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  • Allison's also brilliant brother visits the newlyweds to give Jack a hard time but Jack's intellect rises to the occasion. Henry and Zane work on freeing Holly from her virtual reality cage while struggling just to keep her alive.


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  • Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) bask in post-nuptial glow. Just a few DOD forms and it's legit. Ally's brother Marcus (Dondre Whitfield) is coming to town, but Kevin (Trevor Jackson) warns Carter he's prejudiced. "Against white people?" "No, against dumb people."

    In the GD lab, Zane (Niall Matter) tries out his computer patch to stabilize Holly (Felicia Day). It works, but Holly can't leave the house yet.

    Holly pops up on Zane in the bathroom, pleading with him to get her out of there.

    Kevin drops by the station to rehearse a project for Carter, bearing maple bars and coffee.

    Zane and Henry (Joe Morton) craft a mad scientist plan to get Holly out of the house. They enlist Jo (Erica Cerra) to keep it from Fargo (Neil Grayston) for now because he's being overly cautious.

    After the fourth time through his presentation, Carter assures Kevin he's got it down. They hear a noise and crash outside.

    Carter runs out and finds a pair of robot legs running around. He prepares to tackle them like Brian Urlacher. The legs jump in a tree and get Carter in a choke hold around the neck. And that's when Marcus shows up.

    With the legs in jail, Carter announces they take "restless leg syndrome to a whole new level." "But they could not outrun the long arm of the brother-in-law," Marcus says.

    They bond over puns. But quickly Marcus is citing the number of PhDs in their family.

    Ally takes Marcus for a GD tour.

    In Henry's garage lab, Zane powers up Holly. Jo brings in the robot legs, but Zane's moved past them to biological fabrication.

    Jo gets a message about the missing equipment Zane is requisitioning.

    At GD, Marcus is surprised because they didn't even know Allison was dating. He worries Ally has nothing in common with Jack.

    Jo checks with Dr. Parrish (Wil Wheaton) about the conference he's coming from. "If I see another diversionary devices demonstration, I'm going to flash bang myself." (Get it?) Parrish is keeping a running tab of Zane's infractions and wants to take them to Fargo. Jo intercepts.

    At dinner, Kevin tries to build up Carter but Marcus makes small digs at him. Then Carter quotes some of Marcus' article back at him, using big words. Carter pulls Jack into the kitchen, busting him for prepping him with the guise of a presentation.

    Ally finds Carter up in the morning, drinking coffee, having not slept. He's reading Marcus' book and Ally's. Ally heads to work and Carter checks his experiment in the oven.

    In the station, Andy (Kavan Smith) comes in to see Carter finishing memorizing the penal codes, still guzzing coffee. He lets Andy know he can be reassigned, he's got it covered.

    At GD, Parrish tells Jo she can't be impartial because she's back with Zane. Jo confides Zane's promotion is making her life harder. If they work together, maybe they can get Fargo to take it away.

    In Henry's lab, they have an organic dummy ready to impart a consciousness to. They only get one shot with Holly so they test first. The test consciousness fries the body, melting the face.

    At GD, Jo tries to come up with another way to stall, flirting with Parrish and saying his magnetism was distracting her during their interviews, so they have to do them again.

    Marcus does his book signing at Carpe Diem. Carter interrupts with a few questions, dissecting Marcus's theories and saying he's found a glaring error.

    Marcus tries to stare him down, but Carter says he can prove it. Carter takes him outside and shows him a processor he built in Marcus' car based on his design. Marcus thinks his design is sound. He fires up his car. It makes a bad noise.

    They run for cover as the car overheats and the hood blows off. "Tough break, Collins! Science is fun!" Carter crows.

    Carter cites the theory Marcus should have followed and suggests some solutions. Ally is concerned, but Marcus just wants to hear Carter's ideas.

    Ally finds Carter in the station, where he's manic and in need of a super computer. Ally wants to run tests, but Carter wants a super computer to run his tests. Andy volunteers himself.

    Ally is concerned Carter is willing to risk his friend.

    At GD, Kevin tells his mom there's something wrong with Jack. She knows. There's something weird about the coffee he's been drinking. Kevin confesses he gave him a cognitive enhancement drug, but the effects weren't supposed to last this long. Something in the coffee is enhancing it.

    In the lab, Carter works on Andy's circuits, condescending to Marcus at every opportunity. Marcus thinks it's 15 years ahead of his research. Andy's excited to try out his new brain, which uses a lot of power.

    Ally calls Carter to tell him he's been dosed. He isn't paying attention. Andy slips away.

    The power goes out in GD.

    In Henry's lab, they can't figure out how to get Holly into the dummy without frying it. Parrish busts in.

    Jo finds Andy at the power grid pulling power lines and wanting to recharge himself. Jo says his heat signature is through the roof. He's putting the town at risk. He sucks electricity from Jo's car, electrocuting her, and drives off.

    At GD, Marcus marvels at Carter's computations. Ally wants to reverse the effects, but Carter thinks they're awesome. He's enjoying fitting in and not being the "dumb old sheriff."

    In the garage, Fargo busts in, having been tipped off by Parrish.

    Ally reports Andy is run amuck, but Carter doesn't see the "human" side. He's only concerned with the processor.

    Fargo puts a halt to Zane and Henry's research, but Holly tells Fargo living in the house isn't a life she wants.

    At GD, they try to get Carter to focus on the blackouts. Carter calculates Andy has 21 minutes left before he fries.

    Jo and Zane respond to Vincent's 911 call at Carpe Diem, but nearly get run over by Andy speeding off. He took the freezer cell.

    They try to figure out where power hungry Andy would go next.

    Cut to Andy unhooking his girlfriend Sara the smart house to drain her power. Allison interrupts, trying to reason with him. Jo joins them with a gun, but neither has any effect. Sara zaps him. Jo pins him down. He listens to Ally and asks for help.

    In the lab, Carter works on removing Andy's processor. He's back to normal and leaves to apologize to Sara. Marcus is bummed at the chance to not study him more.

    Carter insists to Ally he's better than he was. She thinks he's missing his best part: his heart.

    Fargo goes looking for Holly in Henry's lab. He apologizes for losing sight of what she wanted. He's on board trying to make Zane and Henry's plan work.

    In the lab, Marcus, Ally and Carter work to zap away his smarts. Carter's sure it'll work, he's a genius. Ally zaps him. Carter wakes up feeling like his old self.

    Back at the house, Carter apologizes to Andy.

    With Marcus, Kevin and Andy looking on, Ally and Carter sign their official marriage documents. Marcus also signs as a witness. Andy, (with SARAH's help), says Carter can now "kiss the bride".

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