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The film is sketchy as biography, but it proves an aging artist can still crackle with the electricity of youth.
Just as a document of the sheer physical labor that goes into covering a giant canvas with color, Gerhard Richter Painting is never less than absorbing.
You will see the man toiling and revising - killing off half-good ideas, struggling for clarity - and it's a routine well worth demystifying.
Village Voice
Gerhard Richter Painting artfully and convincingly immerses us into the world of one of the greatest, painting.
It is the achievement of Gerhard Richter Painting to shine a light on that hidden, private act as few other films have done.
The man we meet is intelligent and good-humored. "They do what they want," he says with a shrug, indicating a set of just-completed canvases. "I planned something different."
Delivers on the promise of its title. It shows us the world's most famous living painter, who turned 80 in February, at work with greater intimacy than any other film portrait of a contemporary artist provides.
Mostly the movie is about process and perspective. Through the documentary lens, Richter's enigmatic paintings speak to us.
Gerhard Richter may not fling paint at the canvas, Jackson Pollock-style, but as Corinna Belz shows in her documentary Gerhard Richter Painting, he can be his own kind of action painter.
Slant Magazine
The end results are mixed but nevertheless scintillating and provocative enough to be worth taking seriously.

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