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21 Jul. 2011
My Shit
Albert, Eddy, and Bethany are destroying Lizzy's stuff at the house. A misunderstanding about ironically labeled post-it notes adds to the confusion. The roommates make Lizzy an apology meal to let her know that they respect her shit.
21 Jul. 2011
Lizzy's on and off again boyfriend Philip does a leave behind that gets him dumped. Bethany successfully uses osmosis on Eddy and gets him to clean the house. Philip confronts Eddy.
21 Jul. 2011
Lizzy attempts to give away the futon on craigslist and unknowingly makes the post sound like a sexual offer. Albert, Eddy, and Bethany must deal with the creeps who come over for a one night stand.
28 Jul. 2011
Bizza and Birthday
Bethany's birthday party introduces her wacky brother Bizza, whose lively jive talk can only be understood by Bethany and Eddy. Albert and Lizzy "have a moment." Eddy attempts to break up with his on and off again girlfriend Jules.
4 Aug. 2011
Eddy, Bethany, and Lizzy get tricked by a lofty monk that steals their valuables, which are actually Albert's valuables.
11 Aug. 2011
Willow Smith Is Dead
The roommates meet the insane neighbor Adell as she presents them with a plant.
Date Night
Albert and Lizzy have scheduled dinner dates at the house and after refusing to compromise, are forced to share the dining area on a double date.
25 Aug. 2011
Bowzer Howzer
Eddy is late on paying the rent and is forced to get himself a real job. He becomes a dog walker and upsets all the housemates.
1 Sep. 2011
Bethany's fake father George the bum over stay's his welcome at the apartment. George has sex, throws a hobo party and now Albert must watch his back every time he sees a bum on the street.
8 Sep. 2011
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15 Sep. 2011
Bethany makes the housemates Jumbalaya to make up for the overstay of her surrogate father, but Lizzy, Albert, and Eddy get food poisoning.
22 Sep. 2011
Ryan Gosling
Lizzy writes a resume for Eddy that scores him a dream job with A-list celebrity, Ryan Gosling.
29 Sep. 2011
Albert is blamed for all the missing ketchup in the house and all he wants is a little for his hot dog. Lizzy has been drinking all the ketchup.
6 Oct. 2011
The guys cannot handle living in a house with tampons, they try to make a move on the subject. The house discovers Bethany's disaster of a room, Eddy's awful hygiene, Alberts porn addiction, and that Lizzy only uses pads.
13 Oct. 2011
Walk the Dinosaur
The housemates all have a huge party. Albert busts out his secret talent, rapping, and scores with a hot hipster. Eddy quits the band. Lizzy expresses her true feelings for Albert.

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