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"Jersey Shore" Twinning (2011)

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The next morning, a very hungover Mike calls Brittany a cab. He proclaims her one of the most DTF girls he's met in a long time.

Ronnie thinks he and Snooki are almost alike, because they both like to workout and drink a lot. They leave the house and Ronnie tries to navigate the streets. They finally just sit at a caf, where Snooki starts her day with Pinot Grigio.

Ronnie plans to talk to Sammi at some point about "them." Snooki is now firmly back in their camp, and ready for them to "have sex already."

Deena and Jenni go out for lunch, to find Deena a husband. She hits on their waiter. "From the moment I left home I said I want to find a cute Italian 'lean cuisine' that speaks good English and understands me," she says. "He actually speaks well English," Deena says.

At the gym, the old Mr. Miyagi guy shows Snooki how to work the machine, sitting behind her at one point. He can't understand her at all when she objects that she can feel his wiener.

Later, they head to the club. Brittany might join Mike later with her sister.

Sammi sidles up to Ronnie and drunkenly caresses his face and reminds him how she's good to him. He asks why she always wants to have this conversation when they're drunk and promises they'll talk tomorrow.

Deena dances with her waiter, and is soon making out with him. It's not clear how "Jersey Turnpike" translates.

Mike meets Brittany and her twin sister Erica. He tells her to find him later. As they get in their cabs, Mike wonders where his twins went.

Deena takes her waiter home.

Drunk Mike interrupts Snooki talking to her dad to tell her he loves her and would make a move if she didn't have a boyfriend. Instead, he leaves Brittany a drunk message.

Pauly and Vinny interrupt Deena with her waiter, loudly narrating what they're doing. Deena interrupts to go out and tell the guys she's not "doing sex" she's just cuddling.

Deena goes out and confronts Vinny about his double standard. The waiter is ready to leave, but Deena tells him to stay with her.

The camera catches him leaving in the middle of the night, fully clothed.

Brittany calls the house and asks to talk to Mike. Pauly gets on the phone and tells her he's in love with her. Ronnie and Pauly take turns hanging up on her. Then Ronnie answers and pretends to be Mike, telling them to come by in an hour. Ronnie and Pauly split.

Later, the twins stop by and ring the doorbell incessantly. Snooki tries to talk to Jionni, who's telling her he didn't go out last night. She's startled when the twins walk in. "What are they doing here? It's daytime," she says.

Mike is gelling his hair when they walk into his room. He rolls with it. He asks them to wait while he gets dressed. Ronnie and Pauly come back and almost hyperventilate with laughter at the sight of the twins. Ronnie does his dog pant laugh as Mike recreates the scene.

Mike heads out with the ladies. Vinny knows he's working angle. "Mike never takes girls out on dates, especially in the day time," he assures us.

Mike goes to breakfast, assuring us he can close the deal on a threesome.

Ronnie and Sammi go to a romantic rooftop restaurant. Sammi tells Ronnie she's a changed person and would never hurt him. He says they should give it a shot. And with that, Ron and Sam are back together.

They go back to the house hand in hand. Ronnie thinks this time is going to be different. Snooki asks how it was. Ronnie says they worked things out. "Let the games begin," Snooki says.

"Ron and Sam are back together, we've set ourselves back months of progress," Vinny says. "I said if Ron and Sam get back together after all the s--- they've said and done, I'll kill myself," Pauly says. "Me thinking suicide from somebody else's relationship, that's how bad it is."

They get in the cabs and go to Flo, where they take over the dance floor. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the twins are on Mike. Twin stalkers! "We have reached a new level of stalking," Mike says.

Deena announces which one is the hotter twin. Snooki tries to pave the way for the threesome, but Erica announces she's a virgin.

Mike thinks he's laid the groundwork for a three some, when Deena comes over and steals Erica away. Then they're making out. "When you're drunk, sometimes you kiss girl," Deena says. They're both really into it. Except for Mike, who feels robbed.

They head home.

Deena and Erica keep making out in the cab. "It's not the worst thing on earth bringing home a girl, it's just not something I usually do," Deena says, clarifying that she wouldn't date a girl because she loves man parts.

Deena takes Erica to play. Mike leaves Brittany in his room to talk to Snooki.

Ronnie sees this happen and announces he has a story he doesn't want to repeat. In the next sentence tells Ronnie and Sammi that Snooki cheated with Mike.

As Deena goes to get food, somehow Erica ends up on top of Vinny. Deena breaks them up and comes for Erica, who falls out of the bed and then gets back with Deena.

Sammi interrupts Mike and grabs Snooki away to tell her what Mike has been telling people. She says he's a liar and has never hooked up with him.

Snooki confronts him and tells him she doesn't want to be friends with him and can't even look at him.

And then the yelling starts. When he says they hooked up two months ago, she says he's a psycho. He keeps saying he's not going to lie. Snooki tells him he doesn't have a friend in the house. She says she hasn't even seen him in two months.

Vinny and Pauly sleep through Deena and Erica hooking up, until Deena freaks out and Erica gets back in bed with Vinny.

Snooki tells Ronnie that Mike came onto her and she said no. Ronnie doesn't know who to believe but advises her to confess to Jionni if she did do something.

Drunk Mike keeps babbling that he doesn't lie and then tells Ronnie he's disappointed he told. Finally, Brittany wonders where Mike is. He takes her back to his room and tells her to lay down.

Jenni believes Snooki, who is freaked out that she's going to lose Jionni. Jenni assures her Jionni will believe her.

Meanwhile, Mike distracts himself by finally getting in bed with Brittany. Snooki cries herself to sleep.


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