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A refreshing break from a flailing Two and Half Men...
mad-bout-movies8 July 2012
Charlie's new show is not a masterpiece, nor is it trying to be, but it is better then Two and Half Men's current offering. I'm a huge fan of Two and a Half Men and dearly wished that Kutcher would hold the show, but it transpires that Alan's character is the only thing keeping the show remotely amusing anymore. At least with Anger Management I actually laugh more then once during an entire episode. I never watched Two and Half Men for Oscar performances or for the story line, I just wanted the show to make me laugh and that's exactly what Anger Management does. It's a shame that Sheen and Chuck parted ways like they did, they both made a loss. Some have commented that Charlie is the only one with talent in this show, I strongly disagree, Charlies dysfunctional therapy group has a couple of great actors and the supporting cast, his daughter and ex-wife are great too.

If your just after something that fills the void that the new Two and Half Men has left then you'll enjoy this show, it has plenty of good laughs, just like the good old days of Two and Half Men...'queer jar' LMFAO!!!
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one of the funniest comedies at the moment
dayprie10 August 2012
I never thought that Sheen could pull it of after being a complete idiot when he was fired on two and a half man (which by the way gets less funnier by the episode), but he did it again and makes himself very likable.I think it's clever that Charlie makes fun of his own issues, which makes the show so much more hilarious.The strength of a good comedian is being able to make fun of himself in the first place. The dialogues are sharp and funny. The characters are coming more alive and funnier in every episode. I hope you Americans give the show a chance, instead of criticize so quickly, because I think the show has big potential.
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Loved it...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
m t1 July 2012
I'm a big fan of Two and a Half Men, I've watched every episode many times and the show still makes me smile even after many viewings. And i'm not that big a fan of TV in general I cant watch the new Ashton version as it despoils a perfect show.

Sheen is the man, he is the Hollywood bad ass that makes these kinds of shows realistic, Adding creditability to his lines.

I've seen the 1st and 2nd show of Anger Management and it Rocks. Charlie is back and if the show continues with this high caliber comedy it will become a bigger hit than Two and a Half Men ever was.

Good Work Charlie glad to see you back....Keep it up...
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Angry Fun
killer1h28 June 2012
OK, so right from the beginning this show comes out swinging at CBS, and makes some references to that effect. The fact that there are a lot more people but the dialog stayed just as witty as it did in two and a half men is a nice trade up as are Sheens' cast members. Otherwise then that it's pretty much the same. I mean Charlie sheen still plays a guy named Charlie, he's still a womanizer, he still drinks, and other then a few plot changes here and there it's proof that Charlie Sheen really was two and a half men.

So in this show Charlie is an anger management shrink who obviously had serious anger issues before which more then likely lead to the demise of his marriage out of which he yielded a daughter. It seems his daughter has a few issues as well, which plays a significant part in the first episode. Bottom line its pretty good. 10/10.
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A furious comedy
iamheretogetu7 July 2012
Well lets say Charlie does it again. The show is quite interesting with the fact Charlie hasn't changed much from d previous Charlie Harper we knew.

The script is good and the characters are spot on in there acting. The cast is a good mix and mix quite good with each other in the show.

The twist of Charlie's own anger issues and he himself being an anger management therapist is quite hilarious.

The show delivers excellent comic situations. Its been good for now. Hope it keeps going at the same pace.

However, at many situations which are supposed to funny ain't. They would have to work on that part. Also the entire show currently is evolving around only Charlie. That fact cannot be ignored. You cant expect 1 person to give it all. The other characters also need to be given a little more air time.

8/10 :)
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Old-looking chick magnet routine doesn't fly.
qormi10 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This show doesn't sit well. When Charlie Sheen started 2 1/2 Men as the philandering rake, he looked the part and it was somewhat believable. Years later, and Sheen is playing he same character in another series. But it's pathetic to watch, as Charlie Sheen is now too thin and old- looking; he hasn't aged well. It has the same problem the show, Frazier had - unattractive old-looking guy as chick magnet scoring with women half his age.

