The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1
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Index 19 reviews in total 

23 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

The best character driven story I have ever played

Author: gunnerexmk2 from England
25 November 2012

First off i would like to put some context into what i'm about to say; that is that I very rarely get emotional at any kind of game or movie (only ones i will openly cry at are the first 20 mins of UP and the last 30 mins of Schindler's list), i don't say this to be macho, i don't care about that, I say it so that when I say the ending to this game made me bawl my eyes out you understand the severity of the situation.

Through the first four episodes I was drawn to Clementine, not because she was a child (a particular hate of mine is using a child as a plot device without adding any character; see the walking dead t.v series for how not to write a child) but because she was a brilliantly written character, i wanted to save her. The bond was even stronger because my character (Lee) was able to mimic rather accurately what i was feeling about the girl, making them and by proxy us feel even more connected.

Throughout the final episode the stakes are raised, and they are raised high; the writers have done a brilliant job of adding a sense of impending finality to the story, things move very neatly and rapidly forward and there isn't any of the standing around looking for really annoying little things that happened in the previous episodes episodes. (not that they were bad, just something i picked up on)

When i finally discovered who your ipso facto nemesis is i was rather shocked, I mean I had my suspicions but i didn't really think it could have been who it was. The "antagonist" fits in very well with the entire theme of the game, it actually made me regret a lot of the decisions i made, and not because of what was happening but because i felt genuinely guilty.

Now the finale, and what i am certain is the best ending to a game ever (and ending is something or an art-form in my opinion, something only a few writers can do convincingly) Hell even my favorite books and t.v series could learn a thing or two from this. The writers use a brilliant blend of tension and fore-site that created emotions i have never felt so strongly from any interactive medium (I'm fairly sure i was less effected by any funeral I've ever been to combined). I don't want to spoil the end but if it doesn't reduce you to tears you have a heart of stone.

All in all this game is the best character driven game I have played and I would trade every shooter, rts and whatever other game-play driven game to get one of it's calibre again.

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20 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

A brilliant and emotional journey

Author: Daniel Roberts from United States
26 November 2012

First of all, this isn't a video game in the traditional sense. More like an interactive movie. There are a few mild puzzle elements, but really it all boils down to you making choices and directing a story. And what a story! Many of us are familiar with the Walking Dead franchise in at least one of its mediums, so you are probably aware of its premise of the Zombie Apocalypse and the way it takes its tole on the various survivors. What's brilliant about this game, first and foremost, is how it takes almost all new characters not in the comic or t.v. show and weaves them into the overall universe. This game explores various themes, but it's heart and soul is about an imperfect man trying to take care of a little girl. Throughout the first 4 episodes, you've made numerous choices in order to survive. You've crossed paths with numerous characters, some who've lived, some who've died, and some who simply moved on, but all the while it's been you, playing as Lee, and young Clementine keeping each other safe and whole. This 5th and final episode of Season 1 is a such a beautifully told tale, such a perfect ending to this first season, that you will be mulling over its emotional impact for days after you've finished it. Fair warning, be prepared to shed some tears by the end. This is one of the greatest surprises of the year in video games, and one of the best games of the year, period.

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12 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Great game

Author: Warge
30 September 2012

The Walking Dead - The Game goes back to the zombie genre's roots, and turns the zombies into sources of horror instead of gun targets - that is what I think might be the most important aspect of this game, since there are no hordes a la Left 4 Dead to gun down.

And that is important I think to know. The story that plays out is very character driven, and it is more important to interact the right way with the right person than finding a Big F_cking Gun to mow down zombies with.

The protagonist: As in many other games, it is not possible to make your own character - you play as the former university teacher Lee Everett, starting out on his way to prison. This is in some ways a weak point - the game doesn't become so much of an RPG as an interactive film, but luckily, Lee is interesting enough so you don't loose interest in him.

Gameplay: Playing the game on a PC is a breeze - a lot of effort has gone into making sure you only need the movement keys and the mouse to play the game - the inventory is only accessed when needed and everything is lined up in a very straightforward way, from responses to actions.

Here I should also mention that people listens to what you say (or not say in some cases) and remembers it. This is a quite simple way of getting the player involved, especially when people starts referring to what you have said earlier.

Script: Since each episode provides about 2 hours of gameplay, here is the really great strength of the game: in a very short time, you get to know the people around you, and when something happens you CARE. Some very intelligent writing has gone into the game to make sure you will get a very real, and very genuine feeling out of it.

Rating: The game is rated M, and in such a game, it would be almost mandatory to include a couple of steaming sex scenes, but they are very absent. This is actually part of the game's appeal - there is no forced love scene with someone you don't really want to get involved in - but there IS blood. And a lot of it.

Graphics: Since the game is based on the comics, it has taken on graphics that resembles that. This is kind of cool, but sometimes, this is taken a little too far, when you see drawn lines as shadows where there shouldn't be any.

Sound and voice acting: Pretty standard. The voice acting could be a little better, but it works.

All in all, this is a great game and the big shame is that the first season is only five chapters long. But there is hope - apparently, there's already a season 2 in the making.

