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10x10 Trailer Unravels the Secret Behind a Mysterious Abduction

Vertical Entertainment has released the first trailer, poster and photo for 10x10, a new thriller slated to arrive in theaters and on VOD formats April 13. While Luke Evans often plays both heroic and villainous characters alike, his Lewis character in this thriller is quite methodical, plotting his revenge for months, waiting for just the right time to strike, abducting Cathy and holding her against her will in a 10x10 soundproof room, with no way out. As you can see below, there is much more than meets the eye to both the abductor and abductee.

Lewis (Luke Evans) is an outwardly ordinary guy, but in reality he is hiding an obsession, revenge, against Cathy (Kelly Reilly). Just a few days from opening her new business, Cathy's fresh start is interrupted when she is attacked, kidnapped and locked in a room. She assumes the kidnapper wants her body or her life, but he is after something simpler.
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The Strangers: Prey At Night new trailer

Joseph Baxter Jan 8, 2018

Horror sequel The Strangers: Prey At Night stars Christina Hendricks, and has a brand new trailer...

The Strangers arrived in 2008 as an insular, tonally-terrifying, horror film outing, centering on a young couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman,) who are stalked in her remotely-located childhood summer home by three masked assailants. While it divided audiences, the film’s back-to-basics plot on a microscopic $9 million budget proved to be a successful formula, grossing $82.39 million worldwide.

Now, nearly a decade later, after having crossed major dilatory hurdles, the long-awaited sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night, is nigh. And the latest trailer for the film has landed...

Here's the first trailer too, that arrived back in November...

Video of The Strangers: Prey at Night - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters this March

Johannes Roberts steps into the director’s chair, working off a script by original film director Bryan Bertino,
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47 Metres Down Review

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Daniel Goodwin

The killer shark movie has seen a resurgence in recent years with the Sharknado franchise spewing straight to streaming site sequels, while the schlockier Sharkenstein, Dino-Shark, Jurassic Shark and Shark Exorcist have also plagued home viewing platforms. Some manage to make it to the big screen; take last year’s The Shallows, which earned reputable reviews and Us box office (for its budget), while 2018 will see Jason Statham hopefully chinning a Carcharodon Carcharias in Jon Turtletuab’s giant mutant shark flick, Meg.

Meanwhile, Altitude and E-One (among others) deliver this derivative killer shark flick 47 Metres Down. More along the lines of Open Water than 2-Headed Shark Attack, co-writer/director Johannes Roberts’ film twitches awkwardly on the big screen like a suicidal haddock before wilting into dung sodden algae.

While vacationing in Mexico, sisters Lisa and Kate (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) are coaxed into cage diving with
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HeyUGuys visit the set of underwater horror flick 47 Metres Down

Author: Stefan Pape

When we were invited along to the set of Johannes Roberts’ survival thriller 47 Metres Down, a film set in Mexico, it took us by surprise somewhat when we were informed it was in fact Basildon where we’d be spending the day. It does make perfect sense, however, that the shoot takes place in Essex, for it’s the home of the unique Underwater Studio – and it’s here the vast majority of this narrative unfolds, on the bed of the ocean.

The premise is simple – two sisters, played by Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, get trapped in a cage on the sea bed, 47 Metres Down (of course) and with a dwindling supply of oxygen. Naturally you would just assume they could swim upwards and ensure their safety – but there are sharks circling. For Roberts, the man behind The Other Side of the Door and Storage 24
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47 Meters Down movie review: jumping the shark

MaryAnn’s quick take… Originally slated for a VOD release, and it feels like it: the few moments of simple tension quickly dissipate in the murky and not very shark-infested depths. I’m “biast” (pro): I’m desperate for movies about women

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

Though it seems the obvious explanation for its existence, 47 Meters Down is not, in fact, a cheaply assembled response to the success of last summer’s terrific Blake Lively-versus-shark thriller The Shallows. Instead, a movie that was completed and slated for a straight-to-vod last August morphed into a theatrical release… very likely in response to the success of The Shallows. Be not fooled, though: there may be double the number of women in jeopardy in 47 but much less than half the amount of shark or suspense. On vacay in Mexico, American
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A Cage Dive Descends into a Watery Hell with 47 Meters Down: First Trailer

