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I like it
SanteeFats20 September 2012
I like this show a lot, especially Lea Penick. It shows a family and friend(s) doing what needs to be done to help control the feral hogs. What I don't understand though is why so many of the people that hire them just don't sit up at night with a rifle and scope and try to take out the damn pigs. If it was my place and it was even semi-legal I would shoot them myself. I do realize that that not every person is equipped mentally and/or physically to do so, plus some of the people obviously have ranches to run or other business requirements that prevent them from going after the hogs themselves. Feral hogs may be smart but they can be baited and shot,trapped, or even poisoned (depending on the circumstances).
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Just a minor diversion
SnoopyStyle1 June 2014
Jerry Campbell is the grumpy old man who is a legend in his own mind. He leads a family business hunting down feral hogs with the help of his son Robert, his firecracker daughter Krystal, and friend Lea Penick. Most of time they fight. Sometimes they run off on their own. Sometimes there is competition like Ronnie Creek. Sometimes they hire some help with varying degree of usefulness.

This is an A&E "reality" TV show. The reality is somewhat questionable. It's fun to see them hunt hogs. It's also fun to see the family squabbles. Although both do get very repetitive. It's more a diversion than anything actually good. Also there is a tendency to get girls with big boobs whether it's Krystal or Lea or some girl they hired to replace them. It's not anything bad. It just needs to figure out how to keep it from getting too repetitive and boring.
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Jerry Campbell
hchill157 November 2013
I have watched a few of these shows and after reading some articles they are saying this show is depicting the family hunting hogs and they are not acting, they are being their selves. If so I think Jerry Campbell is an ignorant, selfish, rude and terrible person and father to treat everyone around him like crap. I understand that he might have some physical limitations, but he shouldn't belittle others when he isn't capable of doing anything but cheating his own kids. I think the show could be interesting in showing and making aware of the feral hog problem in Texas and many other states. The hogs cost millions each year because of the damage the cause. I would watch a show like this if this didn't include this ignorant person (Jerry Campbell). This show the way it is sucks.
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God Help Us
skipping_pig14 May 2015
Thanks America, another of your finest shows is heading to a UK station near you.

Honestly I do not understand why this genre of programme is so popular. It's just another roll of indistinguishable televisual wallpaper that purports to be a 'reality show' but is in fact no more than poorly contrived BS.

This time we're supposed to be interested in pig herders. Whoop de do. It really doesn't matter whether it's pork bothers, inbred motor cycle mechanics, a bounty hunting transvestite or the aesthetically challenged making millions from abandoned storage lockers - it' all the same. The scripted perils and pitfalls are exactly the same across all these shows, only the setting changes.

This latest incarnation should only serve to reinforce the message that the programmers will do the bare minimum required to fill the gaps between the adverts.

It is a real shame that this breed of 'reality TV' has all but killed the fly-on-the wall genre. I'm sure a genuine documentary these days would be dismissed as not interesting enough, without the scripted arguments and confrontations. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that programmes like American Hoggers and its ilk are are so very dull. If they are going to make this stuff up why make every character detestable and each episode as boring as the last? I've gone for a very generous 2 stars as the production company does at least know which end of the camera to point at the subject matter. But please, no more of this stuff.
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I love this show
glensarahs3 December 2013
I really love this show and hope that it is renewed for 2014. I find it exciting and really love the people. I am glad you post the shows online so that I can watch them. I just wish you posted them as they air instead of withholding some. I can't get enough of this show. I wish I was young and had the opportunity to do this. This show is exciting, interesting, and entertaining. I will be sad when it is over. I like the new girl and hope that the 3 girls can become friends. It looks like hard work but fun even though it is dangerous. I know people have problems with the show but I feel the hogs do need to be controlled and this is the best way to control them for the safety of many. I don't like Ronnie Creek.
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