The episode I watched was disturbing - Sheen is seen bedding a beautiful rival therapist.Wearing a skimpy black bra and panties, she demands that he take off her underwear with his teeth and then we see Charlie slipping under the sheets. Next, he asks a girl working at the coffee shop for a date. It seems that this twenty-something stunner is also a PhD. After a brief verbal sparring, she is impressed by Charlie's wit and agrees to have dinner with him. At the restaurant, they are seated at a table. It's not in a discreet corner of the restaurant nor is it dimly lit...she wastes no time in proceeding to slip her hand under the table. "Zipper, not buttons", Charlie informs her. A minute later, they're headed for the restroom together to have sex. They haven't even ordered yet. How romantic - having sex in the stall of a public restroom.....what a gas...this passes for comedy these days???
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Bland Management
Diet Bacon Cola14 July 2012
After the 10 or so reviews from F/X it might be time to get real.

The review cannot ignore Charlie Sheen, his past and his past roles. If you had any expectations prior to the show they will be greatly dismissed. Interesting enough the show is a typical sitcom with a very average cast and extremely average writing. To my astonishment the show could run on any major network, not inappropriate words, no inappropriate behavior. That can be good or bad, make up your own mind about that.

The show is explained in one sentence, Charlie is a therapist and is trying to help a group of people to get over their anger issues. While this could be hilarious but it is not.

They have caught themselves in a net of professional terms that nobody can follow and Charlie Sheen is now the one people react to, he used to be the one who reacts in short sentences towards others. He talks too fast his voice is too dark and the laugh track in the background is making no sense.

I give this 5 Stars for the many funny hours i had watching Charlie Sheen, this show is a complete failure in writing and casting. Sorry Mr Sheen, you had the lead in a show that was manufactured around you, you screwed it up, now you are stuck with this mediocre show.
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Not what I was expecting
bjhabal30 June 2012
Though I love Charlie Sheen, this is not a one man show, and the supporting actors/actress are either not funny, or may be the writing was not up to their talent. From what I have seen in the first two episodes, this show has no future unless something dramatically changed. In Two and half men every character had its momentum, and the jokes came out naturally unlike in anger management, where they force the joke on you though it is not really a funny one.On the other hand, I don't understand why the show runner insisting in repeating the role of Charlie as a sex addicted playboy, played in Two and a half men, which already have exhausted during the nine seasons run of the show, although he is capable of doing much better than that. The bottom line, I gave the show 5 point for Charlie Sheen overcoming his problems and returning to the T.V. screen, and not for the show itself.
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two thumbs up!
kimlucaw18 July 2013
It was a little slow to start but quickly picked up steam. Love the characters and story lines! My favorite though, is the prison group!! The black gay couple are hilarious. The characteristics and dialog given to these criminals, make them almost lovable!I laugh out loud every time. I would like to see more of them. The only criticism I have, is in regards to Charlies' ex-wife, Jennifer. Her acting leaves a lot to be desired and I find the character does nothing to contribute to the show. In future I would like the show to delve a little into Ed's life. The show has slowly let us peek into the lives of the others in the group, except Ed. Love the show, keep up the good work!
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jmaclean115 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For all the cash Charlie made he still wants to follow the same though worse written formula make something new, Anger is two and a half mens very poor cousin we used to idolise Charlie he now looks SAD. I find it difficult to write ten lines about this absolute copy of two and a half obviously you think put Charlie in as Charlie and just follow the same old crap, come up with something new stop feeding us the same thing over and over again. Are Americans so sexually repressed that every prog is about sex OK Chic got some sex wow we get it something new would be refreshing. For the next two lines I'm struggling this prog does not merit ten lines it's two and a half over again now we know he's not the best actor but surely he's better than this pile of crap.
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Top quality humor
eskildahr9215 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
We all have different taste and it's a subjective matter, but to give this one less than 8 is just not fair.