Formerly titled In the Deep, the first trailer for 47 Meters Down has been released. This title, from Dimension Films, focuses on two young women and their first cage dive. Swimming with sharks, Lisa and Kate have chosen their initial dive poorly. This title, from director Johannes Roberts (Storage 24), stars Mandy Moore, Claire Holt and Matthew Modine. A preview of the film's June launch is available here. The official synopsis begins with a break-up. Lisa (Moore) and Kate (Holt) decide to head to Mexico, to chase away heartbreak. Once on the sandy beaches, they make a potentially fatal mistake, by trusting a shady dive instructor. Events take a worse turn when their cage breaks and they are left 47 meters below the surface, with their oxygen running out. There is no escape, outside of facing several Great White Sharks. The latest artwork for the film is hosted above. It is one of the weakest graphics,
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The Strangers 2 confirmed for early 2018

Simon Brew Oct 12, 2017

Johannes Roberts has the job of bringing The Strangers 2 to the big screen. And more details have landed...

Back in February (see below), we got the news that the long-mooted sequel to The Strangers was back on the agenda. Johannes Roberts - who scored a hit over the summer with 47 Metres Down - was appointed as director. And his film is now less than six months away.

See related Netflix's Stranger Things: Shawn Levy interview Netflix's Stranger Things: spotting the movie references

The film now has an official title, and will be going by the name of Strangers: Prey At Night. Furthermore, it looks as if production is well underway, if not done with. The film’s release date is early next year, with the movie landed in the Us on March 9th 2018. That’s ten years after the original movie.

The official synopsis has been released too,
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Exclusive Interview: Noel Clarke on Brotherhood

Alex Moreland chats with Noel Clarke about his new film Brotherhood

Could you tell us a little bit about the development of these movies, and what inspired you in terms of their original conception? Would you say they’re quite personal to you?

I grew up in that area, in West London; the first film was based on me and my friends, so that’s where the original inspiration for the film came from. The first one was pretty personal, yeah, but the second one is more of a movie, and the third one, that was about having kids and growing up, just thinking about if I put that character in that situation, how is he going to react?

You wrote Kidulthood, but went on to both write and direct the subsequent two movies in the series; did you find that you preferred having that greater level of control over your original material?
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AFM: Altitude Boards Thriller ‘10×10,’ Starring Luke Evans

AFM: Altitude Boards Thriller ‘10×10,’ Starring Luke Evans
Altitude Film Sales has secured worldwide sales rights to “10×10,” starring Welsh actor Luke Evans, currently on screen with Emily Blunt in “The Girl on a Train” and soon to be seen in Bill Condon’s “Beauty and the Beast” with Emma Watson. “10×10” is from the creative team behind U.K. box-office hit “Brotherhood.”

Co-starring with Evans (“The Hobbit” trilogy, “Professor Marston & the Wonder Women”) is Kelly Reilly (“True Detective,” the “Sherlock Holmes” franchise), soon to be seen in the Sky TV drama series “Britannia,” by acclaimed playwright Jez Butterworth with his brother Tom Butterworth and Richard McBrien.

“10×10” is a contained cat-and-mouse thriller set in America. “Lewis is a seemingly ordinary guy but under the surface he hides a singular obsession — revenge — and the focus of his obsession is Cathy,” according to a statement. “In broad daylight, Lewis kidnaps Cathy and takes her to his home in the middle of nowhere.
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Stephen King's Hearts In Atlantis to become a movie

John Saavedra Sep 22, 2016

British director Johannes Roberts is bringing Stephen King's Hearts In Atlantis to the big screen...

Variety reports that director Johannes Roberts (The Other Side Of The Door, Storage 24) will adapt Stephen King's novella, Hearts In Atlantis, for the big screen. Roberts is adapting the story with frequent collaborator Ernest Riera, who co-wrote The Other Side Of The Door and shark thriller 47 Meters Down.

