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If I could rate this 0 stars, I would.
slackaxe29 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an absolute, total, pitiful, dismal, ridiculous waste of time. I cannot possibly believe that anyone enjoys this movie. There is nothing meaningful and important, and the only reaction I have after watching this is the reaction to punch the face of the person nearest to me. I cannot relate to the characters whatsoever, and the story is maybe the weakest thing since my mother's homemade teriyaki sauce. If someone forced me to watch this again, I would gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon to avoid seeing it. Seriously, it's that bad. Never watch this movie. Ever. I cannot believe that there are people who view this as the best movie of all time. I know someone who has watched it at least 12 times and claims that it is her favorite movie. She thinks it is impacting and wonderful. The only impact that was associated with this movie to me was the impact of my fist smashing the disk into several bite sized pieces. I will never watch this movie again as long as I live.
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What a piece of crap
abisio29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Surprised by the unexpected success of the Pitch Perfect 2; I decided to give a try to the first part. Not that I was planning to see the second but out of curiosity. Let's clarify; I like music but know nothing about the mechanic of it. An acquaintance; well versed in opera, told me that you can get sounds with your mouth and throat than no other instrument can; so the premise of an "a capella" movie must be something interesting.

Well; do not lose you time. There are a few know songs but it is hard to believe the music was not instrumental. Choreographs OK; but not better than GLEE which is free to watch. The story is so full of clichés that the characters predict the outcome. The situations and motivations are absurd; but the resolution are even worse It is really not a surprise since characters are not properly defined; so their behavior change according to the movie needs.

Acting is terrible. Brittany Snow is able to cause empathy follow in a second place by Skylar Astin; but the rest of the cast is awfully forced or uninterested or boring(like Anna Kendrick ). The worse surprise was Rebel Wilson; she is absolutely not funny.

How poorly is this movie directed and scripted that John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are there also (she is one of the producers and future director of the second installment ) like in Greeks plays as "narrators" basically informing us that performance is good or bad.

Again; I know nothing about mechanic of music; but I am pretty sure judges in this kind of competitions evaluate sound quality and originality over modern songs.

In brief; do not lose your time.

In fact; the only the only moment trying to do something smart
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Predictable teen movie
stefanievanwijk15 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A movie about a tomboy girl who joins a acappela girlgroup which is in a fight with a boygroup. The girl falls in love with a boy, wants to change the boring stigma of the acapella group, gets in a fight with the lead girl (queen B) and has a troubled relationship with her father: all the classical ingredients for a teen movie.

The only reason why I don't give this movie a 1 out of 10 is because of Rebel Wilson: an extremely talented actress who improvised a lot in the movie which made it a little bit more bearable.

Pitch Perfect is just a typical teen movie: predictable jokes, predictable characters and a predictable storyline. So its not a surprise that this movie can be described in one word: predictable.

If you are between the age of 14/16; I'm sure you will enjoy this movie, especially if you haven't seen a lot of these kind of movies. But if you are in your twenties and pretty much watched all of the classical teen movies, this is just a waste of your time.
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Not good enough
bbewnylorac9 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a big letdown. Here you have a good cast, a lovely college setting, good costumes and camera-work and great music. I feel the problem is the characters and the script. Intentionally or not, the characters come across as very white-bread and narrow minded. At first I though they were denigrating anyone who was "different" as a way of highlighting that such behaviour is wrong. But actually I think the script is genuinely making fun of anyone who's not a blonde bimbo or jock. Anna Kendrick is sweet but too serious for the lead role of Beca. And her character is too dark. The plot is air thin - guys you've got to give the audience something a bit meatier to chew on. But all that seems to happen is that a group of shrill young women stand around messing up their rehearsals. The End. Great teen movies like Bring It On and Ten Things I Hate About You have some depth and meaning and feeling to balance the goofiness. This movie is pure sugar and that's not good for you.
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Probably The Dumbest Movie Ever Made In Movie History **** This Review May Contain Spoilers *****
David Zecua9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Oh what to say about this garbage of a movie? Oh yea I wish I were be able to give this movie a 0/10 but due to IMDb I have to give at least a 1. That is how awful and stupid this movie is. The only 2 good things about this movie are the Universal logo and when this movie finally over. Although I haven't really sat through this piece of crap I'm still giving it my review y'all could hate on me but I don't care. Okay, so yea I've only sat through like half hour or so but I had to turn off the TV because it was really stupid and unrealistic in terms of college and probably the worst movie of 2012 that I've seen. This movie is not funny it's stupid and inaccurate when it comes to being in college. The students in the movie are not even carrying any books around, so what do students do in the movie? Do they learn anything? Another thing, the selection of music. The selection of music in this movie is absolutely horrible, I hate modern pop it's really stupid and overrated and they only played that in this movie and with People in this movie messing it up even more now it's even more annoying now and then they try to rap to a throwback from the 80s or 90s, wow really why? That's my jam there and they just messed it up with their annoying ass auto tuned singing voices. Plus this movie is not funny it's dumb, annoying and overrated, critics why are you giving this piece of crap so much credit that it does not deserve at ALL? That goes for people too that suck this movie's dick. Seriously the score for this movie is too high, a 7.2 is way too high for this movie . I'm not even gonna bother finishing this movie, half hour is already a lot of time wasted on this bull-crap, okay Fat Amy is not funny at all people I didn't laugh at her jokes once, because there stupid and unfunny to me and all the rest of the humor in this damn movie is dumb and unfunny. I do not recommend this movie, If you like stupid ass overrated movies or crap like Glee or anything like that you'll like this one but otherwise if you do have common sense, do not waste your valuable hard working time, your time is much much more important than this movie. I would NEVER pay money to even get this on DVD. So yea people don't watch this movie this movie sucks

