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For the pickle voices, actors gargled water as they read their lines.
Terry Crews replaces Mr. T as the voice of Earl Devereaux. Mr. T was asked to voice the character for the sequel, but declined. Many of Devereaux's body and facial expressions in the sequel were based on Crews' on-screen presence.
The animators also added an "Easter Egg" hidden fruit, which can be seen several times in the movie. It's name is Sasquash, and is shaped like a hairy gourd.
There were 120 "foodimals" made for the movie but only 39 made it to the final film. One of the foodimals that didn't make the movie was a fire-breathing T. rex S'more Monster with a marshmallow body, graham-cracker mouth and chocolate teeth.
Berry is voiced by the director of the movie, Cody Cameron.
The original title of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was "Revenge of the Leftovers."
The foodimals(food animals) in this movie include :
  • Fruit Cockatiel (made of several fruits)

  • Hippotatomus (potato with a hippo-like body)

  • Shrimpanzee (shrimps with a chimpanzee form)

  • Cheespider (cheeseburgers in the form of a spider)

  • Mosquitoast (toasted bread in the form of the mosquitoes)

  • Bananostrich (bananas with the characteristics of ostriches)

  • Flamango (mangoes with the characteristics of flamingos)

  • Watermelophant (watermelons in the form of an elephant)

and many others
Director Cody Cameron created food animals out of clay to help with the look of the foodimals.
The Cheespider has 203 eyes.
WILHELM SCREAM: Two of them are heard when Flint Lockwood's Party-in-a-Box goes off during an Inventor Presentation.

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