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  • Tommy has his badge revoked when his latest tirade goes national. But Sheila's two-pronged attack hits Tommy's critics where they least expect it, vindicating Tommy and clearing the Gavin family name.


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  • Tommy finds Feinberg and Needles reading headlines about Tommy's blow up in the news feature.

    People from FD HQ are there. Feinberg tells Tommy they're going to let him play in the police-firefighter hockey game and he should be grateful he gets at least that.

    The supervisor gives Tommy notice that he's suspended for 30 days. They want his badge, ID and bunker gear. He also has to be escorted in and out of the building during that time. Tommy tries to stall, but they are insistant.

    He's goes upstairs to get his stuff, but can't help piling on one of the supervisors who used to be a working fireman in front of the guys. The supervisors inform the guys anyone who assists Tommy in entering the fire house could get suspended or fired.

    When they leave, Franco says they get to find out what they're like without him. He's also heard that the TV reporter is looking into all their personal lives, thanks to Tommy.

    Outside, Tommy taunts the supervisors as they leave. Pam Kepler has been camping outside of HQ for weeks and is looking into Tommy's personal life.

    Needles tells Tommy to lie low. When Tommy says he's not afraid of the reporter, Needles says it's not about just him. They recite the various skeletons in their closet: Needles married a mail order bride, Lou married a hooker, Sean married a Gavin. There's Mike's gayness and Franco's conspiracy theories, and he could be considered a deadbeat dad.

    Then Mike mentions his "extreme gayness" and offers that he once hooked up with a guy at headquarters. Lou thanks god in heaven for the gift.

    Mike doesn't remember his name at first, but settles on Doug. Then he says he looked like a young Michael Douglas. Needles wants Lou to find photos.

    Needles tells Tommy to go home and not do anything stupid for a month. He starts to assign Franco a task, but Franco doesn't want to be part of it. He walks away.

    Needles asks Black Shawn to call Pam and tell her someone is spouting 9/11 conspiracy theories. Shawn doesn't want to rat on Franco, but Needles says he's talking about himself.

    Sean finishes up another great date with Emily, but he pauses when she asks if he wants to come upstairs. "You look like you're holding something in," she tells him.

    He says he has something a little embarrassing to say. He explains that after they have the best sex he's ever had in his life...

    She asks if he's talking about the smell. "It's my butt," she says.

    He asks if she's OK. She tells him the physiological explanation behind it and then says it's a good thing he has a small penis or it'd be way worse. Somehow, they regroup and he goes upstairs with her. But he just wants to cuddle.

    Mike looks at pictures of Dougs at HQ, but none of them are his Doug. He describes how he had a beauty mark and was masculine and feminine.

    The next day, Needles goes to talk to the news crew. He chats up the camera man, who says he's just doing his job and has an uncle in the department. When Needles says he knows him, he offers to get him his uncle's number.

    Needles talks to Pam, who has already figured out his ruse that he was pretending to be the conspiracy nut to draw attention from his men. She knows it was the "handsome guy with dimples." And she knows Tommy slept with Sheila for years and Janet had a son with Tommy's dead brother.

    Needles calls her a "miserable bitch" and starts to walk away. The cameraman calls him back and gives him a card (it says his name is Peter Tolan, which is the name of the show's co-creator). On the back is scribbled "Keppler DUI."

    Needles meets with Tommy and catches him up on Mike's not-Doug. He says he looked into Pam's DUI and there's no record of it, which makes him think the cops know something. He tells Tommy to talk to Todd, the cop he's always fighting with in hockey games. Needles tells him to do whatever he needs to get the info. Then he makes it more clear: Tommy has to throw the hockey game.

    Tommy finds Todd outside the police station. He tells him what Pam's planning and asks if he has any info. He offers to throw the game. Todd curses him out and walks away.

    At a bar after the game, Lou gives Tommy the name of Mike's hook up, telling him to do with it what he will.

