The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1
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Infrequent mild references to male genitalia.

Episode 1

We find out that Carley likes Doug.

Irene says she has a boyfriend, to which Glenn says "You have a boyfriend?!"

We learn that Lee's wife slept with a politician from Atlanta, whom Lee then killed and this is why he is in a police car in the beginning.

Episode 2

Larry says "My girl's got more balls than anyone of you combined."

Jolene says that she'll shoot Lee and Danny's balls off and hang them on a tree, this depends on what you say to her.

Episode 3

Carley kisses Lee on the cheek, (that's if you chose to save her in episode 1.)

Episode 4

Discussion about a woman's pregnancy.

A video tape starts with a doctor zipping up his pants in front of the camera and walks over to Molly whose finishing putting on her jumper, this implies they just had sexual intercourse.

Episode 5


Strong gory violence, injury detail.

Note: Lee will influence the plot in particular ways (like, for example, at some point Lee will have to choose whom to save from the dead, and therefore by letting the other individual perish, some of the game plot will change, while other parts will remain unchanged.)

WARNING: If viewing on mobile devices such as iPads, beware of spoilers throughout this category!

Episode 1: A New Day

The police officer tells Lee about the time a man was caught cutting up his wife when the police rammed in.

Lee can use shotguns, rifles, axes, hammer, crossbows etc to kill waves of zombies that lung towards him.

While talking to Lee, a zombie walks in front of the road and the police officer crashes the police car off the highway.

Irene shoots herself with Carley's gun, however Lee influences the plot in particular ways so this scene has many others e.g. Glenn gets sick and we see the goo or the balcony breaks

Kenny punches Larry in the face, and then Larry punches Kenny in the mouth.

Lee sneaks up on a zombie and stabs it in the back of the head with a screwdriver.

A zombie police officer is shot in the head by Lee.

We see Shawn's leg under the tractor wheel, implying that Duck accidentally ran over it.

Lee starts up a car, it drives backwards and crushes a zombie and later Lee stabs it in the eye with a screwdriver.

Lee dismembers two zombie's heads with an axe.

Larry punches Lee in the face, making him fall to the ground.

Clementine gets attacked by a zombie coming from the washroom, Lee fights off the zombie and then Carley shoots the zombie in the head killing it.

Lee smothers (when you cover someone's face with a pillow and prevent them from breathing until they die) a zombie sitting against a car and then Carley shoots it.

Depending on the choices you make, either Carley or Doug will die. Shawn also dies, but this happens whether you choose to save him or not.

We see a female zombie with a screwdriver in her shoulder, implying that someone stabbed her with it.

Episode 2: Starved For Help

At the beginning of the game, Lee finds a man with his leg stuck in a bear trap that doesn't have a release latch. Lee has to chop his leg off with an axe to free him. He screams and cries in pain after each chop.

Lee smashes Larry's head with a salt licker, his head is completely crushed and blood is seen all over Lily.

Lee can choose whether to kill Jolene or not.

In a camping tent, we see a bloody stuffed bunny beside one of the sleeping bags.

You choose whether to kill Danny with a taser or a hay-hook, and later choose to kill him with a pitchfork or keep him alive.

Carley shoots Andrew in the ear, we see blood.

We see a bandit shooting another bandit in the woods.

Lee discovers a secret room in the barn and appears to be a human slaughterhouse, it's filled with blood and torture devices.

Lee goes upstairs of the St John's house and finds many unusual items, such as numerous amounts of morphine and blood.

Lee finds Mark with his legs cut off and blood on his entire body. Lee asks Mark what happened and Mark weakly replies that the brothers skinned his legs and that is what they are having for dinner. Lee rushes down into the dinner room, and sees everybody about to eat. Lee yells at Clementine to not take a single bite, much to the others confusion.

Danny hits Lee with the butt of his rifle, causing him to black out.

Lee finds a two students and a teacher, the teacher is caught in a bear trap and Lee could cut his leg off or leave him to be eaten.

Lee and Mark try to push a completely dead zombie of the St John's electric fence, but won't come off so you have to chop its hands off, the camera zooms in on the hands still holding on tight.

Lee kills a zombie with a axe in the head, and we see that it was eating a dead rabbit.

Mark is suddenly shot in the back with an arrow, him and Lee return back safe and sound.

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

A zombie walks up to a shooting bandit, attacks him and bites him and he tires to shoot it but misses a lot of shots.

The inn is attacked by a group of bandits, but the survivors manage to escape before getting killed.