The story of each episode is typically simple and of minor significance, but all of them are stuffed with beautifully composed jokes and appealing people. The series depict a wide spectrum of different characters, each having their own stereotypical peculiarity, some of them are even quite distasteful - but yet presented in a funny 'we all have our problems'-kind of way.

It is also great fun to see Charlie and his dad, which make an excellent combo together!

I highly recommend Anger Management to everybody old enough to watch.
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Just what i have been waiting for!
eddy133730 June 2012
This is just the kind of sitcoms/comedy i have been waiting for, and it is with Charlie Sheen!(I dint know what before i saw it) I give this 10 of 10 points when it comes to comedy! Great entertainment for everyone over 15 years..

I will look at all the episodes! And tell my friends about it.. And not only are the series funny! Charlie is on the air again!! :) I was hoping for 40 min episodes, but its OK.

I don't want to wait a week more for next episode!

I was really surprised when Charlie's face come on the screen! Charlie Sheen everybody!! Welcome back to TV! :)

We love you!
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Good luck with the show but it sucks.
Toxicwasteland18 July 2012
Charlie Sheen, you are so versatile as an actor that you play yet another role where your character's name is Charlie and has an obsession with sex. Does it confuse you when people refer to you by a different name? You know what I thought of of the first episode of Anger Management. Rehash/reboot/poor man's attempt/rip off of Two and a Half Men. No, original thought here at all. He pretty much plays the same character he's been playing for over twenty years (identical to the one in Two and a Half Men) and pretty much ripped off the movie Anger Management. I'd rather listen to Rebecca Black's music than watch your lame ass attempt to get even. Not to mention the worst casting decisions I have ever seen made in a TV show, awful acting, unbearable dialog and completely unfunny. This show feels like Charlie Sheen is desperate to prove to people that he's a good person and just troubled(Yes a trouble fifty year old? That's nice.). The only real reason to watch this show is if you are a Charlie Sheen fan but for anybody else there is nothing to see but a divorced aging Charlie Sheen complaining 20 minutes every week. And for the record I would forward to this show but all I got was another Charlie Sheen disaster.
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Anger Management
april_anjard11 April 2013
I don't understand why this show has such a low review. I find it hilarious but maybe its just my type of humor. I know there have been movies and shows that other people find funny that I didn't even crack a smile at. I love Raising Hope but was surprised that this show has a lower rating than Raising Hope as Anger Management makes me laugh until my eyes water. Being chronically ill, its important for me to laugh so I hope this show manages to keep its head above water. I guess I always have Nurse Jackie, another one of my favorites. I hope that it keeps going at least. I have never been a fan of Charlie Sheen but I think he does a great job on this show and I have changed my mind about him, he is very funny! Its also nice to see his real Dad, Martin, playing his Dad on the show. They are great together. Maybe there are just so many other great shows out there that this one is overlooked, unfortunately!
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Pathetic beyond words
Vique7810 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Watched the first three episodes; the second and third because I really wanted to give it a chance. Sadly it did not help. It was physically painful watching the old wrinkly pathetic shell of a man (Sheen) play this (yet again) incredibly unrealistic ladies man. The dialogue the acting the directing everything about this production screams low class desperation and utter garbage.