and is stupidly overrated and over-hyped. Well people if you get mad at me, you should be grateful that I'm saving you from wasting your valuable time from this movie. Well anyway this it people bye have a great day. Please do not your waste your time on Pitch Perfect it is so absolutely God awful.
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Offensive, Sloppy and Heartless
stefanpulpitel18 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Pitch Perfect is certainly a wildly popular movie, that came highly recommended by countless friends and family. I had no idea what it was about beyond 'singing,' so I fired up the DVD player at Château Pulpitel, and eagerly awaited the many laughs I was assured this film would provide.

Now they never really came. This film is as best I can gather, 'Glee: The Movie' with the basic plot elements of your 'Bring it On' style films. So if you love any of that stuff, stop reading now and go watch it. You'll love this film so you needn't bother about my opinions.

Okay, it's just us now, right?

Where this movie falls apart is in two aspects; firstly its complete disinterest in logic pertaining even to its own universe, and more worryingly, it has an offensive attitude that is nothing short of racist, sexist and more suited to your standard right wing attitude in its portrayal of non-Caucasians, Jewish people, people with eating disorders and women in general.

This movie doesn't care about what happened before, or why something is happening now. It's one big Deus ex machina from beginning to end. Why did Ben Platt's' character Benji, turn up as stage manager at the regional sing off event? Everyone else had to drive on the bus to get there. Where was he? Why was he a stage manager at another university, when he is a freshman amateur magician? Why was it that the best way to get rid of Adam Devine's' character Bumper was to have a hastily created scene with him immediately leaving to work with John Mayer- negating any interest in his relationship with Rebel Wilsons' appallingly offensive and unfunny Big Amy character? Why does no one EVER study? THey don't even carry books, or pens, or seem to talk about their subjects! This movie shows us countless avenues of interest and then never refer to them again. It sets up characters and dumps them never to be seen again. We are shown four acapella groups, one of which NEVER does anything, at all! Why bother with all of these settings if you never refer to it again? Because no one cared that much, would be my guess.

More shamefully however, is the constant prejudicial attitudes displayed in this film. This movie attempts to be funny by being daring, and outrageous. So we get not one, but two Asian characters who are simply awful stereotypes. One is a racist angry dorm- mate with the main protagonist, who manages to be an unlikeable bitchy Asian stereotype. The other is a 'crazy Asian' stereotype, who is a pyromaniac who rolls around in vomit. You know, because Asians can't be complex and meaningful. They are either bitchy nerds of perverts. We aren't allowed to hear non-white characters speak too much either- our token black character gets around 4 lines (you can't count the singing, because its all clearly auto tuned and added in post) but gets to be a problem gambling lesbian. But there's no motivation given, no reasoning. And after the moment of confession, NO ONE CARES. Maybe it's because she is black? The script writers were right to think that you can do great joke about racist stereotypes, but they missed the concept that you make fun of the behaviour and attitudes of racism, and expose the ridiculousness of it. What they do here is reinforce stereotypes, which should not be amusing for empathetic, caring members of the human race. But we plough deeper into this morass, with obesity, bulimia and deafness copping a serve. I strongly feel that no subject is off limits for humour, but you need to be funny. Making fun of Deaf Jews, Lesbians and Asians is not the same as being funny.

