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  • Restlessly jogging at night, haunted by their conscience over Gaby's stepfather's murder, Carlos and Susan start really talking, which they never did before. When Mike finds out and fears for an affair, Susan ends up confiding in him. Bree's secrecy with detective Chuck Vance not only costs her a fine boyfriend, but makes him into a dangerous adversary, out for revenge. Lee has no choice but turn to Renée as unlikely mother figure for his adoptive daughter and fears he's losing her to basically the first female, but is reassured girls are fickle, the gay couple's parenting is exemplary. Lynette can't believe her immature, eternal screw-up sister Lydia Lindquist finally found the right man, and her impertinent praying ends up scaring off yoga guru Herbert 'Rashi' Brickmeyer for real.

  • As Susan and Carlos bond over their feelings of guilt at the murder of Gaby's stepfather, Mike begins to think that the two are having an affair; Bree suspects that her detective boyfriend, Chuck, may secretly be investigating her; as her marriage continues to crumble, the tables are turned on Lynette when her usually relationship-challenged sister, Lydia, comes to town and announces that she's engaged; and after asking Renee to help his daughter, Jenny, go shopping for her first bra, Lee fears that Jenny is starting to bond more with Renee and becoming more distant from him.

  • Carlos and Susan start talking, which they never did before, making Mike think they're having an affair; Lee turns Renée into an unlikely mother figure for Jenny; Lynette grows suspicious of Lydia and her fiancée.


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  • "Desperate Housewives" - "Watch While I Revise the World"-Oct. 9, 2011

    Susan and Carlos are growing closer as they bond over their guilt, late at night on a park bench. He's seeing visions of Alejandro, Gaby's stepdad. Susan feels like everyone can see their guilt. They both feel like they're losing it. They agree that being able to talk to each other is nice. They find that they also have other things to talk about, like "To Kill a Mockingbird." Mike notices Carlos dropping Susan off at the door.

    Gaby brings Bree a berry milkshake thinking she'd need a pick-me-up after dumping Chuck. Except of course she didn't as Gaby learns when he comes downstairs. Bree explains that she thinks Chuck wrote the letter. Gaby wonders why Chuck would blackmail her. She's not sure: control? money? Gaby says she needs to start spying on Chuck to learn what he knows. Bree is not excited by this prospect.

    Renee is getting a massage when Lee arrives "in crisis." He needs her to give his daughter the "time of the month" talk since his daughter Jenny has been visited by the "booby fairy." He wants Renee to take her bra shopping. She agrees. Renee tries to convince Lynette to come with. Lynette says she has plans to hang with her sister Lydia, whose always been a wreck with men.

    Lydia arrives and she is not a blubbering mess. Instead she's engaged to a hippie-type dude named Rashi.

    Susan arrives from the grocery store and Mike confronts Susan about her community service for assaulting the cop, which she'd been keeping from him. The man from county who called, called Mike Mr. Solis. She says Carlos picked her up at the police station. She says she was so embarrassed she didn't want to tell him. He asks if he should be worried about her and Carlos and her moonlight strolls. She reassures him that he shouldn't be. She says Carlos is going through something and she's helping. She says it's personal. Mike walks away. He says he doesn't mind her being friends with a guy he just doesn't like the sneaking around and lying.

    Lydia and yoga teacher Rashi tell Lynette their cute meeting story and explain that they're engaged... after three weeks. He gave her a literal rock as an engagement ring. He also got her to give up wine and drives a VW van. Lynette lays into her and says she can't marry that "sunflower seed." Lydia invites her to Rashi's meditation seminar in the park. Six hours of silence in a yert.

    Susan does her community service, painting graffitti. Carlos comes by with a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird." He wants to talk to her about it at lunch. She explains that Mike is weird about their relationship. Carlos is bummed. So bummed, he throws on a vest to help her paint. The foreman won't let him help though since he hasn't comitted a crime. He litters and the guy lets him paint.

    Renee and Jenny return from bra-shopping. Lee is excited and tries to chat with her and pulls an OMG. Jenny says he's too old for that phrase and she and Renee are now besties and have talked about her potential boyfriend Jackson. Lee is nervous since she's only 11 and doesn't like getting shut out. Renee says sometimes girls want to talk to other girls.

    Bree is making a fancy dinner and Chuck offers to help. She tells him to whisk for ten minutes straight so she can go snoop in his stuff. She looks in his briefcase and finds a picture her hand. And an envelopewith her name on it. He comes into the bedroom and she gets the briefcase away in time. He says he has a hand cramp and she massages it for him.

