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Season 1

30 Jul. 2011
Pilot: Bank Robbery, Flood & Fire
A grandmother bests a serial bank robber; strangers rescue a commuter from a flood; a 3-year-old is rescued from a burning SUV.
3 Sep. 2011
Gang, Air Collision, Snake Bite
A high school football star protects his family and friends from a group of violent gang members, a glider pilot makes a quick decision that saves his passengers from a mid-air collision and a boy scout saves his neighbor from a deadly snake bite.
5 Aug. 2011
Avalanche, Racing, Car Rescue
Two adventure-seekers' lives are on the line after they are caught in an avalanche in the Colorado back country, a young race car driver's first race almost becomes her last when she gets in a fiery crash and a young hero rescues a woman from her burning car with a piece of firewood after she is run off the freeway by a semi truck.
5 Aug. 2011
When the Los Angeles Metrolink train collides head-on with a second train, one passenger risks his life to rescue any survivors, and when a bridge suddenly collapses in Minneapolis, two men work quickly to save a bus full of children.
13 Aug. 2011
Four-wheeling Grandma, Unlikely Reunion, Football Star Saves the Day
A young man saves his grandma from drowning when four-wheeling goes terribly wrong, a survivor of a deadly fire over thirty years ago is reunited with her rescuer and an Atlanta Falcons fan is saved by one of his idols at a Huntington Beach restaurant.
3 Sep. 2011
Runaway Truck, Armed Teen on School Bus, Strangled by Carwash
A boy climbs behind the wheel of a runaway logging truck after his father loses consciousness, a young woman is strangled when her scarf gets tangled in a car wash, and a young football star protects a bus full of children from an armed classmate.
3 Sep. 2011
Sister Savior, Subway Rescue, Runaway Bus
A little girl's life is spared when her older sister shields her from an oncoming truck, two men work quickly to save a man who has fallen onto the subway tracks, and a mother reacts quickly when an unattended school bus starts rolling down a hill.
3 Sep. 2011
True Patriot, Animal Attack
A US Army Sergeant risks his life to protect his sons when an armed and dangerous robber interrupts their trip to the bank. An afternoon ride turns into a deadly game of tug-of-war when two biking enthusiasts are ambushed by a deadly mountain lion.

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