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Sex & Nudity

  • suggested rating TV-14 for Sexual Humor, Drug References,Sexual references and some Language
  • In almost every episode Charlie Sheen's character and Selma Blair's character Dr. Kate Wales are shown as "Friends with Benefits." Selma is shown in revealing lingeries in almost every episode. Sex is always implied. In an episode Kate asks Charlie to "take off her underwear with his mouth". In many episodes the two undress and crawl into bed.
  • Much of the show is about Charlie and Sean's promiscuous ways. The two are constantly womanizing. Dr. Jordan Denby mentions a history of infidelity from her first husband. Sean and Jordan eventually have a very sex-charged relationship.
  • We hear that Charlie cheated on Jennifer many, many times while they were married.
  • We hear in one episode that Martin was two-timing some women in his building.
  • Some of Lacey's boyfriends cheated on her.

Violence & Gore

  • Some references to violence including brief reference to murder and the way it was carried out.
  • Nolan has a cut/bruise on his eye from one of his girlfriend's "keying" him in it.
  • When Charlie dates a cop, she angrily slams a man on the hood of her car. She later maces Charlie in the eyes.


  • Very mild language included Ass, Queer, Crap, Damn,
  • Some crude humour including references to inserting things into someone's ass
  • Sometimes other language including pussy, Goddamn, Dick and Prick.
  • Ed makes a lot of racist remarks (in an old-fashioned, "from a different time" kind of way).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Very mild and brief reference to drug use.
  • There's a bar where the characters are often seen drinking.
  • Nolan is a character who has a marijuana addiction (which is a running theme throughout the show). Some others also get high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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