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Not perfect, But one of the best games I have ever played.
alreadyinthechopper23 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The game start you out on a beach, in a near infinite random world, with nothing but your bare hands. From here on, it's your adventure. Do you chop down some trees, make some wooden tools and fortify yourself in a makeshift cave to protect yourself from the monsters that come out after dark? Or do you spend your precious daytime making weapons and armour, to fight the zombies, skeletal archers, spiders and the infamous creeper?

The two main things in minecraft are - you guessed it - Mining and crafting. It has a very staggered (and logical) method to keep you constantly upgrading your gear without feeling grindy. The deeper you dig, the stronger the materials you will find. Starting with wood on the surface, then stone, the iron and finally the elusive diamonds.

These aren't the only materials however. Virtually everything is accounted for, down to an electrical current that can be used to create elaborate traps and mechanisms (and even a working CPU inside the game itself).

Sure the combat leaves something to be desired, and even on hard difficulty you can build impenetrable fortresses, but minecraft is whatever you make it.

The creative will and have revelled in what minecraft offers, whereas those who prefer A to B linear games struggle to stay interested as minecraft forces you to make and set your own goals for the day.

The multi-player aspect of minecraft has its bugs and faults, but for the most part, it is just as much fun as the single player experience but with the added bonus of a friend (or as many as your server will hold) to help you along or hinder you.

Even if, by some miracle, minecraft doesn't have what you want in it, look to the modding community. Everything from new enemies, working villages (with NPCs and a trading system) airships, and an infinite number of things can be added (for free as well).

Final thoughts: Not for everyone, but if you like it, you will never forget it. Graphics: 9/10 (Blocks become astoundingly beautiful) Gameplay 10/10 Sound 9/10 Fun: 10/10 Replayability 10/10

Overall 9.5/10
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Charming and simple, yet tedious and short-lived
ViceDeVidts23 December 2015
Minecraft was the very first in a series of pixelated sandbox games, it was an innovative concept at the time, which spawned a massive community alongside it to spread consciousness of the game worldwide, becoming subject of countless youtube videos. Having got word of the game from the internet and friends alike, I decided to pick up the game at last (Mind you, for a very expensive price tag). The game dumped me (With no apparent context) into a 3D block world unlike anything I have ever experienced, as I paced up and down plains and mountains alike I discovered that I had no idea of what the heck was I supposed to do once I started the game. Consulting one of many popular playthroughs: I learnt the basics and what to do, I proceeded to craft armor and weapons, getting more powerful with each armor set I crafted; but, None of the weapons and armor I crafted felt any different from a re-skin of my old gold armor.

Having bored myself to death in just a few hours of play, I decided to branch out to multiplayer in hopes of finding entertaining game modes to expand the minecraft experience. Luckily though, multiplayer was filled with massive player-built creations and exciting game modes, my personal favorite being the hunger games (I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept).

Having heard that minecraft indeed supported mods, I was immediately excited to try all the mods I had seen in so many youtube videos but ultimately disappointing at the difficulty of the task. Having received help from my friends and advice on trying mod packs instead, my faith in minecraft was reborn again, offering so much more than the single player did.

Minecraft is a game that unleashes your full potential as a builder if you're committed to it, leaving aside the possibilities for a satisfying survival mode adventure. User-created content triumphs over developer effort, yet they were the ones who gave them the tools though, creating a "student becomes the master" complex. Minecraft plays with it's "Simplistic quality" (As I like to call it, or the idea that a game can be as good as a complex game without the need to be as deep) but it would have been much better if it was not mundane simplicity we were talking about.
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The most amazing sandbox game ever has arrived
DudeCraft 00118 February 2014
Wow, where to begin. Minecraft is possibly one of the best video games I have ever played, it challenges you to build, craft and fight after you become stranded on an almost infinite terrain named by you. Using whatever you can find (trees, stone, dirt) you have to build a shelter to defend yourself against the dangers of the night (like skeletons, zombies, spiders and Creepers). Of course, if you're a first time player, your first house will probably be a little hut made of dirt, for some players, who devote their lives to this game, it will be a massive sprawling mansion with a swimming pool and an en-suite bathroom. Anyone can make that, because when morning arises, you have about 7 minutes(real time) to gather supplies or add to your house. The crafting interface is that of genius, using a 4 by 4 table, you arrange items to craft swords, axes or different blocks. The game is simply amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves sandbox games, be because if you are one of those people, this will be the best video game you ever play. 10/10
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Fun.... but Creepy!!
joerct-d-phillips17 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm addicted to this game!!! The part about modifying the game may be fun for people 13 and older, but I do NOT recommend modding minecraft if you are under 12. Also, when getting this for your child, think about restricting how much your child plays. The only thing that I think might be intense is that the only way to beat the game is to kill the Ender Dragon. Watch out for what skins your child gets, what they get to mod minecraft, the texture packs they use, and the multiplayer servers they go on. And if your child plays minecraft that is under 3, keep them on peaceful or creative at ALL times. This game can be a source of NIGHTMARES!!! Don't let kids go onto YouTube as some mods contain tons of violence, language, and blood and gore.
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The greatest video game ever made?
Optimus_Prime_is_OP17 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Minecraft is an indie game that was created in 2009 by Swedish game programmer Markus Persson, who minecraft players simply refer to as 'Notch'. His vision was to create a game that gives the player free range. No rules, no goals, just to let the player do whatever they wanted. What he has created is a game that has changed hundreds of people lives forever.