The group realizes that the bandits attacked because one of the survivors was giving food to them as protection, similar to the St. John's. Lilly suspects Ben or Carley/Doug as the process; shooting the latter in the midst of a heated confrontation.

Kenny runs over a zombie on the road, and it's implied that the zombie died after Kenny pulls it out.

Lee kills three zombies in the train station, one of them is shot and then other two are hit rapidly.

While jumping off the bridge and onto the moving train, Omid hurts his leg and falls, Christa then jumps off to help and you'll have to choose who to help on the train first, the other will then get on themselves.

Lily pushes out of the RV (with no-one else in it) and drives off.

Lee teaches Clementine how to shoot a gun, we see her shooting three glass bottles.

Lee decides who executes Duck (who's bitten.)

Katjaa brings Duck (who's bitten) to the forest to shoot him, although she shoots herself instead when she doesn't to live with the fact her son will be killed.

Outside the RV, Carly/Doug is shot in the head by Lily after an argument.

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

This game features many very gory zombie killings. The zombies themselves often have gaping wounds and are sometimes missing limbs. There are more zombies in this episode than any of the previous ones.

Lee digs up a dog's body and gets its collar to unlock a door, the head comes off while he takes the collar.

Kenny finds a young child who died of starvation and became a zombie in the attic of the house they found, Lee can shoot the boy or ask Kenny to shoot him. Lee then buries the body alongside his dog in the garden.

Lee finds a giant wall made of dead zombie bodies, with some live zombies hanging on posts like scarecrows.

The aforementioned wall is the wall of Crawford, a community of survivors, the group discusses how Crawford would kill their elderly, young, and sick so they had less weak mouths to feed.

The group later finds that the citizens of Crawford have all died and become zombies.

Molly violently and repeatedly stabs a zombie, it appears that she has a personal vendetta against the man it used to be.

Lee finds a tape of a Crawford citizen being told by a doctor that she is pregnant, and to comply with Crawford rules, the doctor must abort the baby. In another tape, the woman stabs the doctor and runs away.

While the group is escaping zombies, Lee is holding Ben, who is about to fall off a ledge, you can choose to let him live, slowing the group down, or to let him die and letting go of his hand where he falls to his death.

Lee is bitten by a zombie at the end of the episode, some of his blood gets on Clementine's hat.

Episode 5: No Time Left

Lee looks for some tools and finds a rib spreader.

Lee has the option to cut off his arm or not, if he doe it's quite bloody.

If Ben was saved in Episode 4, Kenny will get frustrated with him once again. After angrily stating that he should've been left to die in Crawford, an enraged Ben fires back at Kenny.

Lee kills the zombified Brie with a butcher knife.

Lee hesitates to throw a stone bust head at Kenny.

The group break through a wall and end up in a sealed room where a couple committed a double-suicide, locking their room off from the walkers infesting the house.

Lee finds a balcony where it is possible to cross to the next roof, and the group follows. If you chose to save Ben in Episode 4 the balcony will collapse and fall as he begins to jump. Lee and Kenny run down to go and see if he's okay. after removing a bunch of bags off him, it is shown that Ben has been impaled on the railing. As Kenny begins to yank him off, Ben shouts in pain, attracting walkers into the alleyway. As the walkers close in, Kenny uses his last bullet to prevent Ben from re-animation. Kenny is able to escape as in Season 2 he explains to Clementine.

If Ben was killed in Episode 4, and Kenny came along with the group, the balcony will stay intact and they get onto the next building's roof. Following the accidental dropping of Lee's walkie-talkie inside the building through a hole in the roof, Christa jumps down and retrieves it. Kenny and Lee attempt helping her, by using a pole, but she slips and tumbles down again. Kenny jumps in, boosts her up, and is then surrounded by walkers. He fights through them with his last bullets, throwing them off of him, he manages to escape as he explains to Clementine how he done it.

As Lee, Christa, and Omid finally reach the waterfront just across from the Marsh House, they are forced to climb over a large Maccabe Imports sign to get to the next rooftop, as walkers crowd the street below. Whether Lee decides to either send himself or Christa and Omid first the sign will collapse, separating them.

Lee descends into the streets and fights his way through the massive horde of walkers armed with a butcher knife he found earlier, and a shard of glass (if his arm was not amputated). After killing several and being splattered in their blood, Lee's scent begins to match that of the walkers, and many ignore him because of this.

