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6 Jan. 2014
Trent Gets Schooled
Trent demands that Leo and Chase help him study for a science test.
13 Jan. 2014
No Going Back
Donald is under attack by a hacker that has not only left Davenport Industries in ruins but has stolen his entire fortune.
17 Feb. 2014
Sink or Swim Part 1
As Leo, Tasha and Donald deal with eviction, Adam, Bree and Chase lie low aboard a cargo freighter as stowaways, but a crisis challenges the teens' resolve to stay off the grid.
17 Feb. 2014
Sink or Swim Part 2
Donald, Tasha and Leo must try to reach the human sides of the bionic teens when Douglas uses the Triton App in their bionic implants to set them against their own family.
24 Feb. 2014
The Jet-Wing
Donald tries to raise money for a new lab by attempting a death-defying stunt where he flies over Mission Creek on rocket-propelled wings.
3 Mar. 2014
Mission: Mission Creek High
Now that Principal Perry knows the Lab Rats' bionic secret, she pesters the team to take her on a mission.
10 Mar. 2014
Zip It
Bree gets a job at a tech store, excited to have something to do not involving her family or bionics - until Chase also gets a job there. Meanwhile, Adam, Leo and Donald set up advanced zip lines around the house instead of doing chores.
24 Mar. 2014
Not So Smart Phone
Chase panics. His new cell phone (with a recording of Chase and Adam using bionics) gets lost among others on sale at Tech Town. Meanwhile, Leo finds it is in his best interest to stop Principal Perry from retiring.
7 Apr. 2014
Scramble the Orbs
Leo invents Attack Orbs, floating robotic bodyguards that will attack any threat coming within five feet of him.
14 Apr. 2014
Principal from Another Planet
Principal Perry invades the Daveport mansion during a lunar eclipse to declare an alien invasion at hand. Turns out, she might be correct.
21 Apr. 2014
Douglas contacts Donald to warn him about Victor Krane. Unfortunately, Donald doesn't believe him, and now Leo and Tasha are kidnapped.
30 Jun. 2014
Three Minus Bree
When Bree is accepted for a high school semester abroad program and Davenport won't let her go, she destroys her chip forsaking her bionic abilities.
7 Jul. 2014
Which Father Knows Best
Leo seeks out Douglas' help to replace Bree's destroyed chip while Adam and Chase explore ways to replace Bree.
18 Jul. 2014
Cyborg Shark Attack
Only aiming to pay Leo back for humiliating him and Adam at school, Chase sets a cyborg shark with artificial intelligence loose in the house.
28 Jul. 2014
You Posted What? Part 1
A viral video of Adam, Bree and Chase handling a mission outs their bionic secret, but Leo discerns that the emergency was a set-up just for that purpose.
28 Jul. 2014
You Posted What?! Part 2
With Victor Krane at large and the other Davenports held by government agents, Douglas only knows one way to fix Leo's crushed arm - make him bionic.
29 Sep. 2014
Armed & Dangerous
Agent Graham takes the bionic teens on a whirlwind press tour, ignoring the need for missions and training, and reducing Donald to an office gopher.
13 Oct. 2014
Alien Gladiators
The Davenports attend a fan convention where Adam, Bree and Chase dress as their favorite "Alien Gladiators" characters, and Leo and Doanld compete for a walk-on role.
20 Oct. 2014
Brother Battle
Douglas unlocks new abilities for Adam and Chase that escalate their battle of one-upping and disrupt the balance of power on the team.
24 Oct. 2014
Spike Fright
When Chase finally gets a girl interested in him, Adam gets jealous and sabotages their date by purposefully causing Chase to turn into Spike.
10 Nov. 2014
Face Off
Bree attempts to play a prank on Adam, but it goes awry right before her big date for the school's winter dance.
1 Dec. 2014
Merry Glitchmas
Tasha snags some toys from the lab for her Christmas toy drive, not knowing Chase empowered them with bionics.

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