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The Four Year Plan: How Qpr turned football into moneyball

The Four Year Plan's insight into the dirty business behind the beautiful game gives us an insight on club politics that is candid and astonishing, regardless of your interest in football, says Michael Hann

When I first saw The Four Year Plan at the beginning of this year, I described it as "possibly the most vivid insight into the running of a football club yet committed to film". The best part of a year on, after seeing it again, there's only one thing I would change about those words: I'd delete "possibly".

I won't pretend to you that The Four Year Plan isn't really about football, in order to lure in those with no interest in the sport. It is. Of course it is. But it's about more than that. It's about what happens when you combine iron will, massive ego and complete ignorance in one person – that person
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Football focus: Queens Park Rangers' Four Year Plan on film

Mat Hodgson's new film about the takeover of Qpr is dynamite – a rare chance to witness the sparks that fly when business, football and machismo meet

It feels wholly appropriate to be talking to Mat Hodgson the day after Queens Park Rangers sacked their manager, Neil Warnock. For his new fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Four Year Plan, features more sackings of Queens Park Rangers managers than any film ever made.

The Four Year Plan was born when Hodgson approached the new owners of Qpr, F1 magnates Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone, after they took over the west London club in November 2007. He pitched a film about their attempts to turn around the struggling, debt-ridden club. "They must have believed in themselves," Hodgson says, "to be up for the notion of documenting this journey."

The original intention was to film for just one year, but the owners' statement of a "four-year
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