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  • The homecoming dance becomes the backdrop for a battle of lethal wits between Damon's party, including Mikael and Rebeka although not at all reconciled, and Klaus's, which fields the hybrids by diverting the party to the Lockwood mansion. Tyler surprises Caroline by stating he doesn't really mind being under Klaus's spell as hybrid, it's not worse then monthly lunatic agony as pure werewolf. Fearing even with the eternal oak stake in Mikael's hand Klaus may outsmart them, Damon secretly enlisted Katherine, but Klaus prepared the most stunning surprise.

  • Stephan and Rebekah lure Klaus, telling that Mikael was stabbed with a dagger by Elena and is dead as part of Damon's plan to make Klaus return to Mystic Falls to be killed by Mikael. Elena tells Damon that the plan may go wrong since Rebekah is Klaus's sister. Elena meets Rebekah in the room and she stabs the vampire on the back with the dagger. The high school gym is flooded and the party is transferred to Tyler's house. Matt comes to take Rebekah to the party and Elena dates him. Tyler discloses that the party is Klaus's idea to celebrate Mikael's death. Klaus has also compelled several hybrids to protect the border of the house. When Mikael arrives, he cannot enter in the house and Klaus refuses to go outside. Mikael distracts Karl with Katherine posing of Elena and when Damon is ready to kill Klaus, he is saved by Stephan and Klaus kills Mikael, Later Katherine explains Stephan what really happened.

  • On the night of the Homecoming dance, Rebekah opens up to Elena about why the evening is so important to her, leaving Elena with conflicting emotions. Caroline and Matt are both shocked at Tyler's behavior throughout the evening. The night takes a surreal turn when Klaus puts his latest plan into action. Determined to outsmart Klaus, Damon enters into a dangerous partnership, leading to a terrifying turn of events.


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  • Stefan calls Klaus on the road. He tells him Mikael is dead. We see Mikael staked with a knife on the floor.

    One hour earlier

    Stefan, Damon and Elena scheme at the house, including a plan about feeding Mikael vervane and the story they found a dagger on him they were going to use on Rebekah, but used on her father instead. They wonder how they're going to convince Klaus that Mikael is dead, especially since Klaus' compulsion on Stefan prevents him from lying. Mikael is there and in on the scheme. He tells them to lure Klaus to the house. He'll kill him. He has a dagger from the white oak tree, but isn't saying where it is. It's his insurance policy against them leaving the dagger he presents to them in his heart. A vampire can't stake an original without dying. Elena has to do it.

    Hearing the story, Klaus wants proof Mikael is dead. Flash back to Elena daggering him. Stefan swears truthfully he is.

    Klaus wants to talk to Rebekah. That's not a problem. She's right there. Stefan hands the phone over. She confirms it and asks him to come home. He says he's on his way. Elena removes the dagger from Mikael's chest. Rebekah watches her father come back from the dead. She's cold to him. He was only after Klaus because he killed his mother. Rebekah points out Klaus wasn't born a killer. Mikael did this to them when he turned them. "You destroyed our family, not him," she says.

    Meanwhile, Elena looks through her closet and finds nothing suitable for the homecoming dance. Bonnie suggests they not go. "Let's stay home, order take out and analyze ancient hieroglyphic thingies with Alaric," Bonnie suggests. She mentions not having a date. Things with Jeremy are over. "He fell in love with his ghost girlfriend and lied about it, what's done is done," Bonnie says. She doesn't want to talk to Elena about it.

    Back at the Salvatores, Elena worries Rebekah will turn on them. Damon prepares the wolfsbane grenades. He says he's formulating a secret contingency plan. Stefan looks for ties for the dance. He has to protect Elena. They point fingers over who might blow their elaborate plan. Stefan mentions it's usually one of them letting their humanity come through, so his odds are on that, not on him being forced to spill to Klaus because of his compulsion.

    Caroline and Tyler decorate a van for the dance. He wants to go get a "bite" off people Rebekah told him like to be fed on. "Quit hanging out with Rebekah the evil blood slut," Caroline says.

    Matt's taking Rebekah to the dance. Caroline isn't pleased.

    Rebekah checks out her homecoming dress. It's her first high school dance. Elena thanks her for being part of her plan. Rebekah doesn't want to know the details of how they plan to kill her brother. She warns them about her father and that he's not a good person and can't be trusted. She fights back tears. She's having a hard time with the idea she's playing a part in her brother's death. Elena gives Rebekah her mother's necklace back, putting it on her. As Rebekah looks at herself in the mirror, Elena drives a stake through her back. Elena apologizes as Rebekah dies, but doesn't want to leave anything to chance.

    Later, Damon tells Elena she did the right thing. She worries she'll be the one to let her humanity through and ruin the plan. Damon doesn't trust Mikael or Stefan. Elena thinks they need a better plan. Damon says he knows what to do. Elena won't like it. Elena trusts him.

    Caroline and Tyler arrive at the dance to find crews putting up barricades. The gym is flooded with water. Tyler moves the party to his house.

    Matt arrives to pick up Rebekah. Elena offers to go with him instead.

    Caroline arrives at Tyler's house to find My Morning Jacket playing on stage, lights and a raging party. She doesn't recognize anyone there.

    Stefan runs into Tyler and compliments him on the party. Tyler says he's just doing what Klaus wants. It's not a party. It's a wake.

    Klaus takes the stage and invites everyone to celebrate.

