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Sex & Nudity

Sex & Nudity: 1/10 (Singleplayer) 4/10 (Multiplayer)

None. Although, there might be some "skins" that can be revealing.

Players can click the left joystick repeatedly and act as if they were humping or having sex.

Violence & Gore

Violence & Gore: 2/10

One of the many aspects of this game is surviving and that includes defeating mobs (monsters).

Hitting enemies is not violent.

The Zombie Pigmen have: slime & bone showing.

You can die from drowning, falling in lava, falling or killed by monsters.

There is nothing violent about this game, but it does involve killing in a survival sort of way.

Some servers you can play on have mini games similar to things like The Hunger Games, where in these mini games you are trying to kill other players

There's some servers which are minecraft versions of other games, like Grand Theft Auto etc. These servers are the same as the actual game, but it's in minecraft.


Profanity: 0/10 (Singleplayer) 10/10 (Multiplayer)

None, but if you go to a multiplayer server, well... You might find some very "bad-mouthed" people. Some servers do block people from swearing though.

Some splash text/ yellow text on the home screen you can find what it means on the minecraft wiki. One of them is "Switches and Ores!" Which is a reference to a meme called "Bitches and Whores" It does't tell the meaning anywhere on the game, only if you google it.

Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 2/10

There are some potions that can give you certain effects. In 1.7, poppies were added in the game, though you can only use them for decoration or make them into dye. There are still no drugs, really.

Some mods may include things like beer or wine etc

Frightening/Intense Scenes: 7/10

At night, monsters try to kill you.

The soundtracks can make the game feel very dramatic, desolate and sad. sometimes scary.

"Creepers" are the most well-known "mobs" in the game and are legendary for scaring players. In a nutshell, they are monsters that sneak up on you and after they are close enough, they will explode. You are given only 1-2 seconds to escape the blast!

If you go in a dark cave and find yourself surrounded by: Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders, you will definitely feel uncomfortable.

There is a mob called "Enderman", and it's probably one of the weirdest and creepiest mobs in the game. It has a black body, long limbs and purple eyes. If you stare at it's face and look away, it opens it's mouth and starts to chase you. It's very quick and sometimes even teleports. It will try to surprise you and then kill you.

Silverfish can be quite intense, especially if you are afraid of bugs. They spawn when you mine blocks in strongholds, so if you get yourself in trouble, you might not escape easily. When they are in packs, they are even more disturbing.

There is a dimension called "The End" with the final boss of Minecraft: The Ender Dragon. (It looks like a dragon version of endermen).

Players on multiplayer may try and succeed or unintentionally scare other players.

CONTENT OVERALL: 5/50. This game can be viewed or played by almost anyone, but do consider that the game is weird and dark, while beautiful at the same time.

In offline mode, this is suitable for anyone.

You may want to monitor kids playing online as there are mods which can change the game in almost anyway way, and so could potentially make it unsuitable for children.

5+ for mild violence and action

Ghasts are known to be scary, because of the sounds they make and they are like flying octopi. They make sounds like someone screaming.

Some resource packs can make the mobs looks more terrifying and realistic, but other make it look like a cartoon, or don't change them.

Some splash texts on the home screen make references to horror games or M rated games. You will only know that if you look it up, it doesn't tell you the reference n the game. Some make references to games like Limbo or Heavy Rain, which are suspenseful/horror ish type games

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