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  • As the Alpha team attempts to interrogate an alpha doctor, who wants to create more alphas, an invisible alpha attempts to abduct him. Dr. Rosen struggles to determine who is the more dangerous.


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  • We open with Rosen (David Strathairn) telling Bill (Malik Yoba) a Red Flag prisoner is being brought to their office. The Department of Defense has built a state-of-the art holding cell in the middle of the department, along with a new lock-down feature. Rosen is searching for a way to get Bill's ability back..

    Cameron (Warren Christie) and Nina (Laura Mennell) arrive with the prisoner, who has been sedated. When they leave the elevator it seems as if an unseen person was in there with them.

    Bill is sounding like he doesn't miss his power. They give the new patient an MRI.

    Nina told Rosen about what's been happening with Cameron. He told her that Cameron might be bad for her. She thinks he might have a point, since she's screwed-up every relationship she's ever had. Once the leave the room one of the computer springs to life.

    The MRI of their prisoner, obstetrician Dr. Kern (Brent Spiner), revealed he is blind (his optic nerve never developed). Rosen thinks this means he is an Alpha. Kern is there because DOD thinks he's been doing some research.They want to know why. They've seized a ton of information from Kern's office.

    We see Kern spring to life in a cell and look around. In another room, Rachel (Azita Ghanizada) senses something. She walks around, hears a fast heartbeat, but sees nobody.

    Kern tells Rosen and Bill he wants his lawyer. Rosen throws something at Kern's back. He ducks. Rosen says Kern must have sonar similar to a bat or a dolphin. Kern tells them: "this isn't going to end well."

    Cameron tells Rosen he'd like to have a little space with Nina. Rosen says he doesn't think he can "let it go,".They are interrupted by Rachel, who has news. She found active human DNA inside neonatal vitamins in Kern's office.

    Nina has a minor bloody nose.

    Kern tells Rosen the DNA he places in the vitamins is a counter-agent for pills designed to prevent birth defects -- like alpha abilities. They debate the dangers of the Red Flag organization. Kern said he sees a time when the "unenhanced" are able to join Red Flag. He thinks Rosen would fit right in. Kern seems disturbingly confident he isn't going to Binghamton.

    Rachel again senses someone bout doesn't see anybody. She follows the sense into the elevator where she is grabbed violently by an arm.

    Bill is having issues with the computer system. Nina tells them Rachel is missing. Gary (Ryan Cartwright) can't find anything. Using the security footage, they follow her to the elevator where she disappears. They find blood and drag marks near the elevator, along with a crack near the frame.

    Rosen asks Kern about Rachel's location. Kern said the number of heartbeats hasn't changed since he's arrived. When he says the number is eight, Rosen tells him it should only be seven. Kern asks if strange things have been happening around the office. Kern says they have an "unwelcome guest" and says if Rosen doesn't let him help them they are all going to die.

    With Kern yelling at a security camera to be let out in order to help them, the team discusses their options. Rosen talks to them about proprioception, the ability to sense things. He says there may be an alpha there whose ability to explore the blind spot of everybody's perception. Gary thinks the recent glitches in the cameras could also explain why they can't see this person. Gary turns on a different camera. They briefly spot a woman standing behind Cameron. Before they can react, she cuts him with a knife and activates the blast door. They are now locked in with this person.

    Nina patches Cameron up. Gary's phone is missing, as is Bill's gun. They hear shots and see bullets were fired at Kern's cell. He said the woman is named Griffin (Rebecca Mader). She doesn't work for Red Flag. Instead she's a mercenary who sells her abilities to the highest bidder. Kern thinks Griffin is after him and will kill of them to get to him.

    Rachel is bound and gagged in an air shaft.

    Rosen gives Bill a shot in order to kick-start his alpha ability in order for him to break through the blast door. It doesn't work. Rosen thinks they need to go on the offensive.

    They begin to randomly spray fire extinguishers and powder in order to flush Griffin out. She ends up locking everybody in a secure room beside Gary. We see her pull out a knife. At this moment, Rachel comes up from behind her and hits her over the head, knocking Griffin out.

    With Griffin in custody, Rosen asks some questions. She's been following Kern for two weeks. She tells them the cracks showing up in the beams and walks are the result of sonic vibrations sent out from Kern. She says she's working for someone interested in Kern's research.

    Cameron's knife wound has begun bleeding again. Rosen thinks the vibrations are to blame. More cracks begin to form. They start hearing rumbles. Kern tells them they have driven him to this point as the whole building begins to shake. Kern sets himself free as the team is knocked unconscious. He steps over them and leaves.

    Bill wakes up and helps lead everybody to safety. Cameron isn't doing very well. Kern interrogates Griffin, asking who hired her. The walls shake violently as Bill's powers return. He distracts Kern long enough for Griffin to stab him in the neck.

    As a payback for helping her, Griffin told Bill he better find out what "Stanton Parish" means. Bill mentions it to Rosen.

    Cameron kisses Nina.

    Rachel tells Rosen the in-house cell was a bad idea. Rosen tells her she saved all of them. Griffin is gone, along with the data on Kern's vitamins.

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