    The next day she reports her findings to Gaby. They say they have to get the envelope. Gaby tells him to take him for a walk when he gets home and Gaby will get the envelope.

    Jenny complains to Renee about math/fractions. Renee points out it will be helpful with her pre-nup. Jenny says she'd be a cool mom. Renee pshaws that. Lee comes over angry that Jenny is late for home. He grounds her. She gets mad. Renee wonders if she's being hard. He tells her to back off since she isn't his mom.

    Lydia makes a hemp curd dinner that Rashi loves. Lynette was not impressed. Rashi goes for a walk and Lydia tells Lynette she wants to help her change: to meditate, work on herself, keep her from eating "poisonous" ice cream. Lynette counters Lydia is there to rub her face in her happy relationship. She tries to draw her into a fight saying that she'll be a big mess soon enough when Rashi dumps her. Lydia admits that it's true, she was jealous: Lynette always had to be the smart, happy, married one and now she's alone and miserable and a bitch and Lydia loves it. Rashi overhears this and is astonished that his centered hippie chick is saying these things.

    He dumps her and she does become the ice-cream-eating, wine swilling, tissue using loser that Lynette always pictured her as. Lynette says maybe if he was that quick to run off that he's not the guy. Lydia says nope, she's not the girl. She was hoping to put loser Lydia behind her. Lynette says to go talk to him. Lydia says that's no longer an option. Lynette is sad.

    Lee comes to Renee looking for Jenny, who, although grounded, has run off. Renee says she's been out all day and isn't here. Lee yells at her for glomming on to Jenny. Jenny is in fact there, she snuck in a window and admits that sometimes she wishes she had a mom. He says he can do mom stuff: mani-pedis, high heels. She points out he can't go in the ladies room. Renee pulls him aside and he says it's his worst nightmare. Renee says that's crazy and that he and Bob are doing an amazing job. Lee apologizes.

    Lynette goes to the meditation in the yert. Rashi is, trying, to lead the group in "gaining the universe." He is not pleased to see her. She pulls him outside and tells him he can't leave Lydia. Lynette says it's not Lydia's fault, Lynette turns her into that when she visits. Rashi says he can't do it, he can't be around that energy and it's just like his family growing up. She tells him to give Lydia a chance. He says he'll think about it. (His real name is Herb.)

    Lynette gets home and Lydia tells her that Rashi called to say he's willing to be patient. Lynette is sweet to her and says she believes she really is changing and Lynete is jealous and that's why she's been so rotten to her. Lynette admits that she is a control freak in relationships. Lydia says she can change too. Lynette is tearfully unconvinced. Lydia says now that Lynette knows her problem she can start working on it.

    Susan and Carlos have continued their work painting. Carlos admits he didn't finish the book and watched the movie. Mike drives by and sees them working together and they run to a van. They slam the door and are in close quarters. A weird energy passes between them. She wonders what's going on. He says nothing, just two friends trying to help each other through a tough time. She wonders why they're hding in the back of a van from her husband then. He says they shouldn't do this anymore. Carlos steps out of the van and Mike punches him. He says when she's done with her boyfriend they need to talk.

    Chuck comes home and says he has a place he wants to take Bree and it's a surprise. He pulls out the envelope and puts it in his pocket. She calls Gaby:new plan Gaby will follow them.

    They go to a restaurant. Chuck wants a table with privacy. Bree picks a table in the middle of the room. She has him take off his jacket, which he puts on the back of his chair. There's some silly shticky business with Gaby going through his coat pockets while Bree distracts him. Bree and Gaby go into the bathroom. It's an engagement ring in the envelope. They realize he's probably not blackmailing her. But she doesn't want to marry him either.

    Susan comes home. Mike says if she's going to say it, say it fast. Carlos says there is no fast way to say it. Carlos and Susan explain the truth about Alejandro: Carlos killed him and the girls helped him cover it up.

    Bree returns to the table. Chuck says he's had a few drinks and calmed his nerves. She says she wishes she could have a drink and then breaks up with him. He admits he was about to propose and is really mad. He says she's like two people. The woman he had fun with and loved and then this other mysterious, secretive woman. He thinks there's another guy. She says there isn't. He pounds the table and says not to lie to him. He wonders if the other man is the one who sent the letter. She says there is no one else. He gets very mad and says he takes care of the people he cares about and he no longer cares about her so, should she get in some trouble in the future, and he thinks she will, she should not come running to him. She has made a very big mistake he says.

    Susan tearfully finishes the explanation to Mike and he walks away.

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