This new project is not to be confused with the 2001 film Hearts In Atlantis, which starred Anthony Hopkins in a retelling of two other novellas in Stephen King's collection of the same name. That movie adapted Low Men In Yellow Coats and Heavenly Shades Of Night Are Falling.

Hearts In Atlantis is a coming-of-age story that takes place at the University of Maine during the Vietnam War era. Main character Peter lives in an all-male dormitory where all of the
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The evolution of Noel Clarke

Simon Brew Sep 10, 2016

From Doctor Who’s Mickey to a one-man film industry, and Brotherhood. So why doesn’t Noel Clarke get more respect?

Over the past weekend, the final part of Noel Clarke’s The Hood trilogy of movies, Brotherhood, hit big in the UK. The movie has earned £1.98m in its first seven days on release, on just 220 screens. It did so in spite of Clarke at one stage struggling to raise the finance for the film (only two companies ended up putting in tangible offers), and also in spite of it being eight years since the release of its predecessor, Adulthood.

In a summer of box office disappointments, Brotherhood has offered a very welcome contrast.

The box office numbers were being reported as a surprise, and not unreasonably. Rounding off a trilogy that’s been off screen for many years is a gamble, and a trilogy too
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Review: The Other Side Of The Door

While it may not necessarily be a contender for “Best Horror Film of 2016”, The Other Side of the Door is still a solid supernatural thriller that showcases its Indian backdrop marvelously, features a strong performance from The Walking Dead alum Sarah Wayne Callies, and does an admirable job of trying to bring something new to a very familiar premise.

At the start of The Other Side of the Door, we meet Maria (Callies) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto), who have been transplanted from the States to India as part of Michael’s job as an antiques dealer. Once Maria reveals she’s expecting their first child, the couple decides to officially make Mumbai their home and raise their family abroad. Flash forward several years and we meet the now established husband and wife, who are only but a shell of their former selves. The reason? Some months earlier, a tragic car
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The Other Side of the Door review – ghost thriller hinges on slow-burn scares

This supernatural tale about a grieving mother mixes high-tension moments with patient characterisation to form a clever, capable chiller

Shades of Don’t Look Now and the Orpheus myth in this not-half-bad supernatural chiller from British co-writer and director Johannes Roberts, who gave us F, a horror-thriller about a schoolteacher under threat; he also directed Noel Clarke’s script for Storage 24. The Other Side of the Door is about Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto), a married American couple in Mumbai. When one of their children is killed in a car accident they are devastated, but their sorrowing housekeeper, Piki (Suchitra Pillai), tells the mother there is a way for her to get closure: if she goes to a certain ruined temple on a certain moonlit night, she will be able to talk with her son’s ghost through the locked door before he vanishes for ever into the next world.
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Interview: Director Johannes Roberts and Co-Star Sarah Wayne Callies Discuss The Other Side Of The Door

Out this weekend is The Other Side of the Door, a supernatural thriller co-written and directed by Johannes Roberts and starring Jeremy Sisto and Sarah Wayne Callies. The film explores how the power of grief can cause people to do the unthinkable and transports viewers to Mumbai, India, a beautiful and surreal setting for Roberts’ haunting tale of a mother who will stop at nothing to reunite with her young son after he dies in a horrific accident.

At a recent press day, Daily Dead had the opportunity to speak with both Roberts and Callies about The Other Side of the Door, and the duo chatted about how the location ended up changing Roberts’ original story, the challenges they faced during production and more. Check out highlights from our chat with Callies and Roberts and look for The Other Side of the Door in theaters everywhere this Friday, courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
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The Other Side of the Door review: “A cliched mess that is boring and disappointing.”

The Other Side of the Door review: Yet another horror film where white people bump ignorantly into a culture they don’t quite understand. The Other Side of the Door review

It seems to be a rare genetic condition inherent in the blood of white screenplay writers, that they must search out other cultures, find a bit supernatural folklore and then turn it into a generic horror film. Let’s face it, foreigners and their customs are scary, or at least that’s the only explanation I can think of. This time around it’s the turn of Hinduism and India from Johannes Roberts the director of the equally bland Storage 24.