In no way shape or form would I ever recommend this show for anyone. I hope it gets cancelled real fast so other much much better shows can take it's place in the TV guides. The only thing I enjoyed about this show was Selma Blair. She is so darn sexy and deserves way better than having to act against low class actors like Sheen. I am going to have nightmares about the scenes of the two together, it was awful and wrong in so many ways.
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FX's worst show
Joey Deats4 January 2013
I'm surprised that this bullsh*t is even loved at all. They let this garbage stay on FX, but they let a maybe sex-obsessed, but creative and morally funny show like Unsupervised hit the dust. It just doesn't make sense. Unsupervised kicked ass regardless of what people say about it, but this show is just plain distasteful. I'm surprised that Charlie Sheen even got on this show after getting sh*t-canned from Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen is an idiot for getting paid $300,000 (later $1,800,000) an episode of 2.5 men and then pissing it all away because he just had to get spastic. To make things worse, this show has a fu*king laugh track!!! FX has poured it's heart and soul into many shows like It's Alway's Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, The League, Unsupervised, and many more shows. This show is like FX giving itself a kick in the nuts. It can do better than this sh*t, I'm surprised it even got as high as it did because I hate it.

1/10 (because I can't go lower)
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johneverymann10 October 2012
They have some kinky scenes. But they're not funny. They're just kinky and stupid. I like Sheen, But this show is a stinker. I watched 5 episodes, Its not for me. Its not funny. Charlies not funny, his ex wife is not funny, His daughter is not funny, his main squeeze psychologist friend is not funny. And all the people in the anger management group are not funny. Its a combination of bad acting and bad writing. At this point Charlie is carrying the show. People only watch because its Charlie Sheens show. Not because its a good show. Let me put it this way. I give sons of anarchy a 5 out of 10. I think that show is unrealistic, And most the main characters need to be killed of their acting is so bad. But still sons is way better than AM. This show will never be nominated for a emmy. Sorry Charlie. You messed up leaving 2 and a half.
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Great comeback for Charlie Sheen
I had my doubts about this series, I figured it was a "in your face" to the producers of 'Two and a Half Men', and of course I thought it would be a flop, considering how crazy and outta hand Sheen was during that time. Well, I was wrong! This show is quite well done and hilarious! The entire premise of being an Anger Management counselor for a diverse group (outstanding ensemble btw) and the jail crew, was well out together. Great comeback Mr. Sheen!
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Lord help me I love it
SanteeFats10 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I know Charlie Sheen is a major whore mongering, drunken, druggie outside of this show but this series is a blast. The anger management group he counsels in his home has some really great zingers. There is the slut, the old man, the gay guy and the dofus who is in love with the slut. Charlie also counsels a prison group that is chained to their chairs because they are all psycho's. The entire show is well written and acted, His daughter is OCD so is really organized and intense, Shawnee Smith is the ex and gets some good shots in on Charlie. Selma Blair is Charlie's therapist and they also have a no strings, totally open sexual relation ship, supposedly. Martin Sheen plays the father on occasion and he has his own anger issues between he and Charlie. All in all I find this to be an extremely well done show.
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Pretty good
rmpinett17 October 2012
It's good to see Charlie back in good form. He's one of those actors that makes acting look easy. Maybe it's because he IS the character he plays. Every episode gets better. I look forward to watching more of Anger Management and re-runs of him in his former show.

His expressions are priceless. As long as they keep challenging his character with other personalities, the show will do well. Make fun of his character, call him down, tease him, people love it. Gawd, whatever you do, don't make him a goody goody.

Sometimes the best best actors are not those acting but those that play exactly who are the characters they portray. Like his character in his former show, Two and a Half Men portrayed, he'll always come out doing okay. Go Charlie!
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It didn't meet my expectations
Raymond B22 October 2012
We all have seen the downfall of Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen left the show and Ashton Kutchter tried, but couldn't fill the void Charlie Sheen left behind. We all had to accept that Two and a Half Men would never be the same.

Then I heard about a new show called Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen! I couldn't wait to see this show and I had high hopes that the show would be as good as Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen.

I sat down, watched the first episode and was truly flabbergasted. It didn't even come close to my expectations, but I decided to watch some more episodes and at least give it a fighting chance.

I saw Charlie Sheen being surrounded by some B-actors, who were funny at times but didn't come close to Jon Cryer(Alan Harper) and Angus T. Jones(Jake Harper). Don't misunderstand me, Anger Management made me laugh at times, mostly because of Charlie Sheen, but it just couldn't meet my expectations.

