that's because this felt like it was tailor made for me. I am a horror fan and an Adam Green fan, and so it was exactly what I hoped it would be. Be warned though, the commercials do it no justice. It's way funnier then the ads make it out to be. It's smart, aware, and edgy- but it also has gross out moments and violence that you wouldn't see on a sitcom. For instance, Adam cuts his own chest open while crying in a mirror about being "bad at sex" and the audience is LAUGHING!!! That to me was amazing, but to others it might be disturbing. My final suggestion: watch it. I kind of fell in love with it already and I am so happy that a show like this got made and exists in this day and age. Parks and recreation and Outsourced and The Office just don't do it for me. I love Adam Green's sense of humor and if you like his stuff like Hatchet, Anne Frankenstein, and Jack Chop, you will undoubtedly love this show, too.
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Horror Crusaders
hellraiser710 September 2016
I'm a horror fan, I think for me one of the best things about the genre is how much creative freedom it contains where with it you can do just about anything and make it go any direction you want with it.

This to me is one of my personal favorite TV shows of all time if you can believe that. Because this was one of the show that I've been waiting for for a long time, it's one of those show you never think would happen but thankfully someone finally had the guts to make it; it's a show that was made to horror fans by horror fans.

The plot line I actually like because even though it looks like the typical sitcom format, I think what makes it genuine is the relatablity. From not just their personas but their specialties where their all artist working in the horror field. Most comedies don't have much staying power for me because of the lack of this, because each character is in some field that I'm not in or even care about. This made the humor and drama genuine because some of what happens in the field of horror film making can be crazy and a struggle.

I really like the use of both visual and verbal humor, both I think are spot on and come in at the right times. For the visual the highlight no doubt are in the effects which are all practical so there's no bull crap CGI. It's just cool that they actually get to use gore in a comedy show which is something you don't see unless it's a show on the Adult Swim block.

I really like the characters each of them are underdog artists that are all fighting for a chance to have their visions become reality. I really like Adam Green and Joe Lynch whom both are real life horror directors, surprisingly both of them are capable actors. Both of them aren't really playing characters so much but are in a way playing themselves. I really like the back and forth between them I really bought into their friendship and of course they are in reality since childhood.

The two girls Lisa Ortiz and Corey English are both solid also, they loosely play themselves also. I really like Lisa she is just full of energy, brightness, and quirkiness that make her infectious. In one episode it always cracked me up whenever she keep saying the line "We're so wasted!" But they have a good re pore with the guys and from how they interacted actually made me care about their relationship.

But of course one of the highlights of this dynamic no doubt is Adam's imaginary friend monster. This is a character that could of almost been some passable gimmick but surprising this actually works because this character is sort of whom Calvin is to Hobbies. I think in a way this is realtiable because whenever where alone we sometimes imagine a presence to share certain feelings with that we can't share with anyone else. But his character is just funny as he has some of the best lines, he's extremely crude but supportive toward Adam. I even like the make up design of him, he looks like something out of heavy metal cover art.

However the true heart of the show is in the amount of homage this show pays to the horror genre. This show is pretty much a love letter to horror fandom and shows the importance of it, without it the genere wouldn't be stronger and alive as it is right now. But not just in the reference jokes and slight parodies in horror, but the real highlight is seeing the horror alumni enter the show. You can say we final have guest stars that are actually good, it's just awesome seeing so many of the horror alumni be part of the action and play contrary to themselves. Half the time that's part of what keep me watching the show to see which alumni is going to be next Robert England, David Keith, Zack Gilligan, John Carpenter etc. Hopefully in the future seasons and episodes they'll be around.

There are a lot of great episodes, two of my favorites are one with Danalle Harris guest staring whom is an actress I really like. Yes, I've seen "Halloween 4" and I've had a crush on this girl when I was 7. It was just great seeing her play contrary to herself and of course it all leads to an infamous scene that really made me crack up when she wears a costume I'm sure those that seen the film are all familiar with. Or even another episode which is a parody on not just "The Blair Witch Project" but just the found footage genre in general, this one just made me laugh hard as we see their project turning into a disaster, their film alone makes hoax master seem like academy award directors.

Holliston is a bloody good time.

Rating: 4 stars
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'Holliston' is the best horror/comedy show ever!
Bryan Kluger22 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm very thankful that Adam Green (Hatchet/Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End) got to make their TV series, 'Holliston' the way they wanted to make it. A few years ago, a certain network bought the show, but wanted to make it very family friendly, taking all of the good ideas away. Thus, it was put on hold for the foreseeable future. This gave some time for both Green and Lynch to break out in to the horror film genre, where they succeeded.

Then, the good folks over at FEARnet heard about the series, and finally let Green and Lynch have full control of their show and they set out to make the first season of 'Holliston', the way they wanted to. It was so successful, the network has ordered a second season, which they are currently filming right now.

'Holliston' is written, directed, and stars Adam Green, as a lesser successful version of himself, as well does his best bud in real life and on the show, Joe Lynch. The pair live in an apartment that would make any horror movie fan giddy. Their apartment is chock full of horror movie memorbillia, toys, and posters. It seems like that's only what they spend their little money on, because the never pay rent or their bills.

They earn their money by making cheap late night television commercials at a local network station, where their boss, Lance Rockett (Dee Snider from Twisted Sister) gives them advice amongst other things as every time he speaks, it's always as if he's live on stage in front of 1000's of people. Green and Lynch are joined by Laura (Laura Ortiz), who is Lynch's girlfriend, who is a ditzy artist who has a fond passion of painting gruesome canvasses. Then there is Green's ex-girlfriend Corri (Corri English), who no matter how many times she tells Green they are not getting back together, Green insists that they are, and tries at every turn to win her back. And lastly, we have Green's imaginary friend who lives in his closet, the demon we all have come to love, Oderus Urungus, the frontman from the band, GWAR, who plays himself, complete with all of the prosthetics and thong.

