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Don't let the name fool you

Author: junkmailstuff456 from United States
2 February 2013

Don't let the name fool you. The name makes the show sounds very weird, which it isn't at all. The actors are very good, and the characters are very entertaining. The plots are also very entertaining, and not as predictable as the other Disney shows, which is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised that Disney made a good show. They've been making some very bad shows lately, but this one was a home run! I'm in love with the characters. Bree is so cute, Adam is such an idiot and everything he says is so unbelievably stupid and funny, and Chase is such a know it all. He reminds me of Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place. Overall, this show was a pleasant surprise, and very different than the rest of the typical Disney shows. I love Lab Rats! Give it a chance! It's so funny!

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Author: kadiotatsuryu from United States
3 January 2014

Lab Rats is hands-down the most entertaining Disney XD show out there in my opinion. Lab Rats has a great combination of comedy, adventure and superpowers. The name may not do the series justice and might give you know idea on what the series is about. But Lab Rats has an awesome plot.

The show is flipping hilarious for a Disney show. The funniest characters to me are Leo(Williams), Dr.Davenport(Sparka) and Eddy(forgot who plays him.). It tells jokes that for once not only little Disney kids can laugh at. Funny moments that are actually clever, not dry and overused.

The overall plot is jokes and a seemingly normal sitcom show. The story is based on 13/14 year old Leo Dooley who with his Mom, moves into his new super-rich new Dad's house. He discovers 3 bionic super-human teenagers with bionic superpowers and abilities in his basement. Leo learns to get used to life with his cool bionic friends, his billionaire step-dad and they go on crazy adventures in school, home and when the team goes on missions to save the world.

Leo and the Trio get into plenty of silly adventures and try not to get in trouble or reveal their bionic secrets. Adam has super strength, Bree has super speed and Chase has super smarts, the 3 S' of Superpowers! They can also do other things.

Leo is young and has no abilities. He's mischievous, clumsy and reckless and useless if not the cause of the problems the gang has many times at first. Nonetheless, Leo is the star of the show and although there are very very few scenarios in which he provides anything useful in combat, he's the one that holds the story in place and matures over the story until he becomes part of the group and eventually the guardian of Adam, Bree and Chase when his step-dad Dr.Davenport is absent. He teaches the "Lab Rats" to have normal lives as regular teenagers and have fun, but tries to keep the out of trouble at times. They save one another's lives at different points in the show.

The plot in most of season 1 is funny and entertaining, but season 2 is when it gets much more serious. They make enemies and meet foes who seem nice but aren't who they appear to be. The Lab Rats discover more about their past and about their abilities in hope to master them. They struggle between normal life and saving the world.

So overall this show has a great plot, decent comedy and plenty of superpowers and action! It's a show that signals much-needed change in Disney shows. It's not perfect, but there are bound to be a few bad jokes here and there, they can't all be winners. Unfortunately, the show is in some ways, low-budget which is demonstrated mostly in scenes with special effects. Overall, it comes down to judging this show with all things considered. And all things considered, it is a Disney XD show. Any issues that might be considered major defects in the score are issues every single last one Disney Sitcom has, being why I grant this show a 10/10!

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Excellent Disney XD show

Author: Grace Zeh ( from Chantilly, Virginia, USA
18 May 2014

"LAB RATS," in my opinion, is an excellent Disney XD show. I watch it with my 9-year-old nephew from time to time. I always smile and laugh whenever a mishap occurs. One of the funniest mishaps I've ever seen occur on the show is when Leo (Tyrel Jackson Williams) gets shrunk. Another thing that makes this show funny is Donald's (Hal Sparks) comic relief. If you ask me, he always know just what to say and do to make the audience laugh. The writing is always strong, the performances are always good, and everything else about the show is good.Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that if you don't have basic digital cable channels, you should get them. Now, in conclusion, I hope this will be on Disney XD for many years yet.