Unfortunately I have to say Anger Management is just another average series. So don't expect it to be as good as Two and a Half Men was or you might just get disappointed.
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So sorry this was canceled
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching Anger Management in reruns and enjoy it very much. I hated Two and a Half Men, so I didn't try watching until I stumbled upon it one night and found the writing intelligent and original, and the characters very entertaining.

Charlie Sheen's character is similar to the one he played on Two and a Half Men, but the ensemble cast is stronger and funnier. The fact that Charlie plays a loser who runs group therapy sessions in an attempt to help other losers is especially funny because it has a ring of truth. I had a mental health professional in my family, and everyone I met through her in that field had something emotionally or socially wrong with them. This show reveals the truth about those who set themselves up to tell everyone else how to live.

I especially like the encounters he has with dangerous criminals, who belong to the group he leads at a local prison. They would be frightening and dangerous in another context, but the way their lines are delivered are so deadpan, I can't help but laugh. I wish the producers would consider bringing this back.
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3 Stars for Charlie but the show sucks!
bellab19725 December 2012
I think Charlie is great and I loved two and a half men with him in it! I was really hoping this show would be hilarious but it falls short! Selma Blair is so boring and I wish she wasn't on the show! The in mates from the jail should appear more often! The magic that two and a half men had was due to Charlie being a laid back man whore that never let anything bother him! The writing was fantastic but Charlie carried the show! Ashton is terrible and the story keeps on switching too often!

Anyway, this show needs Charlie to remain Charlie, the relaxed selfish man whore, basically playing himself! That is the magic! This show could be good if the cast was a little better, they get rid of Selma, and Charlie has funny one liners opposite his supporting cast! Really, Selma is a wet blanket and not funny in the least! She makes it nearly unbearable to watch ! Some of the cast is good with great comedic timing but Blair is useless!

Just change the dynamics around a bit and make Charlie more confident instead of the lost non functioning dead beat dad and person! I am hoping this show gets better And 2 and a half men gets axed!
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Not the best come back for Charlie Sheen.... Sadly !
vasanth00-129 June 2012
I was eagerly awaiting for the much anticipated release of this sitcom for months. Not so happy after all. The much beloved Charlie of Two and Half Men is trying, everyone agrees. But it does not work out the Anger Management way. It looked like Charlie wanted more than funny episode to keep himself afloat. Sadly, the show did not even make me smile all the way through. I think there was just one scene which looked funny and the rest goes without laughs. The audience were paid to laugh, and i think that was the best part of the show for the producers. On a whole, the show needs more than creativity if they plan to keep it going. They need more laughs. They need more catchy characters. They need more funny one liners. They need more story. They need more character development. All in all, they need more LUCK. Good LUCK Charlie.
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The TWO and a half MEN nostalgia
manja200529 June 2012
Ah! I love a good sitcom once in a while.All you see is these intense shows on television.Not many sitcoms these days,with the exception of The Big Bang Theory. But another sitcom,that too starring Charlie Sheen,who according to me is the best thing ever happened to sitcoms in the 21st Century,is both a welcome and a refreshing change.

After Two and A Half Men, Charlie sheen returns to screen as Charlie Goodson the quirky,easy-going therapist-cum-playboy who has anger issues of his own in Anger Management. There are almost all the ingredients of a typical Charlie Sheen sitcom-a dysfunctional family,a million dollar home,dozens of hot and dumb chicks,and a bunch of weird guys thrown in,finally,dirty humor.

The entire show rests on Charlie Sheen himself.Most of the other characters are quite weak and fail to impress.The jokes are good,in bits and pieces.

All in all,the show could be much better. Having said that,is Charlie Goodson as good as Charlie Harper,yes. But can Anger Management be as good as Two and a half Men,that,only time can tell.
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