The overall plot of the show follows Green and Lynch trying to make a horror film called 'Shinpads', a film about a zombie soccer team. However, their stomachs were bigger than their eyes and cannot raise enough money to make the film. However, they decide to fully produce a trailer for the film to pitch to investors.

'Holliston' is a mix between 'Seinfeld', 'Friends', and 'Evil Dead 2'. There are tons of head explosions, blood, vomit, and other bodily secretions throughout the entire first season. One episode involved Green and Lynch lying in the same bathtub, because they got sprayed by a skunk. That bathtub soon becomes filled with their own vomit and blood, while their girlfriends are out buying douches. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? There are tons of cameos too. Some include Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, and Seth Green.

'Holliston' is a very fun and bizarre show. There is nothing else like it on television. If you are a fan of horror, gore, and comedic sitcoms, then 'Holliston' is the perfect recipe that will leave you wanting more.
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Wanted to like it but it's just not a good show.
nnnoooiiissseee13 December 2014
I love heavy metal and a lot of horror. I've met Dee Snider. He seemed like a cool guy. I've seen GWAR and have been into them for the last 20 years or so. I've been to numerous horror conventions and seen Kane Hodder and many of the others who made cameos in Holliston. In other words, I'm a fan off most of this stuff.

I still just can't get into this show because frankly, it's just not very good.

If you're a fan of drek like "Friends", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Big Bang Theory" etc. you'll probably love it though. You'll see Oderus and Dee and feel that their minor presence somehow makes this a great show. I'm sorry but even they couldn't save this trainwreck.

Dave Brockie's minute or two per episode was about the only decent part in the whole series (Yes, he bumped my rating from 1/10 to 2/10). I'm sure he must have written his own material because unlike anything else in the show; it was actually funny and had some sort of wit attached to it.

Dee Snider's "Lance Rocket" character was a trickless pony that just got recycled every episode. Laughing at glam rockers from the '80s got old by about 1994.

I still can't remember the two main characters names. If I did, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart because they're both totally interchangeable. Your typical one-dimensional, cardboard sitcom roomies fishing for laughs and every "funny" gets followed by a canned laugh clip -- provided to let viewers know they need to laugh because they were just told a joke. Without the canned laughs, people wouldn't know the difference between the jokes and brain dead sit-com filler and may become confused or worse... discover that the show isn't the slightest bit funny.

I'm not making this up.

The last episode I forced myself to sit through was called "Rock the Cradle". It was about an 11 year old girl that one of the cardboard roomies began dating.

I'm not making that up either.

Yes, one of the two main characters was dating an 11 year old girl. Naturally, all of the characters (except for the guy's ex) loved her and nobody noticed that she was an eleven year old child. They were going to "take their relationship to the next level" (have sex) when the guys ex became jealous and the good quality sitcom wackiness ensued.

When it was discovered that she was only eleven, none of the characters thought about the whole "our roommate is a pedophile" part and apparently neither did any of the brain dead viewers. "Pedophile? What pedophile? LOL!"

It's was all just good, wacky sitcom fun for the whole family.

I truly feel that Dave Brockie was a great talent, a great showman and a hilarious guy in general. There's no doubt in my mind that being attached to trash like this is one of the reasons he killed himself with drugs. Having to live with the guilt of taking a job dumbing down an already dumbed down populace and "soften" pedophilia to a group of people who are too dumb to have the slightest clue about what they're watching.

There was actually a fairly well known metal band who came from Holliston, MA. They wrote a song in the '90s called "Everyone in Holliston Should be Killed". Apparently, there's is a huge group of yuppie "metal heads" who live there and he was constantly criticizing their extreme level of phoniness, cluelessness and uselessness. The band's name was "An*l C*nt" (or AxCx). The lead singer killed himself a few years ago with drugs just like Dave did.

It seems that anything related to metal that comes out of Hollenthon, MA is so rotten and fake that it's enough to drive anyone with a personality or a sense of humor to a drug induced suicide.

Everyone else loves it though... actually not really, since nobody really watches this show. Even most people who are fans of metal and horror don't watch this because it's too hard to sit through.
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People from Holliston hate it. It's not good.
pandapple-598765 August 2015
I watched the first few episodes of this, since I thought it was cool something was coming from my tiny hometown. I was wrong. This show is so embarrassingly awful, if you mention it to anyone in town, they cringe. It's not funny, it's not thought-provoking, it's just... Dumb. Also inaccurate, the creator obviously hasn't been home in, like, 10 years. The jokes are bad, I didn't laugh once when I was watching it. I felt nothing but disdain, and aren't shows supposed to make you feel something that makes you want to keep watching it? Bottom line, if you ask someone from Holliston how they feel about the show Holliston, they'll likely sigh, roll their eyes, and express to you that it's stupid, they don't like it, and it's embarrassing to be associated with that show.
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Best Sitcom with horror jokes and gore! worth every minute
bigfatbaloney29 August 2013
Holliston is an excellent sitcom for horror fan!

Starring Adam Green & Joe Lynch, Holliston is a funny sitcom that reminds me of How I met your mother ... with a little gore!

With some dirty or politically incorrect jokes, with Dee Snyder from Twisted sister being hilarious, many cameos from horror actor such as Kane Hodder, Tony Todd or Danielle Harrisson! Holliston has become one of the best TV show i've seen in years! I couldn't stop laughing out loud!

Might not have enough gore for my taste, but mind the details, this show is awesome! If you like horror/gore related TV show, your should check out the following : Death Valley, Todd and the book of pure evil, Reaper !
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