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Sex & Nudity

  • Brian is assaulted and robbed and wakes up by the river in his underwear.
  • A young homeless woman says that young people living on the streets have all been damaged, abused or brought up in care. Unclear whether she is referring to sexual or physical abuse (or both).
  • A woman and her parents disowned her 18 year old sister because she was a hippy who believed in free love - which she discovered wasn't free at all. She became pregnant but wasn't married.

Violence & Gore

  • Most of the violence in the programme is talked about rather than actually seen.
  • The team discusses the most common means of murdering tramps - beaten or kicked to death, rather than "up close and personal" i.e. strangulation.
  • A homeless man scuffles with a homeless woman and kicks at her dog when it tries to intervene.
  • A homeless men gets angry and grabs Brian by the coat and others become aggressive and threatening. One throws a half-brick at Brian, knocking him down.
  • Police taser a man who they believe to be drunk and aggressive.
  • A man attempts to hit another with a bottle but he is drunk and easily restrained.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Members of the team drink beer/wine over dinner (except for Brian who is a recovering alcoholic). They drink in moderation and are not visibly affected.
  • Gerry lights up a cigarette as soon as they leave the restaurant, ironically while telling his colleagues that the tramp living in the doorway will only spend money donated to her on drink or drugs. He is the only smoker on the team and smokes most of the time they are outdoors.
  • A group of homeless men each drinks from a can of cider; one offers another man a drink which he refuses. The homeless men become suspicious and then aggressive because everybody drinks.
  • Police find a man passed out, having been robbed. Because they believe they can smell cider on him they treat him as a suspect, not a victim, eventually tasering him.
  • A man admits to having been insensible through drink when police interviewed him.
  • UCOS refer to the high number of murders that are alcohol-related.

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