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9 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Amazing ending to any video game

Author: cottongin38 from United States
1 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The ending to this episode of The Walking Dead video game was quite possibly the most emotional and intense out of all of them. In my honest opinion, though, it was possibly the most emotional out of any video game I have ever played. The final episode of this season was full of many shocking events, such as Lee having the wrist of his left arm chopped off by Krista, and the emotional situation of Ben (and perhaps Kenny.) dying an over-whelming death. The final scenes of this episode is what hit me the hardest. It left me weeping for a long while, with the main character named Lee dying a slow and obviously painful death. Not only the death of this likable character provoked me to the verge of bawling, but the young character of Clementine was there to watch it all go down. The pain and sorrow in her voice, pleading for Lee to stay awake and alive was the part that killed me.

Overall, Telltale Games made yet another astonishing video game, following the story of the last episodes. I would gladly recommend this game to anyone with an eye for action and adventure. Although, to all humans reading this with a heart, I advise you to keep a napkin or handkerchief by your side while going through with this game. You'll need it.

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9 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

If you play a better game this year, you must be lying.

Author: Leland Workman from New Zealand
21 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

May, or may not contain spoilers, but I'll warn that it does, just in case... I'd like to first sum this up with a single word you'll probably hear a lot in reference to this! I could quite happily end my review right here by simply reiterating wow! Ever since I finished episode 4, I've hardly been able to contain myself in anticipation of the final chapter. Intense, emotional, and wholly disturbing, this is not a finale for the light-hearted. It's not a first-person shooter, it's not exactly a puzzle-solving mystery game, it's not really a taxing gaming experience, but the secret to its brilliance lies not in the skill of the gamer, nor indeed in the clarity or brilliance of the graphics, but in the presentation and depth of the story line. If you haven't played this game yet, then you're missing out on a great experience, so go get it now. Never before have I found myself so desperately caring about what happens to video game characters. You'll find paternal instincts towards Clementine that you may otherwise never have known existed. She is the only thing you'll find that really matters in the overall scheme of this game. Although many people are lost along the way, as long as you keep pulling Clementine through, you'll feel like you're achieving something. And when you have to put yourself on the line to save her, well, you won't think twice. Be honest with yourself, and do what first comes to mind in each scenario, and you'll find out what sort of person you are deep down. How many other games can do that? There's apparently going to be a second series, and whether it contains Clementine, or not, I can't help but hoping that she - this fictional computer image of a character - is going to be alright. That's how much it pulls you in, how much it strains the emotions. Trust me, you won't want to leave the poor girl, and you'll be urging Lee to fight to the very last of his strength to keep her alive. Throughout this entire series, you keep hoping things will turn out for the best, but how can that ever happen? The actual ending of this game must be one of the most powerful and believable, heart-rending and shattering conclusions of all time. I can only really bring a comparison with the shocking ending of the movie adaptation of The Mist. Not seen that? I can only recommend not watching that and playing The Walking Dead in the same evening, because when it comes time to turn the lights out, you'll probably cry yourself to sleep. You'll lose all hope and become morbidly depressed! This is a unique and brilliant gaming experience. I'd recommend this to anyone. I even purposefully registered with IMDb just to leave this review, that's how simply amazing this game is. 10/10! *****

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Brilliant! What a way to end!

Author: Adam Morgan from United Kingdom
21 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say, A TELLTALE GAME SERIES did it, They made a throat clenching ending which definitely tugged on my heart strings and closed the series off with a cry. Like many of the Walking Dead series (TV or Game) they always leave you wanting more and every single episode is filled with action packed events and dramatic decisions which make you think "how can they top this in their next episode" but magically they do, but if you think hard enough how will they ever make a climax to this series, an ending which will linger in our minds for time to come. Well "No Time Left" does this. It left me in tears nearing the end and that is exactly what you want. I applaud games that get me emotionally hooked with the protagonist and leave me an emotional wreck when something bad happens to them. For this whole episode I felt like a hero, making sacrifices and brave decisions which could put myself in danger, I aided my friends when they were in dire need and shouted with sadness as they made sacrifices, I was split up from the group and walked as a lone man to my objective. My wounds are getting worse and I become weaker but I strive on, until I uncover the mystery that has been rising it's ugly head for the past two episodes. I stand gob-smacked as it unfolds and the event ends, I'm in the clear, most of the danger is over and I am safe with but my wounds are becoming fatal and are only a reminder this can only end one way. I use tactics to get us from one place to the other but Lee is weak, he must rest, he awakes in a room with the person he has spent the entirety of the game with. He slumps, his words faded and his eyes withered. My throat beginning to swell. Lee uses his final words to instruct his sidekick to restrain him for her own safety and we get some heart wrenching dialogue to follow. The whole scenario leaves the player feeling like they have left a legacy behind that you know is the one you have moulded yourself from the beginning of the game and is sad when you have to let go. Bravo TELLTALE GAMES, this was a great final which I hope many other people can experience. There are bad things to say like all games but some are best left unsaid as they are only minor and didn't effect my gameplay at all. Sad to see the series end but wow what a way to end. Thank You.

