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The story line between Bumper and Fat Amy was not in the script. Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson would improvise during their scenes together, and Devine would often try to kiss her. This led to Devine and Wilson to create a back story for their two characters and their relationship. The film makers thought the hostile, sexual chemistry between the two was funny and kept some of the scenes in the film - though according to the two actors, there was a lot that was cut out, including a reference to a one night stand.
Brittany Snow said that Rebel Wilson improvised most of her lines and would go on 20 minute tangents that would have the whole cast and crew in stitches.
During the Riff-Off, Ester Dean sings S&M, which was co-written by her.
Adam DeVine (Bumper) accidentally hit a cameraman with one of the burritos he had to throw out of the bus.
Available categories for the Riff off: The only categories exercised were Songs About Sex and Ladies of the 80's.
Despite being an accomplished songwriter, this served as the first acting role for Ester Dean who plays Cynthia Rose.
The song that Beca performs at her audition, "Cups (Miss Me When I'm Gone)," is a combination of a children's rhythmic percussion game played with drinking cups with a song that dates back to the late 1920s or early 1930s: "When I'm Gone," written by A.P. Carter and first recorded by his seminal folk-country group 'The Carter Family'. The song and the game were first combined in 2009 by the British group 'Lulu and the Lampshades'; Anna Kendrick heard this version and decided to include it in her audition scene. In the States, the song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 93 for the week ending January 12, 2013, even before the song was released as a single. By its 32nd week on that chart, it had climbed to number 6 (for the week ending August 17, 2013).
A special screening of the film was held on 25 September 2012 at the LSU Student Union Theater because parts of the movie were filmed on LSU's campus. The turnout for the screening was so great that only a little more than half of the students in line got in to see the movie. The producer saw that there were more students wanting to see the film and allowed a second showing immediately following the first.
The role of Gail was originally written for Kristen Wiig but she declined due to scheduling conflicts. Elizabeth Banks, one of the film's producers, eventually took the role.
Anna Kendrick said on the Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #20.19 (2012) that she learned her audition song "You're Going to Miss Me When I'm Gone" performed with the plastic cup from a viral video. It was incorporated into the movie after the producers learned she already knew how to do it.
Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins filmed all their scenes in one day.
While in the movie Anna Kendrick (Beca) and Skylar Astin (Jesse) are linked romantically, in real life Skylar Astin is in a relationship with Anna Camp (Aubrey).
Despite what Anna Kendrick's character claims in the movie, Vader (of Darth Vader) does not mean 'father' in German, but it does in Netherlands Dutch. Both the Dutch 'vader' and the German 'Vater' are pronounced with the 'a' as in 'far', instead of the 'a' as in 'later'. In the German dubbed version of the film this was changed, and Kendrick says that Vader means 'father' in Netherlands Dutch.
At one point, while Beca is attending the activities fair and checking out the booth for the DJs (Deaf Jews), a spirited game of Quidditch (from the Harry Potter books and movies) can be seen going on in the background, including players straddling broomsticks and one player shouting "Throw me the Quaffle!" Simulated Quidditch games have been enacted on a number of university campuses in recent years.
One of the actresses in the Bellas, Kelley Jakle, was an actual ICCA-winner in 2008 and 2010 with the USC SoCal Vocals. Ben Bram, who worked in the music department of the film, also won the ICCAs with the 2008 and 2010 USC SoCal Vocals.
The gas station the girls' bus stops at is actually a Kean's dry cleaners in Baton Rouge, La.
In the Riff-Off scene, one of the categories is "Songs Ruined By Glee (2009)". Anna Camp (Aubrey) guest starred in Glee: Sectionals (2009).
When Beca enters the radio station for the first time, the station's frequency is written on the outside window (85.7) but DJ Luke's voice is heard in the background saying the frequency is 95.7 (.."music for the independent mind".)
Although never working together before, Anna Kendrick (Beca) and Skylar Astin (Jesse) share a connection with the prestigious performing arts camp Stagedoor Manor in upstate New York. Skylar Astin attended the camp for multiple years and appeared in the documentary Stagedoor (2006), and Anna Kendrick starred in Camp (2003) which was based on and filmed at Stagedoor Manor.
The film's three leads - Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin - are all left-handed.
Beca's headphones are Sony MDR-7506 and Beyer Dynamic DT770pro, both large diaphragm closed earcup designs favored among DJs and broadcasters.
The song "Starships" is sung in the movie as a background song. It is sung a capella by everyone in the movie. But it is not on the Pitch Perfect CD.
References to Chris Rock and the E! television network were stricken from the French subtitles, probably due to their lack of notoriety among French audiences.
When Beca (Anna Kendrick) enters the campus radio station for the first time, a voice is heard saying "95.7 WBUJ" and the slogan "music for the independent mind." This is actually the slogan of 88.9 WERS, the Emerson College radio station.
The second collaboration between Elizabeth Banks, and John Michael Higgins, the first being Fred Claus (2007)
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The song playing in the car Jesse is first seen in, is "Carry on my wayward son" by Kansas.
ICCAs stands for International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella.
Anna Camp (Aubrey) is dating Skylar Astin (Jesse) in real life, but Anna Kendrick (Beca) is his on screen girlfriend.
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Beca has an Allen Ginsberg poster in her dorm room.
Barden University is a fictional educational institution.
Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins do the announcing in the movie and do so in a goofy manner, a reference to John Michael Higgins in the movie Best in Show (2000) where one of the announcers also announces in a goofy manner.
Jesse (Skylar Astin)'s college room number is 334. We can see it when Beca (Anna Kendrick) tries to apologize to him.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

During the scene when the Bellas sing "Party in the USA", Chloe hums "Dancing Queen" before she starts singing "Party in the USA"
Aubrey calls Beca an Alto, but she sings Mezzo for the final performance
The riff-off was too short. During the riff-off scene it ends with the treblemakers winning because all other groups were "cut off" but that's not the case The High Notes were "Cut Off" during the "Ladies of The 80s" category the Barden Bella's were eliminated during the "Songs About Sex" category but the BU Harmonics were never "Cut Off" their song got cut off which is allowed.
The Cup song became very popular because of this movie.
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Barb, (Baloney Barb), is seen in the BU Harmonics.
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The first time the Trebles preform you see look-alikes of the new Bellas.
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After Beca leaves The Bellas, she is seen watching "The Breakfast Club" on her laptop. The actor in that scene is Judd Nelson, who was born and raised in Portland, Maine. It's also where Anna Kendrick (Beca) is from.

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