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Lab Rats Is Hilarious

Author: joeywyss from Jackson, MS, United States
2 September 2013

Lab Rats is one of those rare Disney shows where everybody on the cast has "It". The kids, the parents , the supporting, they're all perfectly cast. Even the house security bot is hilarious, "he" has some of the best one liners on the show. Luckily, all of the actors are great in their roles instead of just one funny kid surrounded by duds (like on a lot of Disney sets). The writing is consistent and funny, and it carries the show instead of just gimmicks. And the characters are actually written for which allows the actors to show some range. It's great the show actually has a continuing sub-plot with the Evil Davenport brother that should carry it through seasons. I hope this is one Disney series that goes on for years, and none of the kids decides they want to be the next Britney or Justin and gets the show canceled after a couple of seasons.

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Excellent show!

Author: sanahussain171 from United Kingdom
4 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Love this show! In each episode the funniest person is either Eddy the security system or Leo the non-bionic human. I like everyone but my favourite character has to be Chase, who has super smarts so basically, he's the smartest guy on the Earth although, his ego can take over like Mr Davenport (aka Donald) who also has a big ego. In Commando App, we find out that Chase has a Commando app which allows him to be Spike who is a cocky, fearless soldier who comes when Chase is feeling threatened or in danger. Spike made his last appearance in Spikes Got Talent. In Leo's Jam, Bree glitches when she is trying to dance with Ethan, her crush. Sometimes when Adam angered, he loses control of his heat vision. I would totally recommend this show to friends who just love comedy. I never miss a episode because I just love it and love seeing all the action on Disney XD.

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I like it

Author: SanteeFats from United States
7 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a pretty funny show. I like all the characters. Davenport is a bit hard to believe as an adult genius since has so many emotional issues to overcome but this is rated for a really young audience which lets me out. Leo does get a little tiring as the screw up who continually screws up time after time. He does come through when things get to crunch time though. Since this show is rated TV7 I make allowances for some of the hackneyed, juvenile antics that crop up from time to time. Overall I do enjoy watching the episodes. The computer programmed house butler,Eddy, is a nice sarcastic and jealous addition to the series. Of course I don't know how a program can get jealous but oh well.

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best Disney show ever

Author: juliekwok
1 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like someone else said, don't be fooled by the name. In the first season, it is mostly comedic and MORE of a funny show. But it evolves towards the end of season 2, when *SPOILER ALERT!* the Lab Rats' friend Marcus turns on them and works for Donald's brother who is thought to be dead but is alive. This makes Season 3 action Packed when you meet Victor Krane, a very awesome villain. Season 3's You Posted What?! is definitely the best episode. It is action packed, surprising, and kind of tense. In Sink Or Swim, the Lab Rats are seen using their bionics on one condition: she gets money from Davenport whenever she wants to buy her silence.

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The age of stupid.

Author: waynerc27
24 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this show so bad that I acutely wouldn't let my child watch it for fear she would lose important developmental braincells. The acting is so bad that you can only be amazed at the fact that these people made it on TV somehow. The jokes aren't funny at all.

Who ever came up with the idea thought it would be better to let people act like complete idiots then give them an actual well thought out script to work with. After seeing parts of the show my head actually started to hurt because is was so bad to watch. Any one who actually likes this show probably stopped developing around the age of 3. Disney please stop the stupid.

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a horrible show

Author: Michael Trotta
4 April 2014

This show is pure garbage and while every immature 5 year old may love it, the show is full of bad acting, immature jokes and the jerk that is principle perry. the show hardly qualifies as a show. Its predictable and repetitive with Adam playing stupid the whole time and all of the jokes about chase being short or Adam being too dumb to understand the jokes chase makes. Chase is a complete jerk, Donald Davenport and Adam are the definitions of overplayed characters with Donald being a complete man child and Adam being a clueless moron, the show also has some offensive anti-feminist jokes aimed at Bree. Kelli Berglund is the only semi-acceptable actor in the main cast. Principle Perry isn't nice on any level between the writers thinking their funny by making perry make offensive and stupid jokes aimed at the student body, such as calling her students meat bags and wastes of oxygen.

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