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Street Magic at it's best.
Minhaj Malik18 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The show has mainly been shot in UK and some other European countries.Dynamo is awesome and he it very good at captivating the audience both on the street as well as people watching the show on their T.V. some of the tricks are shown more often on the show like the ring and glass trick, the phone trick and the trick in which Dynamo disappears right before the eyes of the spectators although there are many variations to these tricks.The reaction of the people on the street is sometimes very comical and makes you laugh.Also many celebs make an appearance on the show.I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see some of best tricks in street magic.
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Dynamo--It's Neat, Yeah?
Christian Ryan McLean21 August 2013
Dynamo is a professional street magician going from place to place in America or UK performing slight of hand, card tricks and an occasional stunt or two with a bunch of monologue in between.

The tricks that he does are very fast, clever and well performed.And you can tell that almost all the tricks that are done are as authentic as possible(without cameras and inside actors)just by the audiences gradual reaction and left in stairway thought. This is a factor that gives Dynamo a major advantage over other magicians*cough* Cris*cough. And I find Dynamo himself comes off as a very relate able and likable guy.

With that being said, Here comes the big question: Is he the next Cris Angel? Um No. I can't help but feel that there's still a long way for him to go to get that level of recognition. Many reasons for why he's not yet.

I don't want to sound mean but Dynamo sounds like a name too big for this guy, his tricks are good there nothing crowds have seen before. And I don't really sweat about the whole "this has never been done before factor," but what really holds Dynamo back is not his repertoire but his showmanship.

Dynamo comes off as awkward and uncharismatic, with ending all his sentences with a question(yeah?) and just bad set ups to his audiences. I think the show's production also hold's him back as well: instead of expecting music and camera work that comes off as thrilling/climatic It comes off as if I'm watching a Youtube commercial.

However all nitpicking aside, I find Dynamo a very skilled and watchable magician. If magic is an interest of yours than you definitely might want to take a look. Personally, I'd give it a 5/10.
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Gavin Patterson10 June 2013
Dynamo is a shy magician. The tricks are excellent but the delivery and social dynamics between him and his audience just scream awkward. After his tricks, people seemed to fake enthusiasm, 'Oh.. wow." He seemed to hurry through the tricks with no showmanship.

Being shy, it was hard for him to keep his audiences' attention. He can do decent tricks, now he needs to develop the flair, timing and style.

The movie had too much filler, jumping around like an action movie. Dynamo usually only completed one trick at a time, which created a lack of flow in watching.

Hopefully with more time in front of a crowd he can develop, but this movie was a flop.
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