I found this to be a fairly heartless film, where morality and heart are irrelevances, and not one that I could recommend to others. This is not what comedy should be, if we're a truly civilised people.
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Watch out - you're going to like it whether you want to or not!
penwah25 October 2012
We two 50+ grandmas went to see this film on the spur of the moment because we enjoy musical movies. We were probably the oldest people in the audience which ranged down to younger teens but everyone, regardless of age, was laughing and having a grand time. Much less schmaltzy and self-serious than Glee, but wonderful vocals and dancing and personality. You can't help but fall in love with the hilariously quirky characters, especially Rebel Wilson as the irrepressible Fat Amy, Elizabeth Banks as Gail, the sexually frustrated female announcer, and Hanna Mae Lee as Lilly, the wackadoo who releases the most shocking comments in a voice that barely exceeds a murmur. Fun, feel-good and highly entertaining.
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Low point for this genre
mwf-53 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert (though hardly necessary for this predictable flick)

If you read IMDb's synopsis, you already know the entire story. It's the "group of teen misfits who band together and win a competition" movie. You've it a dozen times before.

This one has an updated, 2012 soundtrack, but all the other overdone cliché's for this genre are fully intact.

If, however, you find slick, unrealistic, overproduced, a cappella singing to be pure joy (Glee fan?), then you may find this movie tolerable.

On the other hand, if you value your free time, pass this one up. You will be spared several scenes of projectile vomiting, and the "riff-off" (which will likely induce your own nausea).
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alikhat6 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The single best thing I came away with after watching this movie was the wild relief I felt knowing that at least I didn't pay to subject myself to it. Some positive word-of-mouth made me curious enough to DVR it. An 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes got me to sit through the whole thing (albeit with a fair amount of time spent pressing fast-forward), just to see if there was something - ANYTHING - that could justify such an absurdly high score.

Short answer: There wasn't.

I'm given to assume it got its high rating only because the studio wouldn't allow any critics to screen it without first producing proof that they possessed an IQ of 70 or under.

If you read the IMDb synopsis, you know the whole movie. Actually, if you've ever seen any film starring characters under 25, you know the whole movie. There is not a single unique idea to be found within a light year of its sorry script. Comparisons to Glee are inevitable, but the truth is, PP is so utterly dull and witless, so aggressively devoid of joy or humor or anything akin to real human feelings, it makes the worst episode of Glee look like Singin' In The Rain by comparison.

Ostensibly a comedy, the film is mercilessly unfunny. Their idea of hilarity seems to run the gamut from projectile vomiting to juvenile puns like a singing group called "The Minstral Cycles" to inserting "aca" into every exclamatory phrase, like, "Aca-scuse me?!" and "Aca-believe it!". Isn't that funny?! Aren't you just gasping for breath from the amusement of it all? ...Yeah, me neither.

The characters, who are either grotesque, shopworn stereotypes or dull, cardboard cutout caricatures, flap about from scene to scene without ever even accidentally bumping into a real human attribute or emotion. They're also supposed to be in college, but the movie is so bent on regurgitating teen film tropes that nothing they say or do is indicative of a person over 15.

You know your film is bad when you feel compelled to reference other better films to move the story along or motivate your characters. For Pitch Perfect, that other better film is The Breakfast Club, which the 2D heroine's would-be 2D boyfriend regards as the most meaningful thing ever. There's a scene where said heroine (she had a name, but really, who cares?) is sitting on her bed watching the flick on her laptop, tears welling up in her eyes to indicate some grand epiphany ...which, under the circumstances, must be her devastated realization of what a GOOD teen movie looks like.

In sum, this is a film I'd recommend only for use as a torture device on terrorists. Badly written, directed and acted with characters as irritating as a rash and music numbers so awful, even the editor's attempt to slice them into bite-sized bits couldn't make them any more palatable. Funny only for people whose sense of humor atrophied at age five and entertaining only for people who've never seen a movie before. I give this a "1" only because IMDb does not allow me to score in negative numbers.
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I would rather perfectly pitch myself off a building than watch this again.
Hello_Im_David27 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was never planning on seeing this particular movie after seeing the unfortunate trailer. However, I had heard good things about it from people who's opinions I used to trust. I won't make that mistake again. Pitch Perfect was awesomely terrible. It began innocently enough, but then it quickly devolved into a mash-up of just about every single cliché one can fathom. It has the loner girl who doesn't want to try new things but then she gets involved with a group and she has friends, yay! The girl falls for the guy, but she screws it all up, but don't worry they get back together in the end. The group starts out terrible, but then because of the new girl with fresh ideas they step up and win it all! So many eye rolls in one film!

Even after this, the worst part of the movie has to be the awful sound mixing. The songs are so doctored that one is painfully aware of the actors' lip syncing and it takes you right out of the movie. They could have at least tried to make it sound like the songs were being recorded live, rather then using so much auto tune and other forms of voice manipulation.

Then there were the plethora of jokes throughout that fell so flat it hurts. Some of those jokes were even repeated multiple times, because once wasn't bad enough. At least Rebel Wilson provides a few brief moments of relief from the onslaught of worn out and unfunny jokes.

But, like, that's just my opinion. If you like terrible things like Glee, then you will probably love this movie.
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