1. Gameplay. This is the most important part of any game. Without good gameplay, the player will just give up playing. Minecraft has some of the best gameplay i have ever seen. Virtually everything in the world is destroyable with the correct tools. The idea of Minecraft is to survive. This means building a shelter and killing animals for food, and avoiding creatures such as creepers and Zombies that actively want to kill you.

2. Controls. The controls of minecraft are tight and responsive. You use the A,S,D,W to move your player around, the mouse to move your camera around, while using the left mouse button to mine, destroy blocks, punch and use tools and weapons, while the right mouse button (ctrl and left click if on a mac) allows you to place blocks down and use the bow. What's brilliant about this, is that you can change the buttons for various actions in the options.

3. Graphics. This is what makes Minecraft so much different from other games. The graphics are entirely made up of blocks. No circles here. The minecraft website allows the player to change the way that their character looks on screen. You can also change the way the game look by using texture packs or resource packs. The game looks very unique and full of character.

4. Life span. Minecraft is known for being extremely addictive. An average Minecraft play for me personally is 3 to 4 hours a day. Other people may feel different, and feel they get bored because of the lack of goals. It's all to do with how you like to play your games.

5. Legacy. Minecraft has won hundreds of rewards, along with game of the year for 3 years. Minecraft is very popular among YouTubers, for it's easy to mod and record. People have even started to make money from Minecraft YouTube videos.

Overall, minecraft is a very good game. It is also a competitor for greatest game ever.

Final score: 10/10
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A silly rip-off game
Terry Alan6 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This game may seem cool, but within a couple of hours i had done almost everything there is to do. I became very bored very quickly.

This game has multi-player, yet the security is terrible and anyone can hack it easily, ruining the experience for legit players.

overall, this game is very, very, very, very bad


another bad thing is the fact that the graphics suck they are very bad and look terrible they also need a more dedicated update deadline as they always put out updates that do not do anything


*face palm*

BTW it is too expensive
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Played to this day
joerctdrew26 November 2016
I STILL love to play this game although its been 6 years since I started. This is a game for kids, sure, but adults will love it as well.

You start with nothing, punch a tree to get wood, and climb from there. And make sure you build a shelter before nightfall; all sorts of nasty enemies will want to kill you if you don't.

I prefer this over Minecraft: Story Mode (that pure garbage) any day. It's meant to be a medium for expressing your creativity, NOT to be turned into a Tale tell game. I will say that this game can also teach you the life lesson that you need to be prepared for anything (I know, I dropped several f-bombs whenever a creeper killed me from behind.)

A must play, still holding it's fan-base strong in 2016. Sad to say that Mojang plans to let the Java edition go, though.
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Minecraft taught me how to survive! <3
epicphanpy29 March 2015
Minecraft is probably the most fun, yet surprisingly educational, game I have ever played.

The possibilities are infinite - you can build absolutely anything! You can build a mansion, or a city, anything that your imagination can think of! That is the thing I like about this game. It teaches kids and adults alike very important life skills if you are ever alone and lost on a island.

Before I played this game, I knew next to nothing about gold, diamond, etc., nothing about other bricks like obsidian, marble, and also things like brewing, Redstone, the list goes on and on. This game has taught me so many things, while playing and having fun.

Another awesome aspect, multi player. It is so fun playing with other people, helping people build, and working on awesome, big projects.

But yeah, if I will get lost on a island one day, Minecraft taught me how to survive.
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Simple yet effective
Discount Aragorn20 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw minecraft gameplay, I thought it looked seriously bad, I didn't get how placing blocks was fun. Then I played it for the first time, I honestly had never been so wrong. There's a lot more to it, creating tools out of materials, finding food to prevent hunger and going on journeys into caves only to get completely lost. There are two modes in minecraft, creative and survival. Creative means you can build anything you want, using which blocks you want. From houses to cities, there is little in the way of what is achievable. But most big projects are very time consuming and the constant filling in will get slightly boring. This is when you play some survival. In survival, you have to obtain everything yourself and mine for the best materials to make weapons and armour to eventually defeat the ender dragon. I myself have never completed the game because again, it is very time consuming and complicated. Overall, minecraft is a very addicting and interesting game that will keep you hooked until the end. You may not like it because of the graphics (getting another texture pack can help) or for other reasons. I give it 9/10 because the gameplay is thorough, but you will get bored from time to time. I hope this was helpful :)
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