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I lost my family covering your arse.
paolo ceccacci28 October 2017
Two girls were talking about the boots they had just bought, when a thief turned up, trying to snatch one's bag. He managed to run away with the trophy but a bystander chased him and he ended up running over by a car. In the hospital his situation was critical but before passing away he wanted to talk with Brooks: he confessed that a wrong person was convicted in a case dated 14 years before. Brooks was the junior detective at the time and this is the chance to keep in touch with his senior detective, now retired. Actually, due to improvements in forensic science there are some dark spots in the case: the victim wasn't killed by a blow in the head but she was strangled and a small DNA sample had to be examined. The police made a big mistake caused mainly by detective's state of mind: Brooks was an alcoholic and his partner suffered for sleep deprivation. The real perp is caught, but it's not easy for Thorne to get him convicted after all this years.

We see in this episode that police officers are human. They could make mistakes but they have to admit that sometimes they got it wrong. It's not clear at the end if the father's victim (Tim McInnerny) forgive Brooks for what he had done to him.
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