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Angry Sister and Brother
Claudio Carvalho21 January 2013
Dean steals a car and listens to in the radio the mysterious murders of two mediums in Lily Dale, New York, considered the most psychic town in the United States.

He poses of FBI agent and soon he meets Sam doing the same. They team-up again and they discover that the angry ghost of a psychic is responsible for the deaths. They burn the bones of the woman, but they find that the real ghost that is full of rage is her sister. Further, there is a medium controlling the ghost.

"The Mentalists" is a bureaucratic episode of Supernatural, with an angry ghost and also Sam full of rage. The tension between the Winchester brothers is resolved in an unconvincing way. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Mentalists"
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That's more like it!
mrfish500016 September 2012
This is the show back to it's best, gory and thus more engaging than a blood splatter cut, which is almost as effective as throwing paint at a wall whenever a guy is punched. Here though there are good effects, which used to be what the show thrived on - I remember watching the SFX reels on the dvds - like the ghost ship, and the relationship between the two is more realistic, and also manages to balance the humour very well.

With all the underwhelming Leviathan stuff, and the increasingly annoying touchy-feely stuff which defies character style - Bobby in particular, which I can't help feeling is the responsibility of a misunderstanding, and probably female writer who doesn't hold the atmosphere in as much of a high-regard as the more classic episodes.

They needed the Leviathans to be genuine monsters, with massive presence, instead they are the typical personality bad guys, which is really disappointing - even the Egyptian Osiris god, was like a soap show villain. Leviathans as a concept should have been walking hannibal lectors, and although the head morphing is good in theory, it's not very appealing to see 1 second of a weird head and typical blood splatter. Their shifted form should be more close to ouroboros tentacle stuff in resident evil, or the very ambitious mayor-snake from Buffy.

This is Supernatural, not frackin gossip girl.
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Let's get back to basics
zombiehigh1831 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We have been promised that Supernatural is going back to its early season's basics, and what better way to do so than a simple old school ghost hunt, which has been always one of the strongest assets of the show. So we are having rock salt loaded shot guns, salt circles, iron, digging graves, burning bones, gory deaths and of course one of the boys having a spark with a nice girl.

This job also gave the boys a chance to deal with each other on a mature manner than their usual behaviour. Sam had to listen to his brother's reasons and learn why Dean had to lie to him about Amy. Sam had the right to be angry with Dean, not only for killing his friend but also for lying to him and for hiding things out. On the other hand, Dean had to see that he has to learn to trust someone again, he had to explain himself to his little brother, telling him exactly why he had been lying to him. Dean had to open up a little and tell his brother how concerned he is about Sam's state of mind and how hurt he is about Castiel's betrayal. He told Sam how hard it had been for him to have to lie so he is retreating to drinking.

I like the way the boys returned to work with each other, they had to be professional when peoples lives was at stake and this gave them time to accept being with each other and accept talking to each other. And I'm glad the Amy issue is finally water under the bridge.
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Story of brothers!
mm-3910 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Story of brothers! After last episode where the Winchester brothers split up, a case brings them back together. The Mentalist has a good story where the case they work on strengthens the brothers understanding of each other. The story had a moral judgement call where Sam kills and evil man and Sam now understands why Dean killed on of Sam's friends. Dean not want to take the chance Sam's friend killing another human. What Dean did wrong or right is debatable! I like the story! The fast pace directing , and strong acting creates a synergy for and exciting story. I give The Mentalist an eight out of ten. On another note, it was nice to see a story with just Sam and Dean again. Sometimes, all the sub-plots and other characters bogs done the viewers with information overload.
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Fresh wind in mid-season!
vered shmilovich5 November 2011
OK we really needed that break-time!! No Leviathans, no new ways of cooking/eating/chewing people, not even Bobby's knocking-off-the-chair quotes... Just pure fun Sam&Dean's time, proving who really runs this show. Don't get me wrong - It's not that i have something against this whole people-eating thing - or i wouldn't be watching that show... But this episode was refreshing, touching the endless question of 'are there really supernatural beings?' (well OF COURSE there are, you faithless skeptic! what have we been trying to say for 6.5 seasons??? Oh and don't forget the Bible - Can't get more spiritual then that....) Most of all, the case in this episode was a simple "burn the bones" case - so Sam and Dean could think about the really important stuff - their problems. Here's a newsflash boys: You got innumerable issues, but at least you manage to solve one... only a zillion more to go! Good luck with that :-) BTW - i know I've said it before but...WHERE THE HELL IS CAS????
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