Daddy Gets Cross in Retro British Exploitation Shorts

Last year, the folks behind the cult Canadian horror hit Hobo with a Shotgun held a contest for the best fake trailers, the winner of which would be included on the film's DVD. While not all could win, it certainly spawned a huge number of amazing shorts. One of them was the winner of the UK Hwas competition, Daddy Cross, created by Evrim Ersoy, James Pearcey and Russell Would (the latter two being the minds behind the disturbing short To My Mother & Father,) who are now expanding the trailer into a series of shorts.The Brits are often forgotten in the history of exploitation cinema (which focuses on American and mainland European work, such as Roger Corman and Jess Franco,) but directors such as Stanley...
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Daddy Cross Leaps from Faux Trailer to Web Series

  • shocktillyoudrop
Ne'er Do Well Films let us know that they've got big plans for Daddy Cross this year.  The title originated as one of those faux grindhouse trailers that are all the rage with kids these days (thank you, Tarantino and Rodriguez).  It featured narration by director Norman J. Warren (Inseminoid) and featured a man of the cloth doing all sorts of wrong things.

"Recently we realised that Daddy Cross was a character who simply would not go away and one late evening came up with what we think is a great and fun idea to continue and build his myth," says Ne'er Do Well Films' Evrim Ersoy.  "Over the next 10 months we intend to release a series of webisodes which will chart the rise and fall of this fantasy British horror character. Our aim is to keep the whole process as it would've been for low-budget filmmakers at the time
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