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Frindel can't rescue Kagel from marginalization as a New Agey preacher man, but he does portray this hippest of all Krishnas as someone who deeply believes in the self-sacrificing mantra he chants, even if the very act of starring in a film seems to threaten it.
If we don't have it all figured out, the story is charismatic enough. It is told in a level-headed way which avoids the emotional high highs and low lows - which is, as one of the film's gurus advises his followers, the way to do it.
Modest and affecting, it's a portrait of the possibility of finding peace, contentment and self through both music and spirituality.
It's easy to roll your eyes at what we see in “One Track Heart,” but harder to dismiss the happiness and peace on display here.
The New York Times
One Track Heart is too hagiographic to dive into messy spots, where truth tends to live.
Despite the performer's engaging charisma, One Track Heart ultimately lacks the contextual depth to make it more than mildly interesting.
The overall product doesn't reveal anything about its subject that a Wikipedia page couldn't do just as well.
Insights are few in this fan letter of a documentary.

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