Lee arrives in the Marsh House and he walks in the room curiously, only to have The Stranger appear behind him with a pistol drawn. The Stranger sits down with Lee and reveals the station wagon from Episode 2 belonged to him and his family. Whether or not Lee and Clementine looted it, his reaction is the same. It is revealed his son (Adam) went missing on a hunting trip. When he returned to the station wagon where his family stated, he and his wife (Tess) went back out but failed to find his son still. They returned, and Lee's group had stolen his supplies, effectively ruining his life as some of Lee's group had stated. His wife took their daughter (Elizabeth) and left, although he found them again one day later dead. His words and the presence of her wife's severed, reanimated head in the Stranger's bag indicate he may have found her after she had reanimated.

Clementine uses one of several objects Lee placed on a table at the Stranger's order (if player ignores all items on table she attacks him with her hands), sneaks up and attacks him just as he says that Clementine "wouldn't hurt a fly."

Lee and The Stranger begin a fierce brawl, both trying to get the Stranger's gun which is knocked around the room. In the ensuing fight, either Clementine will shoot the Stranger, or Lee can choke him and if he kills him, has a choice of shooting him to prevent reanimation or not.

Clementine shoots Lee to stop him turning, however the other choice is to leave Lee and let him turn.

Frequent strong language.

Episodes 1-5

About 78 F-Words, about 28 uses of Shit, 13 uses of Goddamn, 10 uses of Goddammit, 9 uses of Jesus and 4 use of Hell and 2 uses of Crap and 1 use of Ass.

Name calling (Fucker, Bitch, Asshole, Dumb-ass, Shitheads, Son of a bitch and Insane, Asshole, Bastard, Sick, Sons of Bitches, Motherfucker, Racist Asshole, Son of a bitch, Walking Pile-driver, Princess, Crazy Bitch and Dick.)

In the first episode, Lee is given the option to say "shit" to Clementine (an 8 year old) when they're sleeping in the barn when she says "it smells like...." After she says that your given four options such as manure, in episode 2 if you said 'shit' to Clementine she will say it when Duck says it smells funny in the St John's Barn.

One moderate drug reference.

Episode 1

Larry has a heart attack, and you have to get nitroglycerin pills which are in the pharmacy part of the drug store.

Episode 2

Larry has another heart attack, but this is time you don't find pills.

Ben says "A girl, Jenny Pitcher I think, couldn't take it and took some pills, a lot of them."

Episode 3

2 drug references, e.g. "Want a nip?"

Carley says "My family's not a bunch of meth-riddled forest people."

In the train (later on), Lee finds a bottle of whiskey.

Episode 4


Episode 5

Kenny drinks a bottle of wine he finds in the attic, he then asks Christa if she wants some, she then grabs it and drinks a lot of it.

Moderate horror, scenes of emotional intensity.

WARNING: If viewing on mobile devices such as iPads, beware of spoilers throughout this category!

The zombies may frighten some young players.

Some deaths may be intense or emotional to some.

You'll sometimes have to choose who to save and who to die, these scenes are very intense.

Episode 1: A New Day

When Lee goes to see if a police officer is alright, he suddenly lunges at the screen.

Lee and the other survivors hide in a drug store, and we later find out that Lee parents worked and lived there and his brother also worked there and they were attacked by zombies.

Lee kills his infected brother with an axe several times, this could upset some.

Episode 2: Starved For Help

This episode is shocking, intense and frightening.

Lee is given four pieces of food to distribute out to nine or ten people, and you have to choose who to feed.

The scene when Lee cuts of a man's leg with an axe after his leg gets caught in a bear trap is extremely graphic and intense, as zombies are swarming the area while Lee decides what to do, cut it or leave him.

Mark's leg gets cut off by the brothers and skinned and feed to everyone you find mark in the toilet may disturb some players.

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

This episode is very emotionally intense, and may affect some players.

Lily shoots Carley or Doug (depending on who you saved in Episode 1) when she suspects they were the ones giving food to the bandits

Katjaa shoots herself when she comes to terms that her son Duck must be killed when it's revealed that he was bit when the bandits and zombies attacked the inn, Lee or Kenny (his dad) shoot Duck (depending on what you choose.)

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

Choosing if Ben lives or not maybe intense as you have to think fast as zombies are closing in on them.

Lee finds out that Clementine is missing, he searches for her and when he finds her hat, a zombie (hiding in a pile of boxes near her hat) grabs Lee's arm, he manages to kill it but then realizes he was bit.

Episode 5

The group find a dead couple holding hands in their bed, they both committed suicide and this could be quite upsetting.

Clementine sees her dead parents wandering the streets.

The ending to this season can be extremely emotional to some viewers.

18: strong language, gory violence, injury detail.

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