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Season 1

21 May 2011
Oancitizen looks at Alice (1988), a surrealist, stop-motion/live action film by Jan Svankmajer. We explore the director, Czech surrealism, and how this version of Alice differs from others. This is also how Kyle gets his fear of rabbits.
28 May 2011
Oancitizen pays his respects to Gus Van Sant by taking a look at his tedious film, Gerry. He manages to maintain sanity during this monotonous odyssey by singing show-tunes and squeezing out humor wherever possible.
2 Jul. 2011
Naked Lunch
Oancitizen gets bugged as he watches the film adaptation of William S. Burrough's graphic novel, Naked Lunch. He goes in, thinking it will be successful because it's directed by David Cronenberg, the guy who brought us The Fly, but soon discovers otherwise.
20 Aug. 2011
It's Terry Gilliam's turn to get the Oancitizen treatment as his trippy 2006 film Tideland gets an honest critique.
10 Dec. 2011
Trash Humpers
Oancitizen watches a bizarre independent film about masked hoodlums who interact with various people and hump trash cans.

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