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Fortunately, first-time filmmaker Bess Kargman has selected a diverse array of competitors from different backgrounds who have significant talent in common.
The picture combines the built-in drama, tension and suspense of documentaries such as "Spellbound" with exciting, beautifully lensed variations performed by the virtuosos of the future.
First-time director Kargman triumphs by picking characters who largely defy expectations.
These performers are so young, so serious, so full of dreams and so hard on themselves that it is difficult not to be moved by their striving.
Slant Magazine
The documentary twists out its six narrative threads with measured compassion and even-handedness.
The movie still seems fresh in the way it respects both the art in ballet and the discipline it demands - even in childhood.
An appealing, largely upbeat documentary about young ballet dancers duking it out.
The documentary feels preprogrammed when it could have been a real-life Black Swan.
Their devotion to their art is admirable, and the film gets under the skin, if never really in our blood.
Village Voice
The result is a film that eschews in-depth insight in favor of easily digestible who's-going-to-win suspense, a tack that's aided by Kargman's rather poignant (and visually graceful) evocation of pre-performance anxiety but ultimately leaves the material feeling deflated once the winners emerge.

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