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This Toxin Circulates Too Slowly: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: an unfinished online screener was provided by the director. Director/writer: Jason Dudek. Cast: Taylor Handley, Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones and Margo Harshman. Toxin is the latest film from director Jason Dudek. The film is a dramatic science fiction thriller, involving the use of viruses. Lacking any real horror, the film focuses on dramatic elements as Dean (Taylor Handley) struggles to keep his friends alive. Very slow in its delivery, Toxin builds towards a fairly predictable climax. The outcome is slightly flat. As well, characters act unbelievably and possibly suicidally. Toxin is an indie film that lacks polish in the script and onscreen. The film begins with Dean. He has returned from a tour in the Middle East. His friends gather together for a party and later a camping trip. But, Grandma needs Dean's help. Soon, the group of friends are heading up to Grandma's house, with the
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Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones Team to Fight a Deadly Toxin

I suppose the more attention-grabbing headline here would’ve been “Girl from 7th Heaven Slits Her Throat in Toxin Trailer,” but I digress. On tap for you today is the first trailer for Toxin, which brings two of cinema’s most badass… Continue Reading →

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Toxin Introduces a Strange Chemical and a Horrifying Outcome in this First Trailer

Tagline: "Fear is their greatest enemy." Jason Dudek's Toxin blends lots of genres. Part drama, part science fiction and part horror, this film brings lots of ideas to the screen. Centrally, this film involves a rogue pharmaceutical company and their unlawful experiments. Several friends are used as guinea pigs. And, Toxin has just been picked up by sales agent American World Pictures, for possible distribution. As well, the film stars Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones and Taylor Handley. The film's first trailer is hosted here. The trailer develops more of the film's story. In the clip, several friends decide to renovate a rundown home. Several scientists are using this house as a laboratory and these friends have not signed a waiver, for this experiment. A toxin is introduced into the home. Soon, the friends are struggling just to breathe. Toxin does not have a release date. Completed in late 2013, the
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Taylor Handley Joins Cast of Drew Thomas’ ‘Channeling’

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If you don’t know the name Taylor Handley yet — his biggest on-screen credits to date include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Battle: Los Angeles — chances are that might change over the course of the next year. He’s headlining Jason Dudek‘s Mentryville, which co-stars Danny Glover, but more interesting to me is the supporting credit he has in Curtis Hanson‘s Of Men and Mavericks — which, being a firm L.A. Confidential devotee, I’m obviously looking forward to.

And with the indie thriller Channeling, Handley has now added another project to his in-the-works lineup. The film comes from Drew Thomas, who also penned the script and, along with Laila Ansari and Gerry Santos, will produce the film. It’s been described rather vaguely as a story that “centers [on] characters who seek validation by broadcasting their lives to as big an audience as possible.” [Variety]

Channeling began
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Exclusive Set Visit: Mentryville

I’ve been on a lot of crazy sets, but never have I seen anything quite like the set I step into on Mentryville (formerly Spores), a low-budget indie virus-run-amok flick lensing just outside of Los Angeles. The cast and crew seem every bit as shocked as I am and for good reason: They’re shooting in a working government laboratory. Millions - possibly billions - of dollars worth of scientific equipment stretch on through miles of twisty hallways and corridors throughout this massive complex and it’s here that all the chaos goes down.

“This place has never been shot in before, so this is the first time a working lab has been shot in. All the stuff in there, that’s not set dressing,” says Mentryville’s writer/director Jason Dudek. “When we were looking for vaccine labs we definitely wanted to go with something that was realistic and authentic…
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