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Has the potential for being an intriguing series
Paularoc26 April 2013
Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have not read the Kerry Greenwood books so can only review this as a television show. It's the 1920s and the Honorable Phryne Fisher has just returned to Melbourne after a long period of traveling. Soon after her arrival, a relative is found murdered. The police determine that it was ingesting arsenic that killed him. The thoroughly modern and confident Phryne decides to investigate, much to the chagrin of police Detective Jack Robinson. Soon drug smuggling and an illegal abortion operation come to light. The penalty for procuring an abortion is 10 to 15 years in prison (yikes) and as Detective Robinson says "the ones who die can't talk and the ones who don't, won't." The supporting characters of Dot, Cec, Bert and Robinson add great value to the show but Phryne takes some getting use to although it is refreshing to see such an independent and self confident (but not arrogant) woman of the 1920s. The ending is a bit far fetched but that's okay. The production values are excellent and although the plot is a bit wobbly, the first episode is good enough to warrant watching succeeding episodes.
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"Considering your last employers were a drug baroness and a rapist, surely he'd find me a modest improvement."
bensonmum25 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After several years away from home, Miss Phryne Fisher returns home to Melbourne. Miss Fisher is invited to a luncheon at the home John and Lydia Andrews. She arrives only to discover that Mr Andrews died in his bathroom early that morning. The police (and Miss Fisher) suspect it was murder and discover a sugar bowl laced with arsenic. Miss Fisher begins her investigation, much to the consternation of the police, and discovers a cocaine ring, a pregnant servant with a botched abortion, a suspicious Turkish bathhouse, and a man named Butcher George.

I've never read any of the Kerry Greenwood books and maybe that's a good thing. Going in, I had no preconceived notions of what to expect and what I imagined the characters to be. With that being said, overall, I enjoyed Cocaine Blues. Most of my enjoyment came from the characters – particularly Miss Fisher. I found Miss Fisher a different sort of sleuth than I'm accustomed to (you won't mistake her for Miss Marple). She's smart, witty, and fashionable with sensibilities that are way ahead of her time. Essie Davis, the actress behind Miss Fisher, is truly entertaining to watch. She plays her part with such ease. I'm looking forward to seeing her in the rest of the series. Costuming, locations, and sets are exquisite. The dialogue is snappy and clever. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Miss Fisher and Detective Jack Robinson. As for the episode itself, Cocaine Blues, it's not as good as I had hoped. The plot lets it down – the mystery just isn't there. It was way too easy to spot the killer. Hopefully, things will get better moving forward.
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why did she?... wait, what?!
Charles McNulty12 January 2015
I tried to give this show a chance, but I just couldn't manage it. I could almost forgive her snooping around at the death of her dead relative, but then she (inexplicably) follows her roommate around as she does her work as a doctor, and then (inexplicably) starts snooping around the lives of the random people that are admitted to the hospital. Naturally, the random hospital patient whose private life she injected herself into is linked in some way to the death that she had previously nosed into. At that point, I basically checked out. It was just too sloppy and contrived. Apparently some people like it, or perhaps it improves a lot in subsequent episodes. I thought it was awful, and I generally like all of the genres that it falls into (woman-lead, period drama, mystery).
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cocaine blues v2
idnobaran24 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
if you are expecting the wit and charm of Kerry Greenwood's writing, then don't watch this. Ms Greenwood's Phryne Fisher is written in a style which endears these books to many readers. Her formula works. If these writers wanted to write a crime series, why pretend that they were writing a Phryne Fisher one - when they weren't? Why change a winning formula? For example, Dot's character is nothing like that in the books. And who is 'Aunt Prudence' (Miriam Margolyes would have made a much better Dr MacMillan). Then we have 'Janie', a sister who didn't die from an illness, as in the books, but we have instead a suspected paedophile. Bert, Cec, Alice and Jack Robinson are probably the only ones written to true. Overall, a great disappointment.
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