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Responding to a question about the first wheel, Beakman conjures up the caveman who claims to be responsible for its' invention. As the caveman remembers how he accidentally found that placing a heavy object on top of a log made it easier to move, Beakman explains it is because the log reduces friction with the ground. Using a little red wagon to demonstrate, he shows how, without using the wheels, it is very difficult for Lester to pull Josie across the floor while, with the wheels on the ground, he can move his friend with ease. Then, using a collection of common household items, Beakman constructs a vehicle he calls the "Beakmobile" to demonstrate how wheels work. In "Beak-Mania," Beakman explains how toothpaste is put into tubes; which creature has the biggest eyes (the giant squid); and why there are so many worms on the sidewalk after a rainstorm (to keep from drowning). Taking a question posed by Josie, Beakman uses his method to explain why fireworks explode in so many ...

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