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First Love and Betrayal
Claudio Carvalho13 January 2013
Bobby rescues Dean and Sam from the Sioux Falls General Hospital and they recover their injuries in a hideout in Montana. When Sam reads in the news about the death of three scumbags in the Livingston Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, he steals the Impala and drive to Nebraska.

Sam meets a woman, Amy, in the woods ready to attack a driver. She hits Sam but he meets her,again at her home. Sam recalls when he was a young teenager and he falls in love with the girl Amy. However he discovers that Amy and her mother are Kitsunes that feed with human brains. When her mother is ready to kill him, he is protected by Amy. Now Amy explains why she killed her victims and Sam let her go. Now he has to convince Dean to spare Amy.

"The Girl Next Door" is an episode that I did not like at all. I did not like Dean's attitude luring Sam and stabbing Amy, betraying his brother. The writers did a poor job in this story and I believe that this murder will certainly bring a conflict between Sam and Dean. Last but not the least, I am impressed with the astonishing beauty of Emma Grabinsky. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The Girl Next Door"
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Everything tastes better with cheese
zombiehigh1830 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If anything this episode left me both confused and disheartened. I was high on expectations for this season after the strong start and the amazing last episode. But now I find myself conflicted between loving it and hating it all the same. I read various reviews and comments to come out with a solid view on it, only to find out that I'm now more confused than before.

Here is what I expected after last episode, I expected a heavy struggle in the hospital, I expected a more intense getaway, I expected to see Sam struggle more with his hallucinations, I expected to see Dean hovering over an unconscious Sam and worrying about him and I expected to see Mark Pelligrino again. But none of that happened, Though I happen to understand why the creators chose to tone down the events after an intense beginning, I'm still disappointed.

So I'm going to point out what I liked about this episode:

1- It's good to know that Bobby is not dead. I loved his come to the boys rescue at the hospital and his soft reaction to Dean saying "I'm a gimp", Dean needed that soft touch in his time of distress. However I would have really appreciated a little explanation on where he was earlier when his house was turned to ashes.

2- It is always nice to have Colin Ford on the show, the boy is getting better and better and he is conveying Sam's mannerisms perfectly.

3- We got to see Sam's first kiss. We also got to see how young Sam dealt with his father, it seemed that the two have been having problems with each other since forever, However pointing out John drinking habits left e a little annoyed, as if John's image could afford more cracks to it.

4- This is the second directorial attempt for the multi talented Jensen Ackles. He is doing a great job, I loved his use of lights and the amazing flashbacks.

5- "New rule, You take my baby, You get punched"

6- Finally, The Levaithans are getting more and more interesting, though they let me down, for taking them that long to figure out the Winchesters are in hospital, they made up for that by their high intelligence and their ability to infiltrate in various positions and track down the Winchester brothers using their fake aliases. And of course the scary final scene and Yes everything tastes better with cheese.

So Why am I confused? Here is my long and detailed answer:

1- Sam, We have seen the guy identify with freaks before, but it seems it has been going longer than we expected. His first crush was with Amy who turned out later to be a monster herself but a friendly one who killed her mother to save Sam. So Sam owed her his life but is conflicted between ending her to stop her from killing more people and paying his debt by letting her go for she had her reasons to go on the killing spree for a while. Sam, a few weeks earlier, didn't trust himself as a hunter and he still does not but he also has to clean up his mess. He had to keep the thing secret from Dean, for his brother will definitely try and stop him.

2- Dean, Oh my God, Am I angry with the guy? Yes and No. Yes Dean was very cruel with Amy and I hated killing her, especially in front of her son. No, I understand why exactly he did what he did. Dean is worried about Sam he is waiting for the other shoe to drop since apparently Sam is still suffering from his hallucinations and he saw him check out earlier so as much as he might want to trust his little brother he knows he can't, not only because of his current state of mind but for other various reasons. Because Dean learned to deal with shades of grey before and he knows that is eventually a very dangerous road, he knows once you have killed you will kill again, being a good person doesn't mean you will not go down the dark road, He has seen that before with Sam and Cas, He has seen Lenor kill again, he himself was back on torture when he had to. He can understand what Amy had to do to save her son and he would have done the same to save Sam but after his failure with Cas he can't afford to let another monster threaten people's lives again. He had to hide it from Sam for the same reason Sam hid it from him, because Sam will stop him and allow me to get a head of my self and say when he explained later to Sam why he had to lie, because he was doing his brother's dirty work, the job the younger Winchester would not do. But why didn't he kill her son? Well that's a very interesting question. Dean's callousness with the kid reflects Dean's state of mind perfectly. He is indifferent to the boys words about killing him, he asks the boy to look him up in a few years if he lives that long. Dean is so depressed that he knows he already lost the game and no matter what nothing will turn better for him and his end will be nasty, besides it would have been too cruel to see Dean kill a child and we would have massively hated that. Finally, Killing Amy might not be a very good thing to do but I also like to think the boys are only flawed human beings with their share of mistakes and this is not their first mistake.
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Bad Writing, Bad Episode
galet0929 January 2014
One of the worst episodes in my least favorite season of Supernatural. I hated the Leviathan storyline to begin with, the scene in the previous episode of the doctor performing surgery and then eating the woman's liver was monstrously disturbing beyond belief, However, for the moment I will give my review of this particular episode.

First of all, Dean killing Amy was WRONG on so many levels. To go behind Sam's back after he agreed to trust him, and then he goes and kills her, will definitely create more trouble between the brothers.

Not only should Dean NOT have killed Amy, he took away the kid's mother as well and obviously scarred the kid for life. It's as if Dean was playing God and he felt it was his duty, never mind that Amy promised him she would not kill again ever. I know the motto or creed of the hunter is to kill all monsters, but It's too bad it's going to take a couple more seasons before they realize that not all monsters should be killed.

I hated this episode as I said and felt the writing was poor, cold and unjust. My rating is 2 stars.
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Not bad not great
mm-3921 October 2011
Not a bad episode! Dean is portrayed as a meanie in this one. Sam and Dean escape the creatures from the hospital. Sam goes on a mission for a creature that saved his life years ago. Sam finds out this female creature killed people to save her child. In the end, Dean kills the creature which Sam could not. I believe this episode will cause future conflicts between the brothers. Good episode had the viewer wondering what will happen next? One finds out that Sam is sane and rational in spite of Dean's doubts about his brother. Nice to see the series back on track. Bobby was absent from this episode. The series seems odd now without Casiel. I give "Defending Your Life" an eight out of ten
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Mixed reactions. Entertained by Dr. Who ref. Possible spoilers
boltar46923 November 2013
I agree with most of zombiehigh18's points.

I wound up watching major chunks of this show a while back as my 21-year-old grandson is a major fan of this series. He's in the midst of re-watching the whole thing on NetFlix so I occasionally catch an old episode these days.

I gather this episode abounded with in jokes. I remember spotting some of of those now and again in the series, but don't recollect most episodes as crawling with the stuff. I remember seeing this episode sometime or other, but not being stopped in my tracks by "Amy flaming Pond?!" multi-age scenes, as I was just now while looking at Jewel Staite's history, prompted by the disasterathon running at the moment on Syfy.

Too bad they didn't sneak some fireflies or some other Kaylee reference into the episode - or did they? All things considered, about as entertaining and angst-ridden as most Supernatural episodes.
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