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This episode was epic, and fans will love it.

Author: b8612190 from United States
20 July 2011

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I had the pleasure of being on set when this was made and I was blown away at how well written this episode is and how fantastic the boys were at acting. Jim, Jensen, Jared, and Misha were all good, but I feel like Misha and Jensen deserve a Grammy for their performances. I'm not an emotional guy but this episode and Jensen and Misha's acting was so mind blowingly good that I teared up. Yes, I admit it!

Of course, Jared wasn't at all bad either. He has a lot to deal with in this first action packed episode. He has to play many different scenarios and he does a convincing job on all of them. And, I can't forget Jim. He also nailed all his lines and had me cracking up when things became too emotional.

I'm certain fans will love this episode, except for maybe the small minority that don't care for Castiel.

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Meet the New Boss

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
31 December 2012

Castiel is corrupted by his power of God and truly believes that he is the New God, destroying the false messengers of God and making a new deal with Crowley. Meanwhile Sam is tormented by his recollections of hell and tries to keep sane.

Dean, Sam and Bobby try to find a means of stopping Castiel and Dean uses a spell to chain the Death and force him to kill Castiel. However, the former angel releases the upset Death from his chains, but Death discloses dark secrets to Dean about Sam and the forces that have been released together with the souls from Purgatory.

"Meet the New Boss" is the conclusion of the Sixth Season of Supernatural and the promising beginning of this new season. Now the Winchester brothers will have to struggle against the dangerous Leviathans. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Meet the New Boss"

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Supernatural is back!

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
30 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season seven is the first season I watch according to the airing schedule, so it is pretty much torturing to have to wait for the next episode to come out and know what the Hell happens next. The first time I saw this I was like " Yay, Supernatural is back, not only with amazing acting, a promising plot but also they brought back my two favorite villains (Yes I'm talking about Mark Pellegrino and Julian Richings) and the beginning was so good that can make up for the sloppy season six"

Where do I begin? Shall I mention the amazing Misha Collins performance, as he takes the nerdy angels to a new level displaying his arrogance and danger and his great crazy eyes wicked performance as the levaithans took over? Wow, just wow. Or Do I have to mention the evergreen Jensen Ackles as Dean? the man who has gone through much and lost too much. Dean has recently lost Lisa and Ben and now he isn't taking Castiel's betrayal (the only friend he has ever had) very well but also he has to deal with Sam's state of mind. Dean wants too bad to believe Sam can be alright but he knows better because they never catch a break, because no matter how hard he tries to save Sam or Castiel or even the world something will always come up. So he takes refuge in fixing his beloved Impala drinking whiskey and watching Asian cartoon porn. The exchange of look between Dean and Cas at the library scene was heartbreaking, as we watch two guys who once shared a "profound bond" now hurting each other to the most.

And then there is Sam, The poor guy is caught in the middle of a mess he can't handle, he has to deal with the wall breaking in his head and his hallucinations but he has to keep acting as if everything is normal for his brother, because he doesn't want to worry him or let him down, but things are going out of control as Lucifer comes back telling him his life is unreal and that he never escaped the cage.

I like the fact that Sam didn't want to give up on Cas, he thinks that Cas deserves a second chance like he did after opening Lucifer's cage a couple of years earlier.

As for Bobby, I'm always grateful to have that man on the show. Bobby is the boys' only safe harbor and their only voice of reason when they are all messed up.

Finally, Bringing back my two favorite villains is pretty smart. Julian Richings is perfect, he is always intimidating as Death with his wicked sense of humor and detachment for lower beings as well as his funny love of cheap food. And Mark Pellegrino, What can I say? the guy is great and I'm really happy he found his way back to the show.

Sera Gamble, Good start and good luck with the rest of the season.

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Surprisingly good!

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
29 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Surprisingly good! I had low expectations for this episode but was surprised by how good it was. The story follows what happens when he tried to over reach and become all powerful. One can not handle all the power or responsibility, and their weaknesses come out. One sees such examples with many of the this worlds power hungry dictators. I love how the story twist where the Angle pays the price and something evil comes out of his actions. A good transitional episode for this year. Meet the new Boss is well acted, paced, and directed. A strong start for a series which has to keep reinventing itself to stay entertaining. I give this episode a 9 out of 10.

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