The Other Side Of The Door follows a married couple, Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto) who have settled in Mumbai, had two children, and then tragically lost their son when their car ended up in a river.
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Glasgow Frightfest: ‘The Other Side of the Door’ Review

Stars: Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeremy Sisto, Sofia Rosinsky, Suchitra Pillai, Jax Malcolm, Javier Botet, Logan Creran | Written by Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera | Directed by Johannes Roberts

Dammit Johannes Roberts, why did you have to disappoint so? I absolutely Adore his 2010 film F (aka The Expelled) and – even though its a Noel Clarke film - Storage 24 wasn’t that bad either. So hearing that Roberts had the chance to helm a studio movie, a horror at that, set in India with its vast religious culture and strange chaotic lifestyle, And produced by Alexandre Aja… It’s safe to say I was excited for The Other Side of the Door. Even more so after Sarah Wayne Callies was cast in the lead – I’m a huge fan of hers, ever since the Prison Break days. So what went wrong?

Grieving over the tragic loss of their son Oliver in India (shown in the films one effective,
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The Hoarder has Room for Another Body or Two

There have been a number of storage-styled horror films of late. There was the simply titled Storage (2009), then Self Storage (2013) and then the sci-fi infused Storage 24 (2014). This time, your trip to the local storage facility takes place with Matt Winn's The Hoarder. Starring Mischa Barton ("The O.C.") and Robert Knepper ("Prison Break"), The Hoarder involves a break-in of a storage facility and the strange cast of characters who lie behind these locked doors. A trailer for the film was released in the middle of 2015. Then, the film was released in Germany in late 2015. Now, horror film fans can take a look at the film's release, which is scheduled for April 2016. The official synopsis focuses on Ella (Barton). She decides to break into her fiancé’s storage locker. But, things do not go according to plan. An unspeakable monstrosity has taken residence in one of the other lockers. Meanwhile,
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Journey to ‘The Other Side of the Door’ in this new trailer

Film characters and rules historically don’t work well. This is especially true for the horror genre. Just think how much easier his life would’ve been had Billy paid attention to those three little mogwai rules in Gremlins. Similarly if Frank had never opened ‘the box’ Kirsty would have been spared the nightmares inflicted by those naughty cenobites. Well if the new trailer for upcoming The Other Side of the Door is anything to go by, it’s a horror trope that doesn’t seem to be going any time soon.

The Other Side of the Door stars The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies as a grieving mother who accidentally unleashes all manor of ghastly beings after trying to speak to her departed child. Failing to follow the simple rule to ‘not open the door’, the below trailer confirms that just like everyone else, Callies just can’t follow orders with disastrous results.
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Glasgow FrightFest 2016 – The Line-Up

Kicking off with a special screening of The Forest with star Natalie Dormer in attendance, and finishing in racy rock-fuelled style with Sean Byrne’s The Devil’s Candy, the UK’s favourite horror fantasy event returns to Glasgow Film Festival with another stellar line-up to shock, chill and thrill. A record thirteen films will screen from Thursday 25th February to Saturday 27th February, alongside a selection of unmissable shorts, guest director Q & A’s, great give-aways and a sneak preview of Paul Hyett’s Heretiks, with the popular director in attendance.

The line-up starts at 9pm on Thurs 25 Feb with the UK Premiere of The Forest starring Natalie Dormer searching for her twin sister in Japan’s most haunted location, the fabled Sea of Trees. The ‘Game of Thrones’ star is making her first appearance at Glasgow Film Festival and is thrilled to be headlining this gala event the
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[Media] - "The Door" New Trailer

A new international trailer has been released for 20th Century Fox's "The Other Side Of The Door", which stars "The Walking Dead"'s Sarah Wayne Callies, as well as "Wrong Turn" and "May" fav Jeremy Sisto. Coming out of left field, "The Other Side Of The Door" is directed by indie filmmaker Johannes Roberts ("F", "47 Meters Down", "Storage 24") and opens March 11, 2016.Grieving over the loss of her son, a mother struggles with her feelings for her daughter and her husband. She seeks out a ritual that allows her say goodbye to her dead child, opening the veil between the world of the dead and the living. Her daughter becomes the focus of terror. She must now protect against the evil that was once her beloved son....
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