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A great end to, lets face it, a really good series.
cdjole18 November 2011
This might be one of the best episodes of the series. Probably is second only to "Chill of the Night". Breaking the forth wall is what Batmite does, and the episode really goes well with the overall Silver Age campiness that the series was all about. Adding of such obscure characters like Ambush Bug was a real surprise and it was just a delight to see how he interacted with the characters from the show. In reality Batmite represent the part of the watcher that wants a new, grim Batman, while Ambush Bug represents the part that likes the show, its freshness, and wouldn't mind if it went on for a few more seasons. The episode gives a great insight on how a good show gets canceled. The ending of the season, and series, was in a way touching, seeing how Silver Age Batman doesn't yield even to the erasing of his own reality saying that he'll always be there for us, the fans. It retained the Silver Age style and told a serious story that culminated in the last two minutes of the episode. I enjoyed the series, but as it turns out there can't be two Batman shows on at the same time. So, we can just wait for "Beware the Batman" in 2013, which promises a grimmer story but also has what seems to be terrible CGI. Until then we are left with what The Brave and the Bold left behind, and can just ask ourselves if canceling it at the time where we have such CGI shows as "Green Lantern" was a good choice for Cartoon Network and in the end, for the fans ... You had a good run "Brave and the Bold". You shall not be forgotten.
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An excellent episode
BladeFreak19 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was surprised and saddened when I heard that this was the last episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Then I watched the episode.

This was an excellent end for this series. While I didn't get the chance to watch Chill of the night!, I know the gist of the episode. It was just sooo fitting that Henry Winkler was the voice of Ambush Bug, the hero who tried to save the Brave and the Bold reality. And Ted McGinley? I love how he got him to break character and reference 'Married with Children'. I didn't get the reference until I looked it up. Hard to believe they were the same person.

I was a little disappointed that it was Batmite, of all people, trying to be rid of the Brave and the Bold, I mean, really? Batmite? Couldn't they have gotten a better villain to do it with? But the send off at the end was spectacular. I teared up a little when Batman was giving his farewell speech, about how wherever evil lurks, he will always be there with the hammers of justice and I think he's right. I think we're all a little bit Batman in our own way. I'm going to miss this series like crazy.

I loved the ensemble cast standing together in a group while Batman said 'Good night'. Even B'wanna Beast!!! So ends "Aquaman and the tale of the Brave and the Bold!"

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Creative writing and stereotype breaking format once again fails
SugarDougy19 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is ridiculous. A show actually showing us, the audience, what is happening to it's existence almost in real time because apparently we DO need it spoon-fed to us. When will we ever learn that DIFFERENT is NOT BAD!!!. A show can be campy, self-effacing and EXTREMELY well written and intelligent. This paradox is made apparent from the opening scene, where Batman stops John Wilkes Booth in a parallel earth which sends the underlying message of "shows with different goals and audiences can be represented together with little or no lose of integrity or quality. I was (and have been) immensely entertained by the unending wealth of creativity that gets poured into each episode and OVER most of our heads. For example, the front line plot of tonight was Bat Mite trying to force cancellation of Brave and the Bold by saying there's no room for camp/funny "gee whiz" Batman in a world with the Darkest Knights. As if by us enjoying a simple laugh or good point, Adam West is going to force himself behind the control panel and ensure nothing intelligent will ever be uttered again...relax people. "Simple does not equal Dumb" (watch Monty Python or a Wes Anderson movie or Caddyshack for heaven's sake...i dare anyone to peel back every layer!).

There were so MANY clever references in just this one little 24 min show. Ted McGinley being forced in by Bat Mite as the voice of Aquaman because Ted is supposedly the episodic "kiss of death" and jokingly known for coming in to save shows near the end..."Happy Days", "Love Boat". Speaking of Happy Days, another inside wink...Henry Winkler doing the voice of the "Ambush Bug" (another BRILLIANT recall to an 1980s anti-hero known for his skewed view of the world. Henry Winkler is almost solely responsible for creating the term "Jump the Shark"...which Ambush Bug was trying to prevent...I can go on and on. The layered detail, the inside jokes, the crosses references and call backs where often too numerous to catch in one viewing. And isn't that the unwritten defacto standard of quality, when you have to watch or listen to something several times to catch every nuance? Simply getting more than you were expecting..to me that's quality. And Brave and the Bold delivered, just sorry more people weren't home. It just really really embarrasses me that well written TV shows (cartoons or otherwise) have to suffer and ultimately end because we as a viewing unit are just too impatient, too detached or just too apathetic to take the time to invest in watching a TV show that WE TURNED ON. Get into your TV, don't just sit in front of it. Nonetheless, To the entire team of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I'm a 40 year old computer geek who loved your show with my kids (and by myself)...ah, screw the parens, i'll say it..I WATCHED THE SHOW BY MYSELF A lot AND LOVED IT. you guys did great. Thank you so much. I'm sorry we let you down!!
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How to end on a self indulgent all time embarrassing low
schf23 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What in the name of all that was holy was that about? Bat mite decides he's bored with the show (all the viewers got tired of him long ago ) and decides to sabotage the brave and the bold with several proved methods of killing ratings (all actually done on other American shows) Unfortunately it isn't in the slightest bit funny so what where left with is a truly terrible swansong for an not bad knock about fun show. The ep is of course steeped in irony as with instalments like this they don't need batmite's intervention they can end the show all by their arrogant selves. Hey lets break the fourth wall all to hell

and fill the episode with absolute tosh .Then lets make references to the actors doing the voices and the writers and to cap it all off just give a giant finger to the fans

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