    Someone makes a toast to the tie game. They salute each other, until a firefighter gets up and says it's too bad 9/11 wasn't a tie because 343 firefighters died, and only 23 cops. A brawl breaks out.

    Tommy sees Todd signaling him to meet him outside. Tommy comes out with his dukes up. Todd tells him he got info on Pam and introduces Larry "Lochness" from another precinct. He tells her he pulled over Pam a year or so ago and she was completely coked up. She got out of it by performing the title of the episode on him. He has video. He shows Tommy, who is impressed. "Now you know why they call me 'Lochness,'" he says.

    Todd says Pam's a hypocrite and should be taken down.

    Todd says they're doing it for Johnny, their fellow former police officer. Then Todd decks Tommy for good measure.

    Cops pull up outside. Teddy comes out, explain that he called them because the cops are getting their butts kicked inside and he thought they needed back-up.

    Tommy comes home to find Colleen shrieking and Katie piling on. Katie says she's getting made fun of at school because Tommy's her dad.

    Colleen's mad because wedding venues keep canceling on her when they learn he's her dad. Tommy gets things thrown at him.

    Sheila offers to pay for a better place, but Janet says no.

    Sheila tells Tommy about expensive mansions she knows about in Connecticut in New Jersey that she wants to rent. She wants to pay for the whole thing, but Janet says that's wrong since Sheila won't even be involved. She's refusing to go if Mickey is there and Janet thinks he has to be.

    Colleen thinks they're trying to make her start drinking again. She goes for the liquor cabinet. There's lots of shrieking of women. Tommy pounds a book to get everyone's attention.

    Tommy asks Sheila how much money they're talking about. She says $8,000. For just the dress. Now Tommy wants a drink.

    Wyatt interrupts things by coming in crying.

    Tommy sends Sheila and Janet to their separate corners. He tries to lay down the law. He says Sheila will be in the wedding. He also says Mickey was right, Damian won't ever walk again and was right to say it to her. Then he tells Janet that Sheila is paying for the wedding, but he'll pay her back someday.

    The girls come back in. He says they're a dysfunctional family of drinkers, addicts, liars and cheaters and it's gotten them nowhere.

    He tells them he has a "secret evil plan" to combat the truth people are looking into and it involves playing to their strengths of lying, cheating and stealing.

    Tommy tries to tell Sheila again that she has to accept that Damian is never getting out of the chair, and he's telling her that because he loves her.

    Then he tells Janet that as much as he loves Sheila, he loves her more. He kisses her deeply. He calls Sheila to come with him so he can outline her part in the evil plan.

    Cut to Sheila pulling up to HQ, where Pam is prepping for air outside. Sheila sits down for her interview. Pam puts on her serious face and asks what happened after 9/11. Sheila asks if she's asking about Tommy.

    Then Sheila says they had lots of mind blowing sex, because they could. And every time, it at least helped Sheila not think about her dead hero husband for awhile. She says she has video and takes out her phone. She puts the phone in front of the camera and plays and we hear Lochness's voice saying Pam's name and telling her to do things.

    Pam panics.

    Sheila tells her to sit. "You drop that story or I swear to Christ that'll end up on YouTube," Sheila says. She gets up and runs back to her car.

    Next, she goes to HQ with a bouquet of flowers.

    She meets with the supervisors who suspended Tommy. They talk up Jimmy to her, but tell her her "boyfriend" is a "scourge" on the department. One of them says if he has his way, Tommy will get fired.

    The third man, whose office they're in, comes in. His friends call him Doug. Sheila hands him the flowers and says they're from Mike Siletti. Then she taps a secret panel to open a liquor cabinet.

    She pours herself a drink and asks if having booze is against regulations, just like having sex in there after hours.

    Then Sheila goes in his desk and finds the handcuffs Mike told her about.

    Outside, she calls Tommy, telling him "Doug" is fired, Pam keeps calling to offer her money to delete the video and Tommy is back on duty.

    He thanks her, but she says she did it for "all of us."

    "For the brotherhood?" he asks.

    "No silly, for the Gavins," she says.

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