    Elena and Matt arrive. She tells him to play it cool as Caroline joins them. She fills them in on Tyler's party for Klaus.

    Klaus tells Stefan his next step is to reunite his family, the people he carts around in coffins. Klaus asks about Rebekah. Stefan very carefully but truthfully says he doesn't know where she is and thought she was coming with Matt. Klaus promises Stefan his freedom from compulsion once he sees his father's body and gets his weapon.

    At the house, Damon tells Mikael that Rebekah went to the dance. Mikael shows Damon the white oak dagger. He's hanging onto it. Stefan arrives and shares Klaus is at Tyler's and wants his father's body brought to him. Damon assures him they don't need Klaus to come to the house for the plan to work. They have a plan, Damon says. It just doesn't involve Stefan.

    Mikael charges Stefan and feeds ravenously on Stefan until he keels over. Damon suggests he could have just snapped his neck. Mikael doesn't seem to see the fun in that.

    Nearby, Tyler marvels at his party and wonders what his mom would think. Klaus tells him he compelled Carol to go to church and pray for his friends. He tells Tyler to look around and points out all the other people. Tyler doesn't know them. Klaus invited them. They're werewolves from all over the country, all hybrids now. Klaus points out if anyone makes a move against him, they might feel the need to retaliate. Tyler goes to Caroline inside and tell her Klaus is two steps ahead of them. She doesn't know what he's talking about. She says he's sired to team Klaus and can't be trusted. She wants to go back to the party. He injects her with something knocking her out.

    Klaus commends Klaus for killing Mikael. He thinks she seems nervous. He warns her he's one step ahead.

    Damon is stopped by a hybrid security guard outside the party asking for his invite. Damon rips the hybrid's heart out and strolls in.

    Tyler tells Matt he only vervaned Caroline, but Matt has to get her out of there. Tyler explains he'll have to protect Klaus when something goes down. Getting Caroline out is the only way to keep her safe.

    Tyler runs into Damon downstairs. Tyler warns Damon about the hybrids. They end up fighting anyway. Tyler vamps out and attacks Damon. Bonnie walks in and "witchy migraines" them both. She sees Damon has the white oak dagger. He's the only one who can get inside the house. A hybrid tells Klaus a man named Mikael is waiting for him. Klaus goes to talk to him, telling Tony he knows what to do.

    Klaus meets Mikael at the front door. The hybrids converge behind Mikael outside. Klaus threatens to have them attack. They couldn't kill Mikael but it would be messy. Then Mikael reminds Klaus the hybrids are part vampire. He can compel them. One brings Elena to Mikael. Mikael taunts Klaus to come outside or he'll kill Elena, his ability to make hybrids. Klaus says he doesn't need hybrids with Mikael dead. Mikael taunts him, saying he's completely alone except for the people he compels. Klaus thinks he's bluffing and tells him to do it. And so Mikael does, stabbing Elena in the back with a dagger. She slumps to the ground. Klaus screams in horror. Damon runs up behind him with the white oak dagger and stakes him. Elena pops back up on her feet. It's Katherine pretending to be Elena. Not even Mikael could tell them apart.

    Inside, Stefan shows up out of nowhere and knocks Damon off Klaus. Klaus sees the white oak dagger on the floor and grabs it. He lunges outside and stakes his father. The dagger bursts into flames. So does Mikael. Klaus watches his father burn.

    Inside, Damon angry asks Stefan what he did. Klaus comes in and says Stefan has earned his freedom. He releases him from compulsion. Stefan looks around him and sees Damon is gone.

    Caroline wakes up from her vervane nap in Tyler's house. He apologizes for stabbing her, saying he saved her from her own stubbornness for she would have gotten herself killed had she tried to kill Klaus. He asks her to understand this is how things are. Klaus can't be killed. Tyler can't be fixed. He thinks being a hybrid is better because he never has to go through the pain of turning into a werewolf again. He's OK with being sired to Klaus if that's the price. He asks Caroline to stick by him. She sadly tells him that she can't.

    Back at his house, Damon is furious. They thought of everything, except Stefan. They were counting on Stefan wanting Klaus dead more than anything. As Damon yells, Elena tries to comfort him, telling him if they have to let Stefan go, they will.

    Just then, Katherine calls from the road. She tells Damon his plan was good. She's going into hiding. He tells her to take care of herself. She hangs up. Katherine turns to Stefan in her passenger seat, pitying the others for not knowing where their plan went wrong.

    Flash back to Katherine waking Stefan up after she'd slipped away from the party. Then the end of the conversation Klaus had with who turned out to be Katherine. If Klaus dies, his hybrids already have their orders to kill Damon. Stefan asks Katherine how she knew he'd stop Damon. She didn't, she just hoped he'd want to. Katherine urged him to feel something to save Damon.

    In the car, Katherine says she was trying to save both their lives. Even Katherine prefers Stefan with his humanity. She has some too, loving both boys and wanting to protect them. Stefan is afraid to feel given everything he's done. Katherine needs him to feel again for what she wants him to do next. Get mad.

    At a truck depot, Klaus calls Rebekah's phone. She doesn't answer because she's dead having been daggered in the Salvatore's cellar. Seconds later Stefan calls, thanking him for his freedom but telling him it came at too high a price. It's time for revenge. Klaus opens up the back of the truck expecting to find his family's coffins, but the truck is empty. Stefan has them. Klaus looks very livid and vows revenge.

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