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6 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Deserving Game of the Year

Author: EtherealElements from United Kingdom
13 May 2014

Anyone following the gaming world will probably know this game has received Game of the Year awards left right and center. It very much deserves these awards and should be regarded as an industry-changing game in storytelling.

Simply put it follows the story of Lee Everett - a convicted murderer - when the zombie apocalypse comes crashing down on the world. He finds an 8 year old girl called Clementine and the story follows their fight for survival while finding other survivors to go on with.

I have to give this game 9 stars overall as there are a few things that unfortunately make it a little less than perfect. These are mostly technical though.


- The story. The Walking Dead's story is one of the best in the gaming world by far in my opinion, and you'll hear a lot of people saying the same thing. A lot of people focus on the Lee/Clementine aspect of it, but I personally enjoy everyone's contribution to the story equally. It wouldn't be the same without them! As expected with a zombie game it's not going to be a happy story. It's very heavy at times and faces a lot of morally disturbing questions. At the same time it lets you question your own morality if you do play this as if it were real life (which I highly recommend you do). The ending is so beautifully done both visually and musically and it'll certainly leave an impact on you for a long time after.

- The characters. Some you'll love and some you'll hate - but only if you instinctively hate them or the game WANTS you to hate them. Never the kind of hate for badly constructed characters. The characters are believable and could be very relatable to some people. The voice actors did a wonderful job on this game.

- Music. What more can be said here. The game has a fantastic at at times very emotional score.

- It is a choice based game. Player based choices run through this game's entirety. I particularly like how it tells you what percentage of people did the same as you at the end of each episode.


- On my PS3 disc version of the game at least it can run a bit sticky sometimes, especially if it's been on for a while. What I mean by this is during cutscenes the screen will freeze up quite a bit and be very 'jagged' playing. This is a common complaint among disc players so it's not just a problem with me.

- Not-so-seamless loading screens. After key points where tensions are running high, the mood is somewhat broken by quite frequent and noticeable cuts to loading screens.

- Your choices don't really matter in the bigger picture. Now I wasn't expecting choices on the absolute massive scale of something like Mass Effect, but really... your choices don't matter in the long run. You don't even get one single alternate ending no matter how drastically you change your gameplay. Sure your choices will decide if someone likes you or hates you, and if one person does something instead of another. But it doesn't change the overall story at all.

These cons are not enough to detract from the sheer power of the story though, and although they may sound bad I really wouldn't worry about them ruining anything. You should definitely give this game a try, I'm sure you'll be hooked!

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Blew my expectations

Author: Benbuckley69 from Ireland
5 June 2014

When I first heard a game was being made with the title 'The Walking Dead' I jumped for joy. I love the show and was hyped as hell for the game. But when I learned that it wasn't based around the characters from the show, I started to lose interest. I mean, no characters from the show? This game is gonna fail badly. But around it was released, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and bought it. And let me just say, I was completely wrong to judge it before release. This game blew my expectations away. It's full of decisions and choices you struggle to pick and packed with so much emotion it toyed with my own. Anyone considering to buy this game; buy it. It is worth every single cent.

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Great game

Author: gendrosboyo
14 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Telltale games have hit the nail right on its head with this title.I was not going to bother with this and got the demo version to satisfy my curiosity.I did not expect it to be anywhere near this good. As someone who does not read comic books or graphic novels I came to the series via the amc show. The game comes with a different set of characters to the TV show and for me that was a bonus in itself as it takes away the preconceptions that would of been there if they had used those characters.The story moves along at an easy pace with just the right amount of action to cut scene ratio to keep it interesting.Another thing I really enjoyed about episode 2 is that its not just about getting past the walkers like the 1st episode was.this had a more emotional storyline compared to the first. I enjoyed every second of part 2 as much as part 1 and would of gone for a 10/10 but for my one small niggle with it. The reason I stated it as spoiler was not because it could spoil but rather to state the most noticeable thing I found with this episode. At the end of episode 1 we got the option of save Carley or save Doug.This I thought would really add to the second part because it opens it up to go down 2 routes and not one but I was wrong.It took me half hour or so to realize that the Doug/Carley story goes nowhere in this episode other than at the beginning and the end as neither play any part in the main story. I said it was a minor niggle with me as it didn't ruin or spoil the game for me but just it was very noticeable that it happened that way. I am ready for episode 3 to come along now so I can continue my journey with Lee and the gang.August seems a long way off to me now though.

Was the above review useful to you?

2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The definition of heart breaker

Author: christina-king5 from United Kingdom
18 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Telltale Games has tried in the past to make games based on popular franchises (like Jurassic Park & Back to the Future) but never really made a huge impact on the gaming world. But their time finally came when they created The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead you play Lee Everett, a man who is only focused on keeping a little girl called Clementine alive. Unlike previous incarnations, The Walking Dead offers choices that can heavily affect the game's narrative and your relationships with other people. This game is filled with heart break and real fear as you try and survive the world of The Walking Dead.

Overall this is one of the best games that has ever been released and makes us demand more from Telltale Games.

Was the above review useful to you?

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