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Bad dad, bad cop, bad day!
fluffset22 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A father will do anything for his daughter, even risking his life. If you ever watch 'Heartbeat' 2010 starred by Kim Yunjim which is better than this. You will found the same plot but with different gender and background's character. This movie should be more dramatic, its about love between father and child but unfortunately, they didn't well depicted. Its more like korean cliché gangster police story movie that we used to see. Maybe some character look awkward that make this movie's main genre, 'drama' fail. Men don't need to cry to make audiences cry. This movie have a good story and potential but did not well delivered so its just become an average korean movie which is everyone can watch and will forget after 1 hour done watching. Give it a try.
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