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Bad Alaric contemplates his new vampire reality in his empty classroom at school.

Tyler calls Caroline to tell her he has to go help Klaus move. He's planning to fake the sire bond until Klaus leaves town.

Someone -- Alaric -- streaks vamp fast through school, by Caroline. Rebekah is the only one there for the clean up committee and, as she reminds Caroline, she didn't even get to go to the dance.

Caroline offers her sympathy about her mom and Rebekah says the same about Alaric.

Rebekah heads to the gym and runs into Alaric. "You're supposed to be dead," she says. "I am," he says.

He tries to stake her but Caroline comes to her aid and together they drive the stake into his stomach. He removes it, not dead. Caroline runs for her car but is fumbling with her keys when Alaric comes up behind her and snaps her neck. He drags her body through the parking lot, not minding that his skin is getting burned by the sun. Rebekah watches.

Stefan drops by Elena's and finds her painting Alaric's room with Jeremy, trying to move on from Alaric's death. Jeremy is rude to Stefan, asking if he's back with Elena and suggesting he give them one day without vampires. The doorbell rings. Stefan answers and finds Damon with bitten Bonnie. They have a problem.

Rebekah goes home and tells Klaus about Alaric trying to kill her. He's strong and stuck at the school for now. Klaus agrees to leave town, but wants to get Elena first to make more hybrids for protection against Esther. Rebekah wants to leave now and when Klaus won't, she prepares to leave without him.

Stefan tries to soak up the situation. Damon fed Bonnie his blood to save her, she had no idea what she was doing feeding Alaric. The witches clearly wanted him to turn. They try to figure out how they'll kill him. Bonnie says a witch can't truly make an immortal, there's always a work around. But she doesn't know what it is.

Elena gets a call from Alaric, who's holding Caroline hostage at the school. He summons her in secrecy.

Klaus drops by Elena's, but Damon and Stefan won't let him in. They shut Klaus out and realize Elena's gone. Klaus hurls a rolled up newspaper through the wall.

Elena arrives at the high school. Caroline is pinned to a desk with pencils through her hands. Alaric says Elena can help her, then stops her. "How many times do I have to tell you? Stop trusting vampires!" he says.

Klaus finds things to hurl into the house, getting into a picket fence throwing war with Damon. He's about to torch the place when Stefan gets a call.

Alaric is demanding Klaus in exchange for Elena. The boys brainstorm.

Bonnie suggest a desiccation spell like the one her mom used to immobilize Michael for 50 years. Even with it, they'll need a lot of vampire muscle. Klaus gives them til nightfall.

Back in the school, Alaric tortures Caroline, putting a vervane-soaked rag in Caroline's mouth. He tells Elena it's time she become a real vampire hunter and stake Caroline.

Bonnie anxiously waits at the Salvatores' for Abby to arrive. Bonnie's not happy to see her, but they need her help.

Stefan and Klaus arrive at the school. Klaus tells Stefan he's still leaving town with Elena if their plan works. Stefan says he'll go with him to protect Elena. Klaus tries to needle him about Damon and Elena, but Stefan says all Klaus' efforts to drive them apart have had the opposite effect.

Bonnie tells her mom what she's after, but Abby says it's too dangerous because it uses dark magic. To stop a vampire's heart you have to find a balance among the living.

"What's that mean? I don't speak witch," Damon says. "I have to stop a human heart," Bonnie says.

At the school, Damon tries to get Jeremy's ring just in case Bonnie can't restart his heart. They don't want the ring turning him into another Alaric psycho. Jeremy's not cooperating.

Bonnie gives Stefan, Klaus and Damon some of her blood to drink to bind them together so when she stops Jeremy's heart they'll have the power to take Alaric. They have to get a clear shot at Alaric's vein. Before he drinks, Klaus announces that he created their bloodline. They're not sure whether to believe him.

Inside, Alaric tells Elena that her parents wouldn't be proud of her being friends with vampires. Alaric tells Elena to kill Bonnie or he'll do it and make it hurt. He puts the stake in her hand.

Elena pauses for a moment then tries to stake him instead. He stops her. He thought he taught her better than that. He did.

She smashes the nearby glass of vervane in his face. As he screams in pain she frees Bonnie. Bonnie runs into the hall and into Klaus. He tells her to run straight home and stay there, they'll save Elena.

Alaric terrorizes Elena, telling her she doesn't deserve to live. She taunts him to kill her then, but he won't.

Stefan and Damon run in and grab his arms. They don't have him for long when he flings them both off, snapping their necks. Klaus comes in and tries to go "Temple of Doom"-style through his chest. In the woods, Bonnie prepares to stop Jeremy's heart. But Alaric flings Klaus off and she can feel the connection is broken.

Alaric gets the upper hand is about to stake Klaus when Elena shouts at him to stop.

She's holding a scalpel on her neck. She threatens to kill himself. She deduced that Esther must have tied his life to hers and if she dies, he dies. He calls her bluff and she starts to cut her own throat. He shouts at her to stop.

Klaus and Elena get away.

Elena wakes up at Klaus' house getting drained of all her blood. Tyler comes in to the room and sees Elena needs help. Klaus orders him to go get blood bags instead. Tyler struggles over what to do, then goes.

Damon comes back to life on the school floor next to his ringing phone. Stefan is there, too. Alaric wakes them up, announcing Klaus is going to kill Elena. He tells them he's bound to Elena so they better go save her because he's stuck till sundown.

Klaus tells Elena he's doing her the favor of keeping her from having to pick a Salvatore and tearing them apart. Elena fights to stay conscious as her blood flows out into blood bags.

Klaus leaves her alone and Tyler comes in. He frees her. But Klaus comes back. "I'm not your little bitch anymore," Tyler says.

Klaus doesn't believe he could have broken the sire bond. Tyler goes to help Elena and Klaus charges him. He knocks Tyler down and Elena falls and hits her head on the desk.

Stefan and Damon arrive and grab Klaus. Stefan drives his hand into Klaus' chest. Tyler helps hold him. In the woods, Bonnie chants over Jeremy.

She stops his heart. She gets a dark rush of power up her veins as they turn black.

Stefan and Tyler hold Klaus as Stefan squeezes Klaus's heart to a stop. Damon checks on Elena, she's OK. Klaus' heart slowly stops beating.

Bonnie finishes her dark magic rush and starts on trying to revive Jeremy. It doesn't work. She pounds on his chest and he regains consciousness.

Klaus drops to the floor, desiccated.

Damon and Stefan walk Elena all the way to her front door. She says she's fine, just has a little head ache. She's not worried about Alaric hurting her, she's worried about them. Stefan promises to call when they get back.

She knows it seems like she's stringing them both along. "If I choose one of you, then I lose the other. And I've lost so many people I can't bear the thought of losing one of you," she says.

They're off to dump Klaus' body in the Atlantic. "Be careful. Both of you," she says.

She goes inside and finds Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Jeremy and Matt having a victory party with shots. They toast a "Klaus-free" life.

Liz shows up at Carol Lockwood's house. Someone called a council meeting. It's Alaric. He outs them for their children, calling them hypocrites. He won't let them leave.

On the road, Damon's giddy. "Klaus is dead, my brother's half-way sane again, give or take an immortal hunter that wants to kill us -- we won," he says.

Stefan says they make a pretty good team. Only took a century and a half.

Stefan asks what happens when Elena makes a decision. Stefan says he'll leave town if she picks Damon and in 60 years they'll go back to being brothers and none of this will have mattered.

Jeremy does some late night painting. Elena makes a case for the vampires she loves. Jeremy worries Alaric might kill his human connection, her, once he completes his task. Jeremy leaves for bed.

Elena starts painting but suddenly get a sharp pain in her neck. She drops to the floor unconscious with a bloody nose.


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