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Not only is it uproariously funny and almost breathtakingly dirty, it is better written than it needs to be on a character level, delivering completely on its premise.
Neighbors is one of the funniest, most visually inventive studio comedies in recent memory.
The Guardian
In its current state, Neighbors is filthy, nasty and a bit too sloppy. But it’ll scrub up lovely.
Very funny at the outset and escalating steadily for most of its brisk running time, the film represents a big win for neophyte screenwriters Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien.
Time Out London
After a shaky start, Bad Neighbours blossoms, with inspired visual gags in excellent poor taste.
A heated, hysterical battle between Apatow smarts and Animal House smirks. Subtlety takes a hazing, but humour emerges with honours.
Lewder, weirder, louder, leaner, meaner and more winningly stupid than anything its director Nicholas Stoller and star Seth Rogen have ever been involved with before, frat comedy Neighbors boasts an almost oppressive volume of outrageous gags.
The Dissolve
While it’s occasionally distasteful, it’s an engaging hangout film from beginning to end, thanks to its game performances and smart direction.
Genres don’t come much more formulaic than frat-house comedy, and nobody, in this fair-to-fine example, feels like rocking the boat.
A few big laughs but weakly drawn characters mean a film that is enjoyable enough in the moment but then quickly forgotten.

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