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jotix10028 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Amy and Helen wake up in the middle of the night as a disturbed Levi is begging to come in to talk to Amy. When the women hesitate to let him in, he breaks the door down. During the night Amy reasons with Levi to go to a rehab clinic that will help him. Levi, although shaky about his decision goes with Amy to the airport for his flight.

Amy, having donned a power suit is ready for the presentation. Having asked Damon for a chance to make a pitch, she tackles the task of writing a disturbing report about the companies her firm represents. Amy, without Dougie's permission gos to the conference room where all her colleagues are appalled to hear bad things about the products. Meeting the derision of the higher ups makes Amy angry. In her mind, she wants to burn the building, but that energy is put into another angry paper she prepares after office hours. As Amy works feverishly, Adele is heard in the background singing "Rolling in the Deep", a kind of hymn for an inspired Amy, indeed!

Directed by Miguel Arteta, this is a fitting finale to the first season of "Enlightened". In this episode Amy shows what she is capable of doing when she gets involved with a cause. Laura Dern dominates the chapter. No wonder she received a reward for her effort, not only as an actress, but to the force and insight about a determined woman. Diane Ladd has a minor part, and Luke Wilson does a nice appearance as Levi. The supporting players, following Mr. Arteta's direction contribute to our enjoyment.

We look forward to the new season.
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Fantastic finale
Red_Identity6 February 2012
Enlightened has come to an end... and needless to say, I am very much looking forward to the next season. Amy is on a new mission and she won't stop. That's part of the charm. Also, it's a new future for Levi, or at least a future with possibilities. All I can say is that I am very happy that Amy has stayed who she is... not all great films or series have to have an arc, where a character changes or learns something valuable. That is mistaken for great material. Instead, Amy has thought she has learned new things, yet none of them is what she really needs to learn. I cannot wait for the second season, and